Emirates A380: Introducing Some Serious Onboard Pampering

We have all watched a widely shared Emirates ad starred by Jennifer Aniston introducing all the on-board Emirates airlines’ A380 pampering offering from Private Suites and Shower Spas in First Class to flat-bed seats in Business Class, extra room and custom lighting in Economy Class, not to mention the inflight Wi-fi throughout the aircraft, and their award winning meals served by renowned chefs to all Emirates passengers.

First & Business Class Passengers

Can you imagine refreshing yourself up with a hot/cold shower while you are at 40,000 ft high? The new Emirates A380 offers its First Class passengers the luxury of showering on-board their Shower Spa, using a selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Spa products.


Craving a deep sleep? Or some time to just rest, and relax? First Class passengers can have a good sleep in their private suites, while Business Class passengers can enjoy it in their flat-bed seats.


In the mood to socialize, to meet and greet fellow travelers? First & Business Class passengers have exclusive access to the on-board lounge, where they can choose from a selection of canapes, cocktails, and spirits carefully selected by a team of highly trained bartenders.


Looking for some me time? Want to enjoy a movie? Read a book? Listen to music? Upload your latest blog post? Or finish some pending work? First Class passengers are given the luxury of private suites, while Business Class passengers can have their private space with reclined seats, an empty working space, in addition to a mini bar, and in-seat power for their laptops.


Economy Class Passengers

Economy Class passengers don’t get disappointed because the Emirates A380 has something special to keep you comfortably seated, and entertained; with ice entertainment system, the World’s Best Inflight Entertainment System for the 11th consecutive year, you can pick from a selection of over 2000 channels of inflight entertainment, from blockbuster movies, and soap operas to video games, music and news from all over the world.

The Emirates A380 is the first ever aircraft to appear on Google Street View!

Emirates A380 fleet travels to

From Dubai to over 35 Destinations

 London  Sydney  Auckland  Seoul  Paris
 Bangkok  Beijing  Manchester  Amsterdam  Hong Kong
 Shanghai  Rome  Munich  Madrid  New York
 Melbourne  Singapore  Brisbane  Los Angeles  Zurich
 Kuwait  Mumbai  London Gatwick  Barcelona  Mauritius
 Frankfurt  Dallas  San Francisco  Houston  Milan
 Dusseldorf  Toronto  Copenhagen  Perth Dubai


In addition to flights from/to

Milan/New York


*All images & videos are courtesy of Emirates.com

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