5 Tips To Travel The World On A Tight Budget

Traveling is everyone’s day & night dream, everybody’s fantasizing about; a week in Paris walking down the Champs Elysees while eating a Crêpe à la française, & taking a cliché photo near Eiffel Tower, skydiving in Dubai over a weekend, spending Christmas in New York, New Year’s in Vegas and relaxing on Bali’s beaches.

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People mistakenly think that realizing such a dream requires a fortune “travel is only made for the filthy rich”. Here is an easy guide to show you how you can travel the whole world on a tight budget.

I usually categorize trip expenses into 3 sections; accommodation, airfares and daily expenses.

To start with:

  • Be organized, make a good research and do all necessary planning.
  • Booking early is key, the earlier you book the cheaper prices can get. This applies to flight, trains & bus tickets, accommodation and tickets to shows, musicals, plays, you name it.
  • Avoid high seasons as prices get insanely high and booking becomes more difficult, however if you insist book well in advance.
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Unless you are on your honeymoon, or a vacation where spending time at the hotel is its main highlight, my advice: don’t waste your money on accommodation, you’ll only use it to spend the night, and in my opinion it’s one of the most useless expenses that you can spend during a holiday, believe me if you correctly do your counts you’ll find out that accommodation takes away a big chunk of money that you’d rather spend to cover other expenses.

Want to cut down on the cost of accommodation? Read this guide!

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Don’t head to the nearest airline booking office, you can save time, effort and avoid Egypt’s traffic by booking online at the comfort of your home. Any basic internet user can easily surf, compare prices of different airline companies, find special offers, book instantly and pay in cash or by credit card (even cash on delivery).

If you are new to booking online, here’s an easy guide to show you how to book your flights online.

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Daily Expenses

That’s the part where you should spend the most. It is divided into 3 sections as well:


Is a very important part of any trip, tasting the city’s/country’s local cuisine gives an insight about the culture. Street food doesn’t only cut cost, but also gives you a real sense of place. Don’t be picky and dare to try new foods that you are not used to eat and see back home; be it snails, alligator meat or monkey brain, eat from stalls, food carts, or whatever source it is. But don’t forget to pamper yourself by eating at fancy restaurants, but make it an every now and then thing, not the usual trend.

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Is the most important part of the trip, that’s why you made all the effort and saved your money for several months. Make sure to set a budget for excursions and make a good research in advance, pick all the places that you want to visit and check whether you need to buy entry tickets or not. Most entry tickets to museums, amusement parks, sport games, shows, musicals, you name it can be purchased online at discounted prices (make sure that you are booking from their official websites).

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Bonus tip: In some countries there are selected days where entry is free and there are saver passes, or discounted tickets for groups, children, students, young adults under 25, or people over 60, so make sure to find such info.



Avoid taxis at all cost! In most countries riding taxis is insanely expensive. Also put into account that a taxi will take you from point A to point B, it doesn’t show you around like public transports do, or take you to hidden places -unless you hire a taxi to take you everywhere which will cost you a fortune. And now that the majority of cities have shuttle bus rides from/to the airport to the city center, and are well connected by public transports, you don’t need to ride a taxi anymore.

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Get yourself a well detailed map from any newspapers kiosk, pick a free one at the airport or at any tourist information desk; explore the city on foot, by bike, on a rickshaw, a bus, tram or underground. See how locals go from one place to another and do like the locals do. Believe me it’s way more fun and it reduces expenses as well.

Bonus tip: In some countries there are weekend passes, weekly or even monthly passes sold at discounted prices, there are also reduced tickets or passes that offer discounts on selected tickets for groups, children, students, young adults under 25, or people over 60, so make sure you find such info and purchase one of those super saver passes.

See….? The more organized and practical you are, the more you cut off unnecessary expenses.

Have you got any other tips, please share them with us!

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  1. How the accommodation isn’t important. I don’t spend much in hotels but at least it should be a clean and safe one, to find this at a hotel it costs more.

    • It is but you shouldn’t spend half your budget on it, I always stay in hostels and they are clean and safe 🙂

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