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We like pampering our travellers. Last week, we have talked about the origins of Black Friday, and why it is a commercial day all around the world. Today, we decided to write about Travelstart’s very own Black Friday traditions, and how you can make the most out of it. So continue reading and start planning your trip today.

What is Travelstart planning for Black Friday?

This is the right time to do all your shopping. And shopping for flight tickets is no exception! On the occasion of black Friday, we have been planning great discounts and other offers on many of your favourite destinations. Our offers are extending all over the regions of Europe Asia, the Gulf, North Africa, and America. Subscribe to our Newsletter and/or follow our Facebook page to find out all about the details of each offer.

Spoilers: Prices will be as low as EGP 3,100 for round trips.


When is the duration of the offers?

The sales validity of our Black Friday offer will be from 24th till 27th of November, 2017. The travel period where you can use your tickets will extend till the end of May 2018. We can share with you a trick: If you are not sure about your travel dates yet but you don’t want to miss the offers, book it with our flexible service. For just EGP 250, you can get to change the trip dates to whenever is best for you!

How can you book?

This is the easiest part of it all. Once you decide on your destination, log on our website to complete the booking. You can search by destination or by the airline if you have one set. Enter your details (or better yet, make an account for faster future bookings), choose the flight, add other services if you like, and pay. Voila! You’re ready to go.

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Other perks?

Of course we have a lot, that’s what we live for. Log on our website and choose from a wide range of products and services that Travelstart offers exclusively for its customers. You can get the “Visa Denied” service that enables you to fully refund your money if you didn’t get the visa. You can also have the “Flexi Ticket” that allows you to change the dates and times of your flights. And best of all: You can pay for your flight with instalments.

Get to know more

Still confused? No need to. You can still download our amazing app; FLAPP and have all the above done for you with a click! Or call one of our very friendly team on +202 23225333 and have a little chat on other ways where we combine the fun of shopping and travel to bring you an unforgettable experience.

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