Best Places to Enjoy Dessert in Zamalek

Currently known as a hanging out hub, new cafes and restaurants regularly open in Zamalek, making it one hell of a busy neighborhood, and without doubt a big food court, to the extent that I fear that one day they will kick residents out of their houses to open new hangouts.

Here is your guide to the best places to enjoy a finger-licking dessert in Zamalek.



We all have been through this firm decision “I have to stop going to the same places, I have to try other places” but you end at here craving chocolate fondant cooked in 20 minutes to perfection. No one else does it like Crave do. Their Date Tulip is also so good, only order it if they run out of chocolate fondant stock, or you don’t feel like eating chocolate, which will never be the case.

Seconds before the attack!



And the decisive moment…Attaaaaaaack!



The Batter Half & Co.

Everybody has been talking about their cakes, macarons, Ramadan Konafa and Basbousa creations, skip all that and have their chocolate heaven “even if not a chocolate person”, I bet you’ll fall in love with every bit of it, you have my word. No wonder why it’s named chocolate heaven, It seriously is a cup made in heaven, small chunks of chocolate brownies, caramel sauce, and lots of melted chocolate, heated in the microwave for a minute and served with vanilla ice cream.


Cake Café

If you love pecans, be ready for a treat, their pecan pie with a strong taste of caramel served hot is a delight. Whether an apple and dates buff or not, their apple date cake in unmistakable, served hot with caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream.


Le Pacha 1901

The coolest thing about Le Pacha 1901 is that you can order any dessert, at any of its restaurants. Their Date tart is the best in town, as well as their Osmanleya with ice cream -best enjoyed in Ramadan.



Fauchon gives a real taste of France in the heart of Zamalek, with its wide selection of French Macarons -the best in town-, madeleines, juicy gateaux, once you taste their Kouign-amann or Chausson aux pommes (pastries), your life will never be the same again.



Without doubt their gateaux are the juiciest, made with the finest and freshest ingredients, their Mango Tart is so yummi, and their best seller Ferrero gateau as per Tortina’s description it’s Almond Dacquoise -no clue what Dacquoise is- perfectly blended with chocolate cream and hazelnuts, it’s truly mouthwatering. Make sure to check their Ramadan menu, as it comes with their Date Tart Konafa and Om Ali with Creme Brulee.



No one makes a Banana Pie like Delight do, make sure to go get it as early as possible, as they are soon out of stock.



The best way to combine your favorite chocolates in one recipe, be it a waffle with Galaxy and Ferrero Rocher, Lindor with Flake, White Toblerone with strawberries, Milka with Vanilla ice cream, Nutella with Peanut Butter, be creative and make the perfect combination to please your taste.


Mori Sushi

Sushi is already an obssession, and to make things worse they make the best Creme Brulee in town, and their chocolate fondant is only for those into dark chocolate.

15147778956_175691e325_zCreme Brulee by jpellgen

Left Bank

If you want to enjoy a fluffy piece of pastry go for a Vanilla Mille-Feuille, it’s lighter than air, but if hazlenuts are your preference, do not miss their chocolate mousse -not sure it’s the right name, just ask for their scrumptious hazelnut mousse.

2015-01-08_1326That’s what I’m talking about, photo from their Facebook page


India makes an Indian version of Egyptian Zalabyas known as Gulab Jamun, they both look the same but their taste is so different, first it’s eaten with a spoon, it has a basboussa texture, served hot, and the sharbat is made with cardamom. If you’re into ethnic food, you can’t miss this one.

2997084034_b589d952d8_zPhoto Courtesy: vivido

Mandarine Koueider

If you spot a sweets shop that has an endless queue, & people double and triple parking specially during the holy month of Ramadan, smile you have arrived at the right destination “Mandarine Koueider”. People come from everywhere in Cairo to buy from their wide selection of oriental desserts, their basboussa is on fire, konafa sada, and with cream as well, bala7 el sham, borma, mmmm, everything is so yummi. And of course their signature Raspberry Yogurt Ice Cream flavor.

Tip: If you want to get your Egyptian or foreign friend who’s living abroad the best gift ever, let it be a selection of oriental desserts “malfoufa lafa makhsousa lel safar”.


In my opinion, their Red Velvet is the best in Zamalek, it’s so tender & creamy, it’s sugary taste is balanced with the sourness of the cream cheese, their Pumpkin cupcake is also worth trying.



I just can’t get enough of their jam and their chocolate sable cookies, and chocolate swiss-roll cookies made sur commande. 

10613123_954481004563883_4228083554546915429_nTruth be told the Jam Sables are yummier than they look like from Simonds Facebook page

Brioche Doree

It’s not the best French Patisserie, however their almond croissant is worth obsessing over.


Auntie Anne’s

Cinnamon sticks dipped in Caramel Sauce, or even better and way sugary their Twix Cinnamon Sticks.

2015-01-08_1426Their Twix Cinnamon Sticks

Nola Cupcakes

The answer is: Pralines N’ Cream & Cookie Dough.



What’s totally worth trying -haven’t tried it yet…

Gelato Mio

Handmade, fresh artisanal Italian Gelato & Sorbet in mouthwatering flavours.




What we are missing in Zamalek is; Sale Sucre with their half chocolate, half fruit cake, Cinnabon -irresistible cinnamon baking smell-, House of Donuts with their signature Apple Fritter, and Qahwa’s sweet & sour cinnamon cheese cake, made with cream cheese frost and a pinch of cinnamon on top.


Have we left anything out? Let us know in the comments below. 

*All photos without photo credits are brought from the official websites or Facebook pages of the aforementioned places.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Brilliant article. These are definitely the best desserts in town. Great taste as usual.

  2. You forgot to mention that Simond’s Jam Mille Feuilles is the best in Egypt since 50 years! You also didn’t mention Le Bec Sucre(President Hotel) best ‘Fraisiere'(strawberry shortcake with creme patisierre) and Thomas’ Lemon Meringue… well there are a few more but these come under ‘basic Zamalek’ 😉

    • Amina, I like the fact that you don’t settle for the less “you don’t eat anything” you really enjoy food, I can see it from your description and recommendations as well :). Places in Zamalek are endless, needless to say that every time I take a look at the blog, and read comments i remember places that I haven’t mentioned. I mean Thomas’ caramel chocolate cake for instance, basic but AWESOME! Souffle’s gateaux, and they have a mouth-watering -i don’t remember the name- chocolate cake with croquant that is usually out of stock.
      I’d be more than happy to hear more suggestions, and I promise I’d try them all and send you my honest feedback 😀

  3. This article triggered my sugar craving, there is also Duke’s Mont Blanc THE best in town, and you have my word, not in zamalek though, the best rainbow cake from “Cakes” infront of Gezira club

    • Hey Mona, I am glad I triggered it, I was dying myself while writing this article, because I tried every single item that I mentioned, so I know exactly what I am talking about. To be frank I tried Duke’s dirt cake that everybody talked about, and was very disappointed, but will try their Mont Blanc, and will suuuuuuuuuuuure try Cakes’ rainbow cake :D.

  4. guys you just said it all .. your recommendations are the best in town, however i still need to try some. thanks passainte & all ladies for the input 🙂

    • Thank you very much Mona, go aheaaaad try, you have no idea what you are missing 😀

  5. Lo2met 3eish is as awesome as the mentioned above , nutella doughnuts are mouth-watering , it’s my new favourite place

    • Ingy, I tried some of their stuff but wasn’t a huge fan, but NUTELLA!!! Totally worth trying 😀

  6. Interesting article 🙂 where can I find really good cheese cake

    • Thanks Noha.
      In Zamalek? Mmmmm! I don’t think there is one that’s out of this world!
      Go to Qahwa in Arkan, you won’t regret it 😉

  7. Set Hosenya (Makani) “Ar3 3asaly” Sweet pumpkin. Simply the best ar3 3asaly you can ever taste!

    • Hey Rania,
      That’s not in Zamalek as well, is it served in Makani, or only Set Hosneya?
      thanks for the recommendation

  8. Oh and you;re missing out Paul though! “Strawberry Custard Eclairs”

  9. Batates & zalabia z branch of zamalek have z best zalabia in cairo covered with black & white chocolate … I don’t know y they don’t serve it in the other branches … No where make it like them except latinos and a small shop in alex I can’t remember its name

    • BTW I bookmarked this article (Y)

  10. It’s chausson aux pommes

  11. there is batates and zalabia zamalek branch only has a great zalabia covered with B&W chocolate completely “i don know why other branches don reserve it”, i don know any place in cairo make it except them and latinos also a small shop in alexandria

    • Thanks Sara, to be frank I always buy them from the shop itself, however they always bake freshly made stuff, so i think they will all be good when it comes to delivery. just make sure that they deliver out of zamalek, as some shops have exclusive delivery in zamalek 😀

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