Eid Is Coming! Plan Your Holiday Now.

Eid is at the doors. And do you know what our favourite thing about Eid is? It’s the holiday that comes with it. This time we decided that we want you to go wherever your desire takes you. We didn’t want to limit your thinking by giving you suggested destinations. So we did something better, we suggested the whole WORLD.

To The North

Well, it’s no secret that Europe is the most popular destination for Egyptians. It’s near, and not that expensive (we know that everything became expensive, but go along with us). From the relaxed beaches of southern Spain to the magical northern lights of Scandinavia, you will find everything that you need within this lucky tiny piece of the world. Europe’s charms lies within every little detail starting with the sky scrapers of its metropolitan cities all the way to the cute little huts of its excluded villages. There’s truly something for every type of traveler and in every season.


To The South

Well, we can be proud to call our lovely continent one of the biggest and oldest in the world. It stretches from temperate areas in the north to those in the south, and is crossed by the equator. The continent is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea. So what more can we say? Well, this is where we should start to talk about how Egypt is a fantastic and cheap choice, with all its history, culture, and above all beaches. But since you already know, we can go further to explore the rest of the beautiful continent that we usually forget exists. Kenya, South Africa, Zanzibar, and other popular destinations are gaining more and more exposure every day. The nature and weather, as well as the friendliness of the people there. All are factors that just add to an already amazing experience.


To The East

Culture, History, Food, Nature. Asia has got it all! It is one of the most dynamic and interesting places to visit in the world. Let’s also not forget; cheap. Travelling through Southeast Asia is something that you should try at least once in your life. Starting in beautiful Thailand, to Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Each and every country is worth the long commute. And making friends and eating the best food would make your trip much easier.

And while we’re still at that part of the world, exploring other areas such as India or China can be equally fascinating. India, with all its colors, music, and contradictions. It can take you month just to get to know the gigantic country. China is no different either, especially with cities such as Shanghai with its vibrant life and young crowd.


To The West

And of course when we say west, you will be thinking New York, LA, and Montreal. Well, you’re right, big and vibrant cities like those never get old. But another way to go would also be South America where Mayan empires and Incas spread all kinds of magic around it (of course that’s a joke, we don’t mean real magic). From partying in Rio, Brazil to wondering at the beautiful pyramids of Machu Picchu, Peru to going on adventures through the Amazon forest of Colombia to dancing in the clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Could it get any more exotic than that?


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  1. I would like to go Spain le foia city its small city on the boarder of France and Spain

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