Best Countries For Female Solo Travellers

We support travel. We support women. We support women who travel. We know that all the countries of the world are beautiful. And we encourage travel whenever, wherever.. But we have to admit that some countries can be safer to another when it comes to traveling by yourself, especially if you’re a woman.


This is not exactly a place that will come to you at the beginning of any travel brainstorming session, but it sure is worth thinking about. with its enchanting Mayan civilization, Guatemala can be a super interesting place to explore. It has everything any female solo traveler would be looking for. It is safe to travel. It is relatively cheap. It’s full of culture, history, and natural wonder. I also has plenty of adventures to offer including rafting, kayaking, and other adrenaline inducing thrills. Over and above, it has one of the friendliest nations on earth. What else can we ask for.



Reykjavik is one of the safest places to travel alone in the world, for women. As a matter of fact, it is ranked first on the Global Peace Index. But make no mistake, Reykjavik being the safest doesn’t at all contradict with how overwhelmingly exciting it can be. Eclectic, dreamy, and beautiful, Reykjavik is a great base for day trips that display Iceland’s postcard-perfect attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights.



Remember Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love? Weren’t you jealous of her beautiful house and wished you can cycle your way to work everyday? Who said that you can’t travel to Bali except for your honeymoon! Bali is a great destination, whether you’re having the biggest romance in your life or not, it is worth taking the time to visit it. Relaxing beaches, spiritual temples, amazing food, it really has everything. Everything coming at a really cheap price that will make you feel like a princess enjoying every luxury in life.



Being in Italy is like being in a 21st century urban tale. With its glamour, romance, and retro ambiance, Italy is a perfect destination to live you Roman Holiday adventure. Milano, with its hustle and bustle, one of the fashion capitals in the world. Napoli with its best pizza places. And Rome with all the history its have. Also, we can’t forget our little special Verona It’s the city where the two star-crossed famous Romeo and Juliet once lived.


Are you a female solo traveller? Tell us about you favorite travel destination…

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