Best Places to Have Breakfast in Cairo

This is how your weekend should look like: scrumptious, delicious & mouth-watering.

Casper & Gambini’s in Cairo Festival City

Your menu should be as follows: Egg Benedict with smoked salmon & fresh Carrot Juice, or Kiwi-apple, followed by sticky toffee pudding.

10477911_661365450614698_469126451108757194_nCasper & Gambini’s Facebook page

Lucille’s Maadi (Street 9 branch)

This place is always crowded, but totally worth the wait. Their portions are generous, and their service is really good and quick. Go for a maadi scramble with hash brown and dark bread, if not already full, you have to try their pancakes, they are highly recommended.

3298039229_9b6b98b41b_zScrambled eggs “not Lucille’s” by Scorpions & Centaurs

Nile 49

A floating boat on the Kit-Kat side of the Nile with an amazing Nile view, and a cozy feeling as if at home, serving different food every day, once Egyptian, another Scandinavian or French, though pricey & their service is slow but they make a very generous Egyptian breakfast; ta3meya, fetir with 3assal, white cheese, fried, omelet or scrambled eggs, with your choice of foul, their foul with samna baladi is on fire, and the one with sogo2 is delicious too. You can enjoy your meal indoors, or outdoors on the roof, or in the garden, don’t forget to te7bes with tea with fresh mint ;).

1044811_474057079349861_1012431419_nPhoto from Nile 49’s official Facebook page

Tempo in Allegria

Finally there is a reason to drive all the way to Cairo Alexandria Desert Road other than living there, or traveling to Sahel & Alexandria. This place is really cool, enjoy the greenery of the golf course while enjoying their specialty “Allegria’s burger”.

cafePhoto by SODIC

Left bank Zamalek

A bit overrated and overpriced, but the place is just awesome, and has a nice view. You can go for Left Bank’s big breakfast, and please don’t leave without having a to-die-for vanilla mille-feuille.

419456_330849173627814_384666927_nPhoto by Left Bank’s official Facebook page

Baladina in Arkan Mall 6th of October or in The Platform Maadi

Other than located on the Nile River banks and the fact that you can take a Nile Taxi for a fun ride in the Nile, enjoy some feteer meshaltet with eshta & 3assal, their ta3meya is also so crispy & fresh.

327177426_c77f1c0bb8_z Fetir Meshaltet by IDip

Grizzly in Zamalek

Not as good as it used to be, however their Denver Omelet is really good, specially if you ended your breakfast with a Nutella waffles or pancakes.

10600408_838686002833051_3368848135790050525_nThat’s what I’m talking about, Grizzly’s Denver Omelet from their Facebook official page

Brioche Dorée

Pick any branch their fruit tarts are on fire, as well as their Almond croissant. If you are more into salad, take the Salade Mediterraneenne.

3387203421_c743606e00_zTartes aux framboises by Charles Van den Boek

Paul in New Cairo or Mall of Arabia

Try their Continental breakfast, this is where French pastry is at its best, try their gateaux, eclairs or fruit tarts, I promise you won’t regret it.

10557228_720709031329889_152022193825549036_nPaul’s official Facebook page

Zooba in Zamalek or Maadi

I might be the only one who’s not a big fan of their food, and think it’s overpriced & overrated, however no one can deny that the place is just awesome, and they sell the best inventions packaged in cool, well designed packs, such as but not limited to; white cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, rice pudding with sweet potatoes and cinnamon.

603697_491447037621468_645366594021043823_nZooba’s official Facebook page

Munchies in Zamalek

Their crepes are so fulfilling, however their chocolate waffles are mouth-watering, pick your combination White Toblerone with strawberries, Milka with Ferrero Rocher, the sky is the limit.

2469812461_da592c7801_zMunchies’ waffle are way mouth-watering :), photo by Anne

Blackstone in Maadi or Zamalek

What else can you ask you for other than their made to perfection Egg Benedict???

DSCN3189Egg benedict by Judy Baxter

TBS (The Bakery Shop) in Maadi

I picked the maadi branch as they have a nice area to sit and enjoy. Try their specially made salmon with philadelphia cheese croissant, or their freshly baked philadelphia cheese croissant, or pastrami croissant. Please your sweet tooth with a carrot & zucchini muffin, though the ingredients sound a bit weird, I promise you that you’re just going to love it.

10384194_746488665401177_6458791158175658489_nTBS (The Bakery Shop)’s official Facebook page

Pizza Mia Zamalek (This place has been permanently closed 🙁 )

Who said that Pizza cannot be eaten over breakfast? This place is a hidden gem, owned by an Italian guy, bringing in his local favor in a tiny place in Zamalek’s Ismail Mohamed Street. The best thing about it is that you can grab a slice and go, no need to order a whole pizza!

10001341_671910236191520_4339288938250722863_nPizza Mia’s official Facebook page

Cake Café Zamalek

Located near Beano’s café & Gezira Club, this tiny place, with its chic atmosphere, has the best cakes in Egypt, even if you are not a fan of dates or apple, try their apple date cake served hot with caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream, or go for a pecan pie its smell is enough to make you crave for more.

1525308_798884143471788_1292242917_nCake Cafe’s official Facebook page

Zamalek’s hidden gems

  • Fauchon

    Located next to TBS Zamalek, and is Zamalek’s main hidden gem. Once you try their Kouign-amann or their Chausson aux pommes (both are pastries), your life will never be the same again.

14369408522_b6f55788e4_zKouign-amann by bubbletea1
  • The Batter Half & co.

    Nothing, I mean NOTHING beats their chocolate heaven. It’s a cup filled with chocolate cake& brownies pieces, caramel and chocolate sauce, they put it into the microwave for a minute then serve it hot with vanilla ice cream, nothing more to say. Their Red velvet cake is also the best in town!

5920037641_e6d2896d8b_bRed velvet cup cakes by Yun Huang Yong


  • Munch & Bagels

    Ask them to make your bagel half salmon with capers and the other half tuna with honey mustard sauce. They would tell you we don’t make half & half bagels, just tell them that you ate it several times there and they will make it for you 🙂 – located at 2 Dr. Taha Hussein in Zamalek.

3923870940_4d25eca559_zPhoto by Matthew Mendoza

Got any scrumptious places on mind? Share them with us in the comments below 😉

Our Readers Comments

  1. Yummi…now I wana have breakfast at each place every single day :)))

  2. You forgot Bubblicious … and if you haven’t tried it … it is great.
    a hidden gem in Zamalek

    • though i am currently watching my diet, but i will try it and give you my feedback 🙂
      what do you recommend?

  3. I looooived the article… casper cfc is my favorite.. good job bosbos

  4. I suddenly feel hungry.
    This is a treasure hunt.

    • hahaha, putting together this article was torturous, I felt super hungry myself!
      I’m glad it had an impact on you :), food is a real pleasure!

      • Your comment states that you were involved in putting this article together. I would like to advise that the picture you have shown of Lucille’s Breakfast is in fact not from Lucille’s. As well as the table in which the plate is on is not from Lucille’s restaurant. Thank you kindly, Lucille

        • Our Colleagues have found that it only appears to be a plate from Lucille’s because of it’s positioning with the article. We do however apologized for taking your time on this matter. The name under the photo does in deed show who’s plate. Thank you again. Lucille’s

          • Sorry but I do not understand your comment!

        • yes I know it’s not, I never mentioned it was, but I have no problem will write that it’s not from lucille’s.

  5. The fact that Paul is on the list ruins everything and makes me doubt the quality of food on it.
    Paul tables always smelled bad because of their paper which is obviously taking in moister and becoming moldy. The fruit salad they claim fresh is a disgrace for a country with very delicious fruits and their eggs are tasteless.

    • Well, maybe you had a bad experience that you really should share with Paul’s management.
      I only mentioned pastries, gateaux, eclairs & fruit tarts 😀

      • Paul is one of the best ..clean, good service,ammazing bakery and tasty breakfast
        Expensive but it’s paul 🙂

  6. Another oriental place is El-Shabrawy (Arabiata) at El Rehab City.It is very commended for the taste of food and the open air place.

    • Recommended*

    • Thank you Hala, with all the recommendations that i am getting it seems that i need to go for a food tasting experience and make a part 2 out of this post 😀


  8. Hell even Koshary can be breakfast. I love your choices

    • Kosharyyyyyyy! r u kidding me??? hahaha
      Thank you Nermin 😉

  9. I just wanted to point out that you’re not the only one who thinks Zooba is overrated & overpriced. Shokran! 😀

  10. Awesome article i bookmarked it ,i’ll be waiting for Best Places to Have Lunch in Cairo too ,thanks a lots Passainte !!!

  11. The last time I went to Blackstone for breakfast on a weekday I found they are open for breakfast on weekends only.

    • I am glad it did :)…
      You’re mostly welcome anytime…

  12. What about La Gourmandise in the First mall?

    • Afal 🙁

      • Noooooooooooo! there is another in maadi I guess, correct me if i am wrong 🙂

        • Sadly the La Gourmandise branch in Maadi closed about a year ago.. . Very sad. Surprised to see that La Gourmandise first mall wasn’t on the list, but other than that an excellent collection of restraunts!

  13. The Fondue Pot have just launched THE best breakfast menu in town! Check it out!

    • I will…Thanks Natalie! So what do your recommend from their menu? 😀

  14. The best red velvet in town is the one by Jina’s home made cupcakes

  15. You gotta add the Coffeeshop Company in Tivoli – the best egg dishes ever!

  16. You left out the promenade gardens at the cairo marriott. The Friday Saturday brunch is definitely worth it. Great offering. Great location. Enjoy.

    • Hey Aly, thanks for the recommendation, well the location speaks for itself, it’s one of my favorite hangouts in Zamalek, but never tried their brunch, but after your recommendation will sure try it! Thanks 😉

  17. Nile 49 is awesome …the location and decoration is inspiring ,best breakfast in town both international and oriental ,huge portions ,expensive but worth it …the only bad thing is ..cats are everywhere 🙁

  18. Another great place ..chantiller al korba …syrup of elegance and swiss air le challet nile street next to borg al riad

    • yeah, heard from several people that le Chantille is very good, i only tried Swiss Challet for dinner and was really awesome!
      Thanks for Eman for the recommendations, will try them and let you know 😉

  19. Good job ya Bosbos let’s try one of it next weekend

  20. Passainte, very nice article, I really made me hungry, I will go to the kitchen right after I ask you this: Did you eat at each and every one of them??

  21. You forgot Thomas pizza

    • @Renee in Thomas you have to buy a whole pizza, but in Pizza Mia you can always grab a slice and go, which makes it more suitable for breakfast!

  22. I love it Passainte, the photos are great too.

  23. hmmm…. used to appreciate the oriental egyptian breakfast from specific outstanding spots, but this article played in my head and melted my desire of food to change my behavior in breakfast somehow! … don do this again! 😀

    • hahaha @mostafa, I can’t promise you :)… We need change every now and then!
      So tell us about those outstanding spots; even if they are 3arabeyat foul 😀

      • so u will hit again & i’m waiting! 😀 , i’ll tell u some not all 😛 ;tomanbay with ibn l hakam square 3arabiet foul hekaya but needs steel stomach :), the universal and the best Bashandy shop in nasrcity, arabiata korba & rehab only in the morning, cant guarantee any other branches and sandwiches, in the middle of el moez st. “not in the main st.” 3arabyet foul (its a course foul then tea on l ahwa eli ganbo), & for sure my homemade foul & falafel 🙂

        • hahahaha @steel stomach :D, since all of them are not very close by where i live and work, but i promise to try the one in korba and maybe someday the one in moez street. will let you know how things went, thanks Mostafa! 🙂

        • BASHANDI,BASHANDI,BASHANDY and BASHANDI belive me this is the best foul, betengan mekhalel and potatos, but this is take away you can eat it the car and get a cold Coc from the kosk wawaooo.?

          • fen Bashandi da ya Ola???? 7amesstini lih AWIIIIIIIII 😀

  24. Have you tried Bros restaurant breakfast? it’s one of the best too! my addiction

  25. mmm, did he forget sequoia ?
    Anyways let’s have a gathering

  26. I am Greek born in Egypt. I have always loved eating breakfast with foul midames . Now I live in Greece and still do eat foul midames in the morning and I wonder why nobody has not included this delicious national food in their breakfast menus. Ya salam ya Masr.

    • Hey Dimitris, it’s not included because we eat it all the time whether made at home or places specialized at making it 🙂
      It goes without saying foul & ta’meya are part of our daily life, just like Greek yogurt and feta cheese is in Greece 😉

  27. How fake is that! If this article targets travelers, then it’s a total failure. If you’re not Egyptian & you’ve had any of this food in any other country, you’ll find it’s tasteless in Egypt. For example, because the ingredients are different, simply everything tastes different from one place to another. And importantly because Egyptians won’t master these kinds of food whatever we do. Try giving an Italian an Indian recipe and see how it turns out! Something totally different from the original local recipe.
    Egyptian breakfast is heavenly and anyone from anywhere on earth would enjoy it, and wish to have it over and over again.
    And Paul is gross
    I’d rather eat foul from a cart on the street than have a free breakfast there

    • I respect your point of view, but it doesn’t apply to me, sorry 🙂
      First of all this article is basically addressed to Egyptians who are interested to try something out of ordinary, not foreigners because if a foreigner is visiting I would definitely recommend local restaurants and local food, secondly you might be lucky to be a frequent traveler others might not be, therefore bringing other flavors/cuisines to try in their hometown is really important, and makes one feel that he traveled without going the extra mile.

  28. This list should be updated!!! The list is from 2014 and yet you constantly post it in 2015! This article seems to be written by someone who only frequents Zamalek. There are many other great places to have breakfast! When you write such an article it would be great to cover a range of styles of breakfast, prices, and areas! Felfella and Eish + Malh have great breakfast menus in Downtown for example, definitely worth checking out!!

    • Because Zamalek is the place to be, it’s my favorite area in Cairo, and some places never get old :). I keep trying new places but nothing is as impressive, i will make sure to create a new list of places once impressed 😀
      For prices I cannot cover them because we are not talking about one item, anyone who sees the article can easily google the menu of the suggested restaurant/cafe

      Thank you for the suggestions @Nadia

  29. I would recommend Coffee Break located in Downtown Mall, 90 street, new cairo

    They serve breakfast open buffet with various collection of oriental and international food.

  30. I every time emailed this webpage post page to all my contacts,
    as if like to read it afterward my contacts will too.

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