5 Destinations Where The Egyptian Pound Is Actually Stronger

We are all crazy about the insane rates of foreign currencies, and how the dollar keep increasing over-time, but you don’t have to worry because at some of the world’s most amazing destinations, the Egyptian pound comes stronger than their own currency.

We have chosen a selection of 5 that will definitely tempt you to travel.


14854258641_7f2d3479dd_zCon Dao Island by Binh Huynh

Exchange Rates: EGP 1 = VND 2.5 (Vietnamese Dong)

Flights to Ho Minh City (formerly Saigon): starting from EGP 3900

Visa: Visa upon arrival, first you apply online on www.vietnam-evisa.org, then you get an approval letter within 1-2 working days, you print out a copy of it, and pay USD$ 25 to get a single entry visa stamped at the airport, USD$ 50 for a multiple entry visa for less than 90 days, and USD$ 90 for a multiple entry visa for up to 6 months.

12166414875_bc3a417976_zHang En Cave by Hugh Derr

Daily Expenses: your daily budget would be something around EGP 180 for street food, local transports, and budget accommodation. Note that you can stay at 3-4 star hotels at very reasonable prices.

90192050_3f60613e55_zThat’s how you access Cu Chi Tunnels by Ian Amrstrong


  • Ha Long Bay cruise, and kayaking
  • Exploring and camping at the world’s largest cave of Hang Son Doong Cave discovered in 2009, which is very expensive to do, however there are lots of other caves such as -but not limited to- Hang En where you can hike, and camp as well.
  • Cu Chi tunnels where you get to experience in realtime how life was like inside tunnels – a large network of tunnels that were used by Vietnamese combats to hide, and to store their supplies of food, and weapons, they also served as communication tunnels with hospitals, and supply routes.
Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai Vietnam - blogRice fields in Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai
  • Cao Dai Cathedral where a not so familiar religion is practiced.
  • Hiking and home-staying at Sapa Valley or close to it -the further you are, the less touristic your experience is.
  • Taking a Dragon Boat at the Perfume River where small villages, and floating markets are.
  • Bac Ha Local Market
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
My Duc Vietnam - blogMy Duc
  • Cycling your way from Thien Mu to Khai Dinh tomb in Hue.
  • Hanoi city where you can have the ultimate Vietnamese experience, while at Ho Minh City you can get your hands on the best local cuisine.
  • Exploring the country on a Minsk bike that could be rented, or you can join any motorcycling club
  • The beaches, and islands.


Philippines - blog

Exchange Rates: EGP 1 = PHP 5.2 Philippine Peso

Flights to Manila: starting from EGP 3620

3322025934_e789b6a852_zKawasan Falls by Storm Crypt

Visa: costs USD$ 40, the embassy is located at Villa 28 Road 200 Degla, in Maadi, and the requirements are basic, you can check them out here: http://www.cairope.dfa.gov.ph/index.php/visa

Daily Expenses: your daily budget would be something around EGP 400 for street food, local transports, and budget accommodation.

15040553517_1fcf1432f6_zPuerto Galera by Kai Lehmann


  • Palawan Islands which will require several days of discovery, specifically El-Nido – Maldives like, a tiny slice of paradise <3
  • Bacuit Bay
Coron Busuanga island Palawan - blogCoron, Busuanga island in Palawan
  • Massages on the beach
  • Any secluded beach


14722676013_78e79a09cc_zBeaches of Zanzibar by Samir Luther

Exchange Rate: EGP 1 = TZS 246 Tanzanian Shilling

Flights to Zanzibar starting from: EGP 4800 -a cheaper option that would save more than a thousand pounds is to book your flights individually as follows; Cairo/Dar Es Salam/Cairo, and Dar Es Salam/Zanzibar/Dar Es Salam

Visa: Visa upon arrival USD$ 50

Daily Expenses: a 3 star hotel would cost you around EGP 350 per night, while a lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant would cost you around EGP 250 -you can always go for cheaper options.

zanzibar 1Prison Island by Passainte Assem


  • Walking the labyrinths of Stone Town
  • Safari Blue Tour -where you will go on a cruise to enjoy some freshly chopped tropical fruits, and refreshments, snorkeling, dolphins-watching, swimming around mangroves & sandy beaches, kayaking, and finish your day with a mouth-watering meal filled with seafood goodies.
Zanzibar 3Stone Town by Passainte Assem
  • The Rock Restaurant -no matter how touristic it is, you have to go there, and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset on the shore, not from the restaurant
Zanzibar 2Taking a boat to the Rock Restaurant by Passainte Assem
  • Prison Island, and its population of giant tortoises
  • Kendwa’s Full-moon Party
  • Buying freshly grinded coffee, and spices
  • Paje for watersports, and Mnemba Island for honeymooners

MUST READ: Zanzibar Island At A Glance



13780172075_3f2e5fb3d4_zSong Saa Private Island by Andrew Caw

Exchange Rate: EGP 1 = KHR 451 Cambodian Riel

Flights to Siem Reap starting from: EGP 6340 – to save around EGP 2500 book your tickets individually whereas you can travel from Cairo/Bangkok/Cairo, and fly from Bangkok/Siem Reap/Bangkok via a low carrier

5148522141_8359da41d4_zAngkor Wat temples by Christian Junker

Visa: Visa upon arrival worth of USD$ 35 valid for up to 30 days

Daily Expenses: One night at a 4 star hotel would cost around EGP 240, a 2-3 days pass at Angkor Wat costs EGP 355, EGP 18 to hire a bicycle for a whole day, and a three course meal at a mid-range restaurant would cost around EGP 145.

4933697571_e7146b385e_zTa Prohm temple by Kim Seng


  • The great Angkor Wat Temples that would require at least 2 days to visit.
  • Cycling your way around ancient, and witnessing a jaw-dropping sunrise or sunset at Angkor Wat

Cambodia - blog

  • Sihanoukville is a gateway to the islands, and a party by the beach
  • The Bayon, and Ta Prohm temples -known as the temple hidden in trees
  • River of a 1000 Lingas
4862437878_2af2c72c4d_zBattambang by Kim Seng
  • Taking a splash at Phnom Kulen waterfalls, and checking out the carved on top of a mountain reclining Buddha
  • The Gibbon Experience at Angkor Wat -this is where you zip-line like Tarzan to see a specie of monkeys named Gibbon
  • Song Saa Private Island

Sri Lanka

6925809164_255f457939_zBeaches of Sri Lanka by Surreal Name Given

Exchange Rate: EGP 1 = KP 16.5 Sri Lankan Rupee

Flights to Colombo starting from: EGP 2890

5351279847_a92a154ddf_zWaterfalls of Central Sri Lanka by Ronald Saunders

Visa: Electronic Visa Authorization just like in Vietnam, you can apply by following this link http://eta.gov.lk/slvisa/visainfo/center.jsp?locale=en_US. It costs USD$ 35 for multiple entries -up to 2 times- valid for 30 days

Daily Expenses: A double room in a nice place would cost around EGP 280 up to 725, as for food a meal at a top end restaurant would cost EGP 180, where you can always go for local food, and much cheaper options

7326807874_9b03bffdca_zWildlife in Sri Lanka by Kosala Bandara


  • Drinking Ceylon tea, come on it’s the motherland!
  • The Lion’s Rock in Sigiriya
  • Whale watching at Mirissa, while enjoying its tropical beaches
  • Uda Walawe National Park for safaris and wildlife watching
8517612411_1400782a4b_zHikkaduwa Beach by Iris Liu
  • Hiking the Rainforest of Kitulgala, and Adam’s Peak trek
  • River rafting
  • Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Traveling by train specially to Ella -which makes you travel back in time
5464652293_c4117c3120_zTrain Ride in Sri Lanka by Garret Clarke

So which destination is your favorite? Do you have other destinations, and recommendations in mind? Let us know in the comments below…

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Our Readers Comments

  1. USA Europe

  2. Korea or Taiwan

  3. Love your articles.

    However based on my experience:
    1-PQC port used to be a free induatrial zone that no longer a free zone. Also you might need to stay in the same city of entry however if you are in SEA anyway you could get the vietnamese visa in advance in any of the neighboutring countries for around 50$ and it takes 3-5 days almost guranteed.
    2- Cambodia is even more corrupted than egypt so you need to apply for the visa online and need to turn down every officer who will ask for an exaggerated bribe or “corruption money” lol
    3- Cambodia was a unique experience but try to not stay in the main cities for long specially Phnom Penh you should take advantage of sihanoukville and kep that are warm even in the rainy season
    4- Embrace the first 10 minutes of your ride fron the airport if in Phnom Penh it will look like an Indian movie in the 90s
    5- I found cambodian local cuisine real abesmil but if you are adventures you could end up paying a couple of dollars for cart food or even restaurants however it costs like 0.4$ but you are a tourist, same attitude as in here
    6- Make sure you read online or ask fellow travellers they will be helpful and resourceful as the odds that you will get ripped off is true throughout SEA
    7- SEA can be but certainly not a luxurious destination. Embrace the experience, try local food, stay at hostels and share this time with fellow backpackers.
    8- Unless you have a Pucket Honeymoon package I would advise to not limit your trip to just one destination. Try Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos which is a popular itinerary.
    9- Never been to Sri Lanka but read that travellers with Sri Lanka visa on their paspports during a certain duration will not be allowed in so if you have future travel plans make sure your destination is compatible with Sri Lanka

    • i am going to Nepal at the end of April and i wanted to another country next to it, what can you recommend?

  4. I think Thailand would be a good option to be on that list 🙂

    • yeah, but i just wanted to write about off-the-beaten-track destinations 😀

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