When Travelling, Earn Instead Of Spending

How  many times have you thought of travelling and didn’t go because you didn’t have a budget for it? Well, let me tell you the good news, you don’t have to have a budget for it. You might actually end up earning money instead of spending if you plan it correctly.


1. Do your job.. Abroad.

I don’t want to brag, but I am writing this article with the view of the city of London outside my window. 2 years ago, I decided to quit my full time job, searched for a part-time one, doing the same thing I do but without having to go to an office. I still Skype in with my lovely team in Cairo and do all my tasks, but I get to do it from wherever place I want. If you work in a cool organization, you can always work out a deal with your team, even if it’s for a short period of time. IF not, well, considering another environment that has more flexibility wouldn’t harm. You can actually start looking abroad!

2. Get a fellowship

Just Google your areas of interest followed by the word fellowship, and you will find tens and tens of opportunities. A fellowship is a program, usually provided by a university or a government, that enhances the skills of people through training. It can be practical or academic. And next to providing some sort of support whether accommodation or a stipend or both, you will also learn a lot.


3. Become a Freelance Writer / Travel blogger

There are many different types of freelance writing you can do, whether copywriting, content management, or travel blogs, there will always be some kind of opportunity that doesn’t require a lot other than good linguistic skills and easily earn you a good income.

4. Become a Travel Photographer

It’s a big and beautiful world out there and there is an infinite number of amazing travel photographs to be taken. If you have a good camera, it’s very easy to start now. You can sell the pictures to magazines, companies, or even upload them on Shutterstock or a similar website.

earn money

5. Earn money by teaching English

English is becoming the global language and there is a very big demand for people around the world to learn it so that they can improve their education and career prospects. Even though teaching English is not really an option in Europe or North America, you can still backpack around Asia doing it, or make your way through Latin America with it. Just do your online search on English learning schools in the country you’re aiming to visit, and start exploring your options.

6. Trade your skills

Yoga, dancing, diving, music.. You must be good at some kind of a hobby, so why not pass it on. Just like the English classes, you can search online for schools that gives the same thing that you want to teach and check ways to join them.


7. House sitting

House sitting is a job where you stay in someone else’s place when they are travelling just to look after the house, water the plants, etc. While you typically won’t get paid, this is a great option for a free cozy home especially in a city where rent can be expensive.

8. Volunteer

There are a million ways where you can volunteer. Organizations around the world are always in need of help, whether it is for fundraising, administration or PR. You will be able to untilize your skills doing some good for the world while enjoying another country. If you are not interested in social development, you can always go for one of those opportunities where you help out in an eco-farm or something similar. You will get to meet amazing people, do something that matters, and you wont have to pay for your stay.

volunteer / earn money

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