Getting To Know Greece

Greece has been on my bucket list since I was 11. My parents had spent their honeymoon there, and I always got to hear about it when I was a kid. Then, I started growing up and getting to know about Homer, the greek mythology, and all the magic that comes with it. And my fascination with the country sort of began. There was a point in time where I could actually recite all the Greek gods and goddesses that were ever there. It got so bad that I actually called the Greek embassy asking about the possibility of getting a career in mythology. That, of course, did not work well given the fact that I was 11 and all.

My point is, Greece should be a top destination for everybody. It has everything you can possibly need; good weather, nice beach, friendly culture, amazing food, even more amazing culture.. Everything!


Mykonos, Greece

Okay, Greece has more than a thousand islands, and each one has its own beauty. However, since there’s a word limit, I would just discuss Mykonos. It has an easy access (a couple of hours by fairy from Athens), and since it’s entertaining. I will have to be completely honest though, it’s a bit posh, and really expensive as well. But walking through it’s beautiful white and blue houses with those pink flowers will make it totally worth it. Beaches are very nice. There’s an area called Little Italy with such an amazing view on the sea and very very nice restaurants. Oh, and there are windmills. Go see the windmills. They are beautiful.


Athens, Greece

Well, this is kind of basic. Museums, the Acropolis, Ancient Greece.. Not much to add except that the city is really different than any other European one that you’ve been to. I am talking about the people and the overall vibe here. If Athens was a person, she would be a humble, friendly, and really smart one. Why wouldn’t it be when it derives its name from Athena, the goddess of wisdom (also happens to be my favorite goddess).


Athens, greece

Well, if you go to the capital, and you go to the islands, it’s only fair that you explore the north too. Thessaloniki was recommended to be by quite a bunch, so I didn’t doubt that it will be amazing. The old town is the highest part of Thessaloniki and from up there you can enjoy a beautiful view over the whole city. It has very colorful and uniques houses and just walking around is a pleasure. You would find more ancient parts as well such as forts, temples, and the Rotunda. Another thing worth exploring is the street art. You will find fascinating murals on many buildings. They are a muc see, do not miss on that!

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