Countries Not Requiring Entry Visa for Egyptians (UPDATED On 30.8.2015)

Egyptians like to travel, however those only holding an Egyptian passport tend to pick domestic destinations, as they hate to go through the visa process that requires ridiculous documents, consumes a hell of time and above all requires planning ahead of time, it’s never like “let’s go to Europe or anywhere in the world next week”, it’s “let’s plan for our coming trip at least 3 months in advance, and pick a destination with minimal visa requirements”.

Who said that Egyptians can’t tour some amazing parts of the world hassle free? Good news, there is still a good number of 43 destinations visa free, or where visa is acquired upon arrival to Egyptian passport holders.

Important Notice: Always call the relevant embassy to make sure that no changes were made to their visa policy, and to pay a visit to Mogama3 El-Ta7rir in case you are traveling to one of those 16 destinations, and fall into the 18 to 45 age group

Most of us think that only Europe or the US are the place to be, but what the world has to offer is way beyond our imagination, this list of places will make you look at the world pretty differently and reconsider your travel plans.

Visa Free Countries

Dominica in the Caribbean (21 days)

3239418938_56ce82e744_zTrafalgar Falls in Dominica by Anthony Quintano

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands in South America (90 days)

Lake Quilotoa in Ecuador by Kevin LabiancoLake Quilotoa in Ecuador by Kevin Labianco

Marine Iguana in Galapagos Islands by Blinking Idiot

Guinea-Conakry in Africa

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

14349964006_3774998d32_zThe Guinea-Conakry show by Frank M.Rafik

Haiti in the Caribbean (90 days)

13244690043_2b1a12c4a7_zCôtes-de-Fer in Haiti by Orlando Rizo

Hong Kong in Asia (90 days)

5063252040_1a2b660b05_zHong Kong’s skyline by Mike Behnken

Jordan in Asia (30 days)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

5748356313_e3d389c8d4_zAl-Deir, Petra’s biggest monument by Dennis Jarvis

Lebanon in Asia (show 2000$ cash & a confirmed hotel reservation)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

8743461379_b5c5c2baf3_zBeirut by Rami Mohsen

Malaysia in Asia (90 Days)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

8513947718_f75bc6b7eb_zPetronas Towers by Spring Ben

Mauritius in Africa (90 Days)

Micronesia at the Pacific Ocean (30 days)

14164005891_114849bef5_zNauru Island in Micronesia by Hadi Zaher

South-Korea in Asia (90 days)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

????????????????Photo courtesy: Busan Samgwangsa

Sudan in Africa

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

3082904844_6045c731c1_zNuba Village, Kordofan in Sudan by Rita Willaert


St. Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean (30 days)

3745848732_6b1a270d30_zA refreshing swim by Jason Pratt


Yemen in Asia (90 days)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

10246733023_7819bff7f9_zYemen by Rod Waddington

9855361935_37587be3af_zSocotra in Yemen by Rod Waddington


Visa Upon Arrival

Bolivia in South America (90 days)

Lake Verde in Bolivia by Pedro Szekely


Burundi in Africa (30 days)


Cambodia in Asia (30 days)

Angkor Wat in Cambodia by Dennis Jarvis

7899461812_4a63a9fbe2_zPerformers in Cambodia by Frontierofficial

Cape Verde Island in the Atlantic Ocean

4274048769_9fdfcebb61_zPhoto by Antifluor

Comoros in Africa

498905089_1ff6ae469b_zPhoto by Sarah Elsewhere

Djibouti in Africa

362694989_16d43fd97f_zCamel Caravan in Djibouti by Charles Roffey

Guinea-Bissau in Africa (90 days)

Requires prior approval from Mogama3

2177535235_5a10cfa7e4_zPhoto by Peter Casier

Indonesia in Asia (30 days)

8642455382_fc1bc921ca_zTamblingan Lake in Bali – Indonesia by Pandu Adnyana

Tanah Lot Sunset. Bali, Indonesia June 2010Tanah Lot Sunset by Mikaku

Iran in Asia

4406454946_33890f7f99_zMasjid Jame’h Yazd in Iran by Ali Reza

Kenya in Africa (90 days)

9758863526_6a94d52566_zMasai Mara Wildbeest Migration by Christopher Michel

10028215023_dc476745d7_zSunset in the wilderness of Kenya by Christopher Michel

Laos in Asia (30 days)

13147979123_0a2ab4a613_zChildren of Laos by Dietmar Temps

2263226180_4303144199_zLuang Prabang in Laos by Jean-Marie Hullot

1488249840_c5bb3b3060_oElephant on the Road by Ian

Madagascar in Africa (90 days)

Madagascar by Mariusz Kluzniak

Baobab Trees of Madagascar by Frank Vassen

Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean (30 days)

Maldives by Nic Adler

Mali in Africa

2765582023_544e73210a_zPhoto by World Bank

Mauritania in Africa

6909831401_100950f913_zPhoto by Oxfam International

Mozambique in Africa (30 days)

Mozambique, MocabaMocaba in Mozambique by Ilri

Nepal in Asia

2014-07-26_1746Swayambhu by Dhilung Kirat

458520625_c7acfafee4_zNature in Nepal by Taylor Miles

Nicaragua in Central America

8873025734_241c7d1bed_zGranada Cathedral in Nicaragua by Boris G

Samoa at the Pacific Ocean (entry permit on arrival – 60 days)

6245547895_063c50403a_zSunset in Samoa by Alain Perez

Seychelles Islands at the Indian Ocean (entry permit on arrival – 30 days)

7407128412_6d55136e9a_zSeychelles by Federico Robertazzi

Sri Lanka in Asia (electronic travel authorization)

6925809164_255f457939_zSri Lanka by Surreal Name Given

5012423140_ebb8ab940b_zSafari in Sri Lanka by Tom Olliver

Tajikistan in Asia (45 days)

243685058_db52f9175a_oBulunkul by Dave

Tanzania in Africa

2629336214_36c78141e2_zZebra walk along the plain with Mt. Kilimanjaro at the background by World Bank

8022774890_49fcdb53f3_zZanzibar by Rod Waddington

Timor-Leste in Asia (30 days)

Timor-Leste Farmer Carries Away Crops Destroyed by Heavy RainsTimor-Leste farmer by United Nations

Togo in Africa (7 days)

6233699694_151dd14a61_zTogo by Panoramas

Tuvalu Island at the Pacific Ocean (30 days)

5685919080_0ec0da8529_zTuvalu by Tomoaka Inaba

Uganda in Africa

2339407620_3af8760412_zGorilla trekking in Uganda by Hjalmar Gislason

Zambia in Africa

923931009_941c3cb248_zVictoria Falls in Zambia by Zest-pk

Zimbabwe in Africa (90 days)

255143593_1de7760d9f_zThirsty Giraffe in Hwange Park in Zimbabwe by Federica Olivieri

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Love it

    • are zingabar is including

        • Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania. Tanzanian visa rules applies to it.

          • I just came back from there 2 months ago, you get the visa upon arrival 🙂

        • I died! 😀

  2. Thank you 🙂
    I never thought that there are amazing countries to visit “hassle free” :D, can hardly wait to visit them all…

  3. WOW !! never thought we could go to all these places visa free 😀 , we have a lot of possibilities :p

    • Yeah… only left over countries that you can visit if u are Egyptian. .. where USA where Canada, where is Europe…. :)) too much dream in Egypt. ..

      • these are not leftovers, these are amaziiiiiiiing underrated places!

  4. Hahaha, yeah luckily we do 😀

  5. Very expencive to holiday in ,the countries shown and not your sort of everyday type of holiday maybe thats why it is allowed

  6. I am interesting about Georgia

    • Regulations changed !!
      Double check it before making any plans

    • I bet you are thinking about migrating to there … like i do .. lol!

      • I’d rather go to every part of the world than just staying in one place 🙂

  7. I hope a new policy by Sisi to ask abolishing the visa requirement betwwen Egypt and the rest of the Arab world like Tunisia,Algeria, and Iraq as well as Syria and UAE first and to sign aggreement with Turkey and Russia to take of the visa requirement

    • We all hope so 🙂

  8. amazing countries

    • Yeah, stunning 🙂

  9. And for the expenses there??

  10. I haven’t been to all of them, only been to Tanzania and Kenya that were affordable, sometimes even cheaper than Egypt. As for the rest I will ask and look for feedback and let you know 😀

    • That is great Passant … I have always wanted to go to Tanzania and Kenya but was hesitant because of the idea that they might be expensive to travel in.

      • You just have to make sure to join group safaris to cut off the cost and to avoid traveling during the rain season as spotting animals becomes difficult. From my experience safaris in Kenya are cheaper and more rewarding than those in Tanzania, however I recommend visiting both.
        What I recommend in Kenya is: Safari at Masai Mara specially during the Wildebeest migration (to find out more pls check: Safari at Tsavo, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru (flamingos). You can also spend sometime on the beach at Mombasa or Lamu, and climb Mt. Kenya if you are into hiking/trekking.
        What I recommend in Tanzania is: Safari at Ngorongoro crater, and at the Serengeti specially during the Wildebeest migration (to find out more pls check: If you are into hiking/trekking then you cannot miss Mt. Meru or Mt. Kilimanjaro or spend a day or two at Kilimanjaro National Park.

    • I was told Kenya was expensive?! was that true?

      • You have to organize your trip carefully to not get ripped off, it’s just like any country.

  11. Guys i recommend tanzania . uganda and kenya They are amazing i stayed there for a year they are easy to enter and not that expensive except tanzania is a little bit expensive . Dont miss to go to the beach in TZ

    • Yeaaaaaaah, Gorilla trekking in Uganda, who doesn’t want to do it!
      Africa is a hidden gem…Nature at its best!

  12. Wow.. That sounds nice 🙂

    • It really does 😀

  13. I been to many of those countries with out visa

    • Cool 😉

  14. what ?? are you serious , you book flight and go ?? please tell me so i can be in flight next week or so !!

    • Yes, I am :D, however I highly recommend that you call the embassy -of your desired destination- and make sure that you do not need any transit visas.
      Good Luck 😉

  15. The most amazing experience ever and the absolutely hardest thing I have done. Be prepared. Just got back from Tanzania and Kenya safari adventures. How exciting !!! It is one of the most memorable adventure of my life time….
    Great pictures Passainte Assem…Just loving it.

    • Wowwww, I am so glad you enjoyed it, please tell us more about it, we are so excited to hear :D.
      Can you share photos as well 🙂

      • thanks alot for your time % your work

        are you sure about this countries ?
        do you have any official References

        • my pleasure 🙂
          I have done my research and that was the outcome.

      • It was an amazing trip, wish it would have been a little longer. Ngorongoro crater was the center of attraction and would like to spend more time. At Lake Manyara, we observed several families of elephant..Very excited but a bit nervous too.. The elephant walked right along our jeep.
        On Earth, African Safaris are great. 🙂

  16. what about Georgia and mauritius? are they safe? and what about prices and expenses there? if anyone knows…thanks for his help in advance!

  17. Awesome info…All the nice beaches n off beaten track trips r easy.

    • Thank you 🙂

  18. wonderful

  19. Guys Are sure about Iran ??? There is a political issues between iran and Egypt . There is no Iranian embassy in Cairo

    • so far that’s the information we have 🙂

  20. Any one knows shall I take a visa from UAE if I am going to transit and take another plane to maldives?

    • If you don’t enter UAE only transit you don’t need visa

  21. anyone went to south korea ??? if yes please tell us about the prices and if is it good or not ?

  22. I need an article discussing how to organize such trips based on your experience with an example from ur trips. it will be helpful

  23. fair enough that absolutely spindled i have been discovering Asia i would love to go some countries in Africa so proud to hold the Egyptian passport

  24. How Georgia is visa free? will it be taken in the airport?
    For ordinary passports? or business ones?

    • There was actually an update, and now a visa is required to visit Georgia 🙁

  25. well thank you for this topic i just want to say some update about some country’s , Zambia ,Zimbabwe must have visa in advance and about Iran it’s not available if you don’t have invitation , Georgia must have visa as you said , south Korea yeah i hand been there before but only for 30 days not 90 days , there are another country you didn’t said like Comoros, Myanmar u can make e visa, and Rwandan as well , Tajikistan also not need visa for 45 days , Timor-Leste for month , Palau island also i hope i added some information for your topic 🙂

  26. Tajikistan, Timor-Leste i just saw them now so the others that i only mean 🙂

  27. How about thailand? Is it free visa also for egyptian passport holder?

  28. so that means that i can travel and show my passport in the host airport without any booking or visa ? just show them my passport is that real 🙂

    • Yes, but call the embassy of the relevant country to make sure that they haven’t made any changes to their visa policy.

  29. Long destination tho

  30. I’m Nigeria, live in Cairo, can I be Egyptian sitizen, if yes what can I do. ? Thanks

    • Thank you for the lovely post 🙂

      • very hard to get the Egyptian nationality .. even if you are living in Egypt

  31. My husband is Egyptian and I am American and we live in Turkey. My husband is retired from his former work in Egypt but I am a university lecturer. We have gone around in circles trying to find a destination close to the USA where my parents can join us for my 60th birthday. We were thinking of Nicaragua or Domenica after reading your article but when I double checked on the net, I got conflicting information. Can you verify for me? We are ready to book.

    • Hi Suzanne, I have not been to Nicaragua yet but I’m planning to got there in December and I’m sure Egyptians do not need a visa. Also Dominica or St. Vincent might be a good option for you.

  32. Also Macau is not on the list and I think Zambia is no longer visa free for Egyptians. If you are Egyptian holding Schengen visa or US visa there are a lot of countries that will not require a visa in this case, For example you don’t need a visa for Croatia if you have a valid Schengen visa and you do not need a visa for Mexico if you have a valid US visa.

  33. What is the meaning of “prior approval from El Tagamo3″….. I mean what should I do there…??

    • you should go to the mogama3 and ask them if you need a travel pre-approval

  34. To all travelling young souls out there, plan your trip by yourself starting from the ticket, landmarks, tourist attractions, hostels etc. It is way fun and cheaper than agencies bs (no offence though) with their useless packages. Way to go with online tips websites eg tripadvisor. Wish you all happy trips, tips and all.

    • We are not offended at all, we always encourage people to book online on their own, because it’s more fun, and much cheaper! but some people still like to directly book holiday packages, and we are here to serve everyone 😀
      Happy travels Ahmed Shahin 😉

  35. this is gr8, thanks Passaint, so i am planning a trip with my 4 years old daughter, i think she will like a safari trip to watch the animals… so i am aiming Kenya, Tanzanya and maybe Uganda, i think there is a tourist visa to include all three or something… anyway, so you recommend to go is the dry season (Jul-Sep), right?

    • My pleasure @Marwa
      Well how long are you intending to stay? Because I think this is too much for one trip, also it’s going to be very expensive!
      you can aim for Kenya; go to Masai Mara, and the Great Rift Valley’s Samburu, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Hell’s Gate, Kenya’s safaris are cheaper than Tanzania’s, however you can still go there do the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and the down-looked-at Selous Game Reserve, as for Uganda Gorilla trekking is the highlight!
      One very important thing; you’re aware that you’d need to take some vaccinations before leaving right? I think you need to call Vacsera to make sure that your kid could handle such vaccinations at such a young age.
      As for the dates you have chosen, the best time to witness the great animal migration between Masai Mara and the Serengeti would be August-September

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    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and
    I hope you write again soon!

  37. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative
    and interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the
    head. The issue is something which too few people are speaking intelligently about.

    I am very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

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