Barcelona; An Alternative Version

So we all know Barcelona. We know the beaches, La Rambla, and the Segrada Familia. But we often forget that every city has its own treasures that it keeps to itself. Or maybe this is because the fast movers forget to look further and hunt for the untraditional. Below, I will take you on an alternative journey of how I fell in love with Barcelona.

Local Markets


“La Boqueria” Market is a big food market held in La Rambla St. every day morning – except Sundays – where the locals sell fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, typical dishes with strange recipes (for those who love trying strange food 😀 ), cakes, fresh juices, meat, chicken,…etc. Everything is amazingly arranged that you may spend a long time there just watching the different goods arrangements and colours. The market is open from 8 am to 8 pm, but better visit it as early as possible, to enjoy watching or buying the various products before they are sold out! 


“Tibidabo”… The Top Mountain Amusement Park

If you are an amusement parks lover, you will enjoy the amusement park on the top of the mountain. It is such an amazing feeling to swing in the long-chained swings rotating in big circles, while viewing the whole of Barcelona from above! Same for the train that keeps going up and down on the inclinations of the mountain and in between tree branches. The top two attractions of the sky walk are “Avio Airplane” and “Talaia”. The Avio airplane is a real airplane fabricated in the early 20th century to transfer people between Barcelona and Madrid. Later on, Tibidabo park started using it to take visitors on sky rides, enjoying the spectacular views of city and the real parts of an old airplane! The Talaia is a metal arm with a bucket where people stand, the arm then moves 50 meters high in the air, giving the park visitors a charming view of the city while they stand in the bucket! 


“Tibidabo”… The Top Mountain Church

The same mountain also hosts a huge church (Sagrat Cor Church) on the top of it. You can go there by the hop-on hop-off bus. It is a little far from Barcelona’s city center but it sure is worth it! The bus will take you to a high point on the mountain and you will complete trekking the very small remaining distance. On the top, you will have a Wonderful spectacular view of the city of Barcelona… But of course, this is not everything! You will find the huge Sagrat Cor Church on the mountain top with a huge statue of Jesus Christ, more or less like the famous one of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. The church from inside is stunning, with its reddish, orange and yellow decorations and authentic lighting units that resembles of the lighting units of Moez St. in some sort! There is an option to go higher in the church, to the point where you stand just beneath the huge statue of Jesus Christ, where you will enjoy the highest and most beautiful top view of Barcelona city.


Park Guell

Another charming art piece of Gaudi, an open-air park covered with mosaic (ceramic tiles)! The towers, stone chairs, statues are all covered with bright colorful mosaic tiles. It gave me the feeling that I was entering a fairy tale or Wonderland! Inside the park, in addition to enjoying the joyful tile decoration on almost everything, there are green areas for relaxation, as well as cave formations. Some musicians play their music amidst those cave formations, usually using un-common musical instruments! The curves of the cave formations help deepening the sounds of the played music, giving it a doubled soothing effect. Amazing, right?

By Mai Abdallah

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