Why Bosnia Should Be Your Next Destination

Being a kid in the 90s meant watching all the videos of war and bloodshed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and thinking of how terrifying this place is.Sadly, up till today people still have this image embedded somewhere in their memory. Not knowing that they couldn’t be more wrong to underestimate the serenity of this place today.

Despite of its sad history, Bosnia is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in southern Europe. Having many wonders such as the Kravice Waterfalls, Jajce and Pliva Lakes region, and the Sutjeska National Park put the country in a top ranking when it comes to nature. So enjoy this short adventure that we created for you in order to discover this forgotten gem.



Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gracefully situated in the Sarajevo Valley on the Miljacka River and surrounded by the beauty of the Dinaric Alps, Sarajevo stands out as one of the prettiest cities in the European south. After all the blood and destruction that the city has witnessed in the past few decades, it is reemerging stronger than it ever was.

Sarajevo is one of those cities where you can find everything you are looking for; history, architecture, nature, culture, religion, you name it and it will be there. It’s oriental influences mixed with western modernity gives it an exotic style that will make you fall in love with it from the first glimpse. Beyond the museums, breathtaking architecture, and the very vibrant religious vibe, the surrounding countryside is full of forests, mountains, and the river, making for one of the most beautiful places in the country.



Mostar might be the most familiar image you will get for Bosnia. If you google the country and scroll down its images, the above scene would be dominating the search results. Perhaps because it looks like a fairytale, or perhaps because it combines the calmness of nature with the beauty of architecture. Whichever the reasons are, Mostar remains to be one of the best, if not the best, parts you can explore within Bosnia. So do not miss out on it when you are there.



This little piece of paradise is worth every bit of your vacation time. Located 40 kms outside of Mostar, Kravice Waterfalls is THE perfect place to spend a summer to remember. Around 25 metres high, the waterfalls cascade into a stunning emerald coloured lake. You will have the time of your life showering under the waterfalls, swimming in the refreshing lake, or just enjoying the dreamy setting.



12 km from the town of Mostar lies another fairytale spot. The 600 year-old Dervish monastery in Blagaj was built in the 16th century during the height of the Ottoman empire. The monastery is perfectly situated on river Buna which flows right from a cave in between the steep cliff walls. It is built into the rock. The colour of water together with the view of the cliffs all form a magnificent scenery that is too pretty to even be real. And although it’s the only place worth seeing in Blagaj, it still must be seen.

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