My Experience With Female Solo Travel

My love for travelling began at a young age and I don’t think it will ever stop. I still remember the first time I went on a solo trip. The cultures I learned, the people I met, and experiences I had abroad made me very happy and I always wanted to learn and see more.
When I graduated, I started working in a bank but I hated it. I remember I used to wake up in the morning and make excuses to not go. This is when I decided I wanted to do something related to travel and started my website. I was also freelance writing on the side and this enabled me to have a stable income source while travelling.

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Quitting was always in the mind but I always listened to people who told me that being a digital nomad isn’t going to work and that it isn’t a ‘’normal’’ lifestyle. I have to say I truly started living my life and became a lot happier when I stopped listening to people.
My parents are supportive now, but I have to admit they didn’t like the idea at first. After all, a large part of our society doesn’t consider a girl travelling by herself all over the world normal or acceptable. I remember an article came out about me and there were some really negative comments, but if anything, this just motivated me more and I was determined to making it work. On the other hand, I also got many positive messages, especially from girls who want to do the same thing but are constrained by society.

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I have met the most amazing and interesting people during my travels. People are usually really open when they’re travelling but I have to say I got some racist comments here and there. I don’t take this personally because something I’ve learnt is that people are usually a product of their environments. The world isn’t really as scary as people make it seem and as long as you have common sense that you normally have back home, you will be completely fine.
The most difficult part about travelling is the planning process and missing my family, but I try to come back home as much as I can. I also learnt to not be so difficult on myself when I’m travelling and not see a million things a day so I won’t get burnout.


My advice

My advice for Arab female travellers out there is to follow your dreams and not be confined by culture. At the end of the day, people will always have something to say and you aren’t hurting anybody by exploring the world. Not only is travelling going to help you in seeing the world, but you are also going to improve personally in so many ways.

By: Omniya Fareed Shafik 

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