Egypt ‘s Hidden Treasures Part 1: Black Desert

Hidden Treasures Of Egypt

Well , Egypt has a lot of hidden places and secrets that little amount of people seem to know about it and should be on the bucket list of anyone. We will be revealing these secrets in this series of blogs. So be ready to rove Egypt inch by inch. This time we are going to travel through time together to stone ages, where volcanoes, fossils and even wide vast oceans did exist. All this covering hundreds of kilometers of desert that exists now !! Interesting right ? so better fasten your seat belts and be ready to start your journey to the black desert.

Wahat Bharya

The road to Wahat usually takes  4 to 5 hours which is relatively a short road trip. There are a lot of camps there where you can stay. What else, well Egypt is famous with its long living and rich history, so you can find museums usually in every city you visit. So, you can actually visit a couple of museums over there. The most famous one is the “ Golden Mummies “ museum, it contains about 6 mummies all are covered with a layer of gold and they belong to the Greek era that came after the Pharaonic era. Also there are a couple of tombs where you can see the mix  between the different eras and the beauty of paintings on their walls that survived thousands of years. Enough with history, it`s chilling time, head to “Mamur Lake “ where one of the most amazing views you can ever experience exist. Simplicity in its most beauty. Water with sun reflections on it, pieces of wood logs lying on the shore of the lake and the sky with the cotton candy clouds spreading all over the sky as if  you have fallen into a cotton candy bag.Astonishing Beauty actually.

Mamur Lake -Wahat-Egypt

The Black Desert Egypt

Get all set with your desert clothes; cap,dry fit and sweatpants and you are ready to hit the road. In the Black Desert  you can see the yellow sand dunes covered all up with black rocks and sand which is actually remnants of  volcanic eruptions that went dry through millions of years. That basalt sheet covering all those huge sand dunes is the product of a volcano that erupted millions of years ago and its eruption went for miles and miles covering all that Area. Thank god it’s dormant now and have been like  this for so many years. A divine scene to watch with all that mix of black and yellow surrounding you and soothing your soul. As if you have traveled in time  to stone ages while actually you are in 20th century,simply amazing !Black Desert -Egypt

Then you can visit  “Agbat “area. There you can enjoy safari, going up and down the sand dunes with speed  and adrenaline rushing all over your body. At the “Agbat “ area you can find all around  black basalt rocks in the most beautiful patterns. Usually giving different shapes of bloomed flowers and if you are lucky enough you will find some beautiful flower shaped rocks. You might even find a fossil of a seashell,  right in the middle of the desert as it was once covered by ocean.


Finally you can end your journey in the Wahat Bahrya with”The Crystal Mountain” a mountain made out of real crystals that has been there for so many years. Each crystal you hold and look at  will make you see a reflection of your soul in it. Astonishing beauty, you just have to look carefully may be you will find yourself. Do not pick up any crystals to take home with you so this mountain remain for next generations to see.

Crystal Mountain-Egypt

Wait for more of the hidden treasures of Egypt in the upcoming series of blogs.

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