Getting Lost In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the top cities on every traveller’s bucket list. Though it is a relatively small city, there are countless things to see and activities to do. So no matter what your taste is, read along and start dreaming about Amsterdam today!


Visit Anne Frank’s house

It’s a place full of history and emotions! The Anne Frank house draws nearly one million visitors every year. The museum is build in the house where Anne Frank too shelter. Anne Frank is one of theJewish victims of the Holocaust. She dies on the hands of Nazis at the age of 15, however, she left writing depicting the life during that era and how it felt like t be a refugee. The place is inspiring and includes the actual diaries of Anne Frank.

Check out the Van Gogh Museum

With the movie “Loving Vincent” being a hit currently, Gogh should be on your list. Although Vincent Van Gogh’s fame didn’t come until after his death, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam South will make you appreciate all of the aspects of his life. The museum doesn’t only include extremely inspiring paintings of Van Gogh that will make your jaw drop, but it also provides information about his life, his personal belongings, and numerous correspondence with his brother Theo that will make your eyes tear up. Although very tragic, but Gogh’s life deserves this kind of commemoration and acknowledgment.


We invented beer, the Dutch mastered it.

This is were the most famous beer label in the world was born. Even Egyptians are quite familiar with Heineken. But there’s much more to the story that a global brand. The Heineken Experience is held at the old Heineken Brewery, where you can enjoy a virtual reality ride, learn the history of the famed beer company and indulge in a tasting.

Reconnect with Nature

Who remembers the “Barking.. Cleaning” experience in Henedy’s Hammam Fy Amsterdam? And who wouldn’t want to relive it.. Well not the Sayes part, but the riding a bike without risking your life part. Bikes are one of the most common ways to get around in Amsterdam, so you’ll fit right in with the locals when you rent one from one of the many rental companies in town.


Go to a coffee shop

But do not get confused. It will be surprising if you actually found coffee in one of those coffee shops. Coffee shops in Amsterdam usually entail a place that sells marijuana and similar narcotics, and of course the famous Dutch beer that  would go with it. Don’t worry though, it is perfectly legal to smoke in the city. In fact, you can actually smell the marijuana the minute you land in the airport. That being said, we don’t encourage you to try one, but checking the place is interesting.

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