Europe’s Underrated Towns & Villages That You Must Visit

Colmar, France

Located in Eastern France, in Alsace region, home to France’s best Vin Blanc & Pain d’Epice, only 45 minutes from Strasbourg. Has a unique worth seeing blend of French & German architecture,

photo 1Photo by me 🙂

photo 2Photo by me 🙂

Shere, England

Located in the English countryside, 20 minutes from Guildford, in Surrey, this is where the famous movie “The Holiday” was filmed, once you step in you’ll get a sense that you stepped into another era, another world.

2014-10-15_1137_001Photo by me 🙂

2014-10-15_1137Photo by me 🙂

Montreux, Switzerland

Within the French part of Switzerland and one that is really worth visiting, make sure to take a boat ride in Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), to swim in the lake if you can stand its low temperature, and take a scenic walk up to Chateau de Chillon.

8533923071_de263fd308_zLac Leman in Montreux by Javier Collado Jimenez

4323316049_e5af6626e0_zChateau de Chillon in Veytaux (45min walk from Montreux) by Shawn Stilwell

Heidelberg, Germany

A popular destination due to its romantic and picturesque city scape. Walking through the old town is pleasing and climbing all the way up to Heidelberg Castle.

8227259346_0e5cfd233d_zPhoto by Brongaeh

8115112262_e478c7eab2_zPhoto by Chris Goldberg

Lucerne, Switzerland

Another tiny town in Switzerland, located in the German part of it, offering scenic walks, views of the Swiss alps, finest chocolatiers and museums that are worth visiting. Walking in Lucerne and getting lost in there is a pleasure in itself.

12374505343_ab6f196884_zPhoto by @darthmauldds

2014-10-15_2359Photo by Prabhu B Doss

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Who would ever thought that Bosnia has such a charming beauty? Make sure to visit nearby Blagaj, another charmer!

IMG_8923_1_2_tonemapped-2Photo by Clark & Kim Kays

Albaraccin, Spain

Just 2 hours drive from the underrated city of Valencia -a Spanish hidden gem-, that is voted by so many as Spain’s most scenic villages.

3562087597_ddd6e371b8_zPhoto by Jose Luis Mieza

3531046050_15ebd26e67_zPhoto by Jose Luis Mieza

Goreme, Turkey

A hiking heaven it is that could be enjoyed in several ways, trekking is an option and hot air ballooning is another. A town first built by the Romans and was carved into the hard rock.

2014-10-16_1235Photo by Moyan Brenn

2707397597_5b99efce38_zPhoto by Nick Wadge

Ghent, Belgium

Not so many have heard of Ghent, everybody goes to Bruges instead, both are equally charming but each has a different style that you must see for yourself.

14046980281_a2c086b807_zPhoto by mariejirousek

Cesky Krumlov, Czech

3 hours and a half from Prague, located in southern Bohemia. Small cobblestone roads and bridges in every shape, it’s like stepping into a fairy-tale.

445151258_0bf8116c26_zPhoto by Michael

218937124_189a0a8dc0_zPhoto by Matt Carman

Hallstatt, Austria

The lakeside town is a UNESCO world heritage, whether you visit in winter or in summer every season has its own charm.

5943431548_00579eb49f_zPhoto by Jiuguang Wang

Bled, Slovenia

I guess the picture is enough to show you how much you’re missing. Lake Bled is among the most beautiful in the world, and is best visited in April when not there aren’t so many tourists.

5748121379_a3f6a4a59e_zPhoto by James Southorn

Bibury, England

England and the entire UK is known for its scenic countryside, and Bibury is no exception!

3014864057_b7f51c6f4c_zPhoto by Anguskirk

Folegandros, Greece

Everybody goes to Santorini, but nobody knows Folegandros which has similar architecture and as beautiful as its neighbor island.

2628821861_7a6d1a6b1b_zPhoto by Navin Rajogopalan

Volendam & Marken, The Netherlands

Two old fishing villages, Volendam offers delicious seafood and amazing views, make sure to take a boat ride to Marken for some cheese tasting and to walk through the Dutch countryside.

5339116458_cea443c7a8_zVolendam by David Castanon

8170248106_9592bf22cb_zMarken by Bert Knottenbeld

Telč, Czech Republic

Founded in the 13th century as a royal water fort on the crossroads between Bohemia, Moravia and Austria. Stepping into Telc means being in another era.

4160746590_79d0e0a33b_zPhoto by Edgar Barany C

Pučiśća, Croatia

In the Island of Brac, amazing place for water sports, and a beautifully built town that you would enjoy exploring.

Video by Adria Databanka – travel agency

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Is Malta’s main fishing village, offering great views and mouth-watering seafood.

13363436235_28181f77a0_zPhoto by Maria Rosaria Sannino

Reine, Norway

Selected as the 1970’s most beautiful village in Norway, Reine is a fishing village that offers great views and a chance to explore a village that is still not very well known to tourists.

7186104997_232f726683_zPhoto by Mike Green

Annecy, France

in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeastern France filled with castles, cathedrals and unique architecture. Don’t forget to go to the Lover’s Bridge (Pont des Amours) before walking down the Rue Royale.

2014-10-16_0147Photo by MorBCN

Tellaro, Italy

Now everybody knows about Cinque Terre which makes it a tourist hub, if you want to skip the crowds head directly to Tellaro.

14586318122_cb4ab649a4_zPhoto by Gianluca Bertoncelli

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