Finland Queen Of Scandinavian Countries


As most Egyptians don’t know a lot about Scandinavian countries, we today are bringing to you “Finland”; one of the queens of those Scandinavian countries. Finland lies in the northern part of Europe, having borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. Other than it’s iconic geographic location with its northern part near the Arctic circles, it has phenomenal sites, activities and nature that makes it earn without a competition one of the top lines in your bucketlist, specially if you are a snow lover and winter admirer. If you day dream of seeing snow and playing with it splashing it every where, doing all the winter activities you dream of and those that you never imagined they did exist,dreaming of fun people to be around like Finnish people And stunning weird Scandinavian food,then you are in the right place. Pack your winter layers, down jacket and let’s go !



The capital of Finland with lies in the southern part. Such a Beutiful city that you can enjoy easily specially in summer. Side note , Their summer is so different from Egypt’s summer, more of Egypt’s fall so don’t get overwhelmed when you hear summer and think it is going to be our  type of heat melting weather . Well summer means sun , outdoors and wandering time, so here are the top places to Visit in Helsinki.

Finland _Helsinki

Helsinki Cathedral

One of the most unique architectural buildings you will see over there. Colored in White and marble green makes it so graceful and nice to visit and admire.located in the centre of the city so no excuses you can pass by it anytime you go through the city.

Helsinki Cathedral _Finland

Seurasaari Outdoor Museum

That special type of museums you don’t find around here a lot in Egypt, so this is your chance to live a new experience. That museum resembles the houses in Lapland wooden cottages put in green landscapes. Here people come to enjoy rural nature and peace along with squirrels and birds and other beautiful wildlife. A classic retreat from the city.

Finland-outdoor museum

Suomenlinna Islands

It’s a sea fortress on an island  that is so beautiful and graceful and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can Reach it Easily with a furry fro Helsinki. It offers its visitors really nice time from hanging around in many places with a nice atmosphere and an ocean view. You can go walking around, visiting the historical old buildings like King’s Gate , go around the historical tunnels. Anyway you will have fun by all means.

What more can you do in Helsinki , Of course the national parks , the markets like tunnel markets and other cathedrals. you will always find something to do.

islands Helsinki-Finland


Lapland here we come. All set up with your warm layers , then off to snow. Lapland lies in the Northern part of Finland. It’s winter wonderland that every one dream of. The land of mystery and fairy tales. Lapland is covered with white snow allover and full of winter activities that you never heard or dreamed of. Not to mention the extraordinary natural phenomena that happen over there. Oh dear Lord when you get to know Lapland , your heart will melt every time you hear its name drawing a picture of snowy land and rein deers pulling you up and down in your head, like Wow.



The capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. Yup as you read Santa Claus, in Rovaniemi lies the village in Santa Claus , perfect, the snow and the rein deers where else can Santa Claus be. Why not stay there in Christmas and tell Santa Claus what you want for Christmas yourself , no wishes and no letters. Also you can cross the Arctic circle which is a line visible on the map, north of which the sun can be seen above the horizon even at midnight during the summertime, cool right ?! And of course Rovaniemi is a good spot to see Northern Light, like it’s not perfect enough!

What Can You Do In Lapland


The good part about Lapland that there is guaranteed snow most of the year, so you can go skiing most of the time.You can learn how to ski there in one of the teaching centres, go up and down hills of snow and have so much fun. A life time experience!


Dog Sledding

Like have you seen all the movies that have huskies pulling people on slides through snow and snow splashing every where while the graceful huskies run so fast. Yup, you can live this exactly in Lapland. So fun and fills your body with enthusiasm. Definitely not to miss, but learn carefully how to brake the slide or huskies wont stop as they love to run fast and don’t forget to hold on carefully.

Dog sledding -Finland

Snow Shoeing

Put on your snow shoes, your snow suit and walk into the open parks of snow, hearing “clush, clush” sound as you dip into the snow. Eat well before you go as it’s not easy to walk in snow and needs energy, but so damn fun to do.

snow shoeing -Finland

Finnish Sauna

Oh Yeah ,it’s pampering tiiiime. Finland is like really famous for its sauna both historically and traditionally and it’s and experience you don’t ever ever want to miss. The types of sauna :smoke sauna, wood-heated sauna, and electric sauna. The smoke sauna is the most traditional type of sauna. In the sauna room or cottage you sweat all your problems and worries away. Let the circulation run in your body and relaxation into your soul, may be that`s why fins like to meet family and friends in their saunas ,up to even having business meetings in there which is actually a funny thing.They even have “Sauna Yoga” , so cool.

Finnish Sauna

Ice Dip

After you sweat all your body in the sauna you run into the freezing cold and jump into the freezing lake or pool. Believe it or not , this is so beneficial for your health and blood circulation. And so fun and energizing too!

Ice Dip

Ice Fishing

It’s fishing, but from a hole made in the ice of a frozen lake. Drill that hole , get your fishing pole and you are all set to catch some fish.If you love fishing then this will be a unique experience for you.

Ice Fishing


Visit Wild Life Parks

you can visit wild life parks where you can see huskies being bred and taken care of , Rein deers, baby puppy huskies and even rare white rein deer if you are lucky enough. If you are into animals and wildlife you will spend amusing time out there.

Wildlife - Finland

Chasing Northern Lights

Northern lights is one of the most spectacular phenomena that happen in Lapland. It occurs when sun wind falls on earth and the electrically charged rays hit the atmosphere appearing in the clear dark night skies as dancing curtains of Green and violet and sometimes even red. A sight that will leave you amazed with your mouth open in amazement. It happens between September and March. You won’t see it easily , so you have to go far from city lights and wait for it to happen and hopefully you will be lucky and see it. Really once in a lifetime experience that will leave a happy mark in your heart forever.

Northern Lights

Staying In Ice Igloo

The amazing part of chasing the Northern lights , is that there are types of hotels in Finland that love to pamper their tourists, so they built igloos of glass allowing you to see the Northern Lights while siting in your bed, but still you need some luck to see it .

Ice Igloo

We hope this blog brought to you new aspects of the world that we wish you will enjoy some day.

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