An Open Bus Ticket To Vietnam

Vietnam is a trending destination currently. After exhausting Bali,
Phuket, and Kuala Lumpur, new Vietnamese cities can offer the same experience or even better with a fraction of the price. An “Open Bus Ticket” is one that allows you to travel along the Vietnamese coast, hopping on and off the bus to different cities with the same ticket. The ticket costs around EGP 500 and gives you the option to go for 5 to 7 cities, which is not bad at all. Buses are also of good quality and they have a sleeper option, which is a plus if you’re travelling overnight. I have made you an itinerary that is budget and time friendly, spending a couple of days in each city would make for a fun relaxing vacation..



Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is fast-moving, busy, and loud. Having pointed that out, it’s definitely worth seeing. The city still keeps a very authentic side where the culture and old traditions are very well preserved. You will notice the street vendors with there nice hats selling vegetables and all kinds of merchandise on the streets. You will find beautiful temples and historic buildings. And you will enjoy walking around either in new hip areas or old quarters.

hanoi, vietnam

Halong Bay

One of the best spots in Vietnam (or maybe the world, I don’t know). It is recognized by the UNESCO as a world wonder. It’s just so green and blue. The nature is breathtaking. Although, it wouldn’t be on the route of the bus ride, it’s near to Hanoi (around 3/4 hours bus ride, which is fair enough). You can go on boat rides to explore the waters (or helicopter rides if you have some extra cash). You can go cave-exploring, or dining in one as there are a number of restaurants located inside the caves. If you’re too lazy for activities that involve moving, lying on the beach is pleasurable enough. Just note, that compared to other cities in Vietnam, this is a very posh and expensive place.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Nha Trang

If you like sea or seafood, you will like it. The city is famous for it’s beached and everything that involves water. So swimming, snorkelling, diving, and similar activities should be on the top of your list. You will find the best crabs and prawns there, so make sure to stuff yourself in restaurants. Also, if you’re in the mood for some pampering, you can try one of the mud baths, which is as the name indicated, sitting in a tub of mud which is said to have all sorts of healthy, healing properties. The facilities include jacuzzis, mineral water swimming pools and other fancy options that will help you chill.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hoi An

Like any coastal city in Vietnam, Hoi An has fantastic beaches. It has a historic side as well. So it’s the right mixture between both worlds. Also, if you’re looking for souvenirs, or if you like handicrafts, get ready for some shopping as they have really nice boutiques and shops.

hoi an, vietnam

Ho Chi Minh

Well, since we started the trip with the madness of the city, it’s only fair to end it that way as well. Ho Chi Minh is the business capital of Vietnam. That’s were all the money is (evil grin). But really, it has a very vibrant cultural life. A lot of festivals are celebrated there, there is a number of cool museums, and beautiful temples as well. Moreover, if you like shopping, you will find the high-end brands there.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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