Egypt’s Best Beaches For Every Season

We all get tired of the endless traffic and loud noises of the city. And we don’t always have the time or money for travelling abroad. But lucky for us, Egyptian beaches are a completely different universe than the city. In Egypt’s blue waters, you can find everything you are looking for.

Egyptian Beaches

If you like underwater creatures..

Then look no further. Egypt has few of the top rated diving spots around the world. The blue whole and Abo Galloum in Dahab are not to be missed. If you want to play with friendly sharks and see overwhelmingly beautiful reefs then Red sea (namely Marsa Alam) is the place you should head to.

Egyptian Beaches

If you are an adventure freak..

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you have a lot waiting for you.. Parasailing, Jet skiing, wind surfing, you name it and you will find it there. Ras Sudr and Sharm are really nice places to consider if you want to have something exciting going on.

Egyptian Beaches

If you want to Chill..

If you want to hear nothing but the sound of the water and the wind, then Nouwaibaa and Ras Shitan is the place for you. There you will enjoy going back to the basics, the very basics. You can sleep in hut, no electricity is needed if you don’t want to. Barbecues, bonfires, nice company, a good book, and just RELAXING all the way. Not bad as a get away.

Egyptian Beaches

If you want the posh life..

Who says Egypt is no Maldives clearly doesn’t know how to travel. Egypt can be very fancy is it like to be. Gouna and Sharm are just an example of the cool restaurants, great night life, stylish fashionistas, and everything else that can make you feel you’re a Hollywood resident.If you need a bit pampering or need to let the diva inside you out, the a weekend there is definitely the way to go.

Egyptian Beaches

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  1. Yes..Gouna is the best place to visit in Egypt. It is as close to paradise as you can get to in Egypt.

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