Airline Loyalty Programs.. Explained!

The wait is finally over, Travelstart has introduced the Frequent Flyer Program option on its website. This is a great news for all those who have mile accounts. As for the rest and on this occasion, we want to share with you what Airline Loyalty Programs are and what are their benefits..

What are Loyalty Programs?

Airline miles or Frequent Flyer Miles are a king of travel points offered by certain airlines and/or credit cards (such as the CIB). Depending on the class you’re flying in, the kind of airline, and other options, you get a certain number of miles whenever you take a flight. You can accumulate certain numbers of miles based on how far you fly (or how much you spend on your credit card). The more you accumulate points, the better you get in terms of the type of the card; From a basic one to silver to gold (or something equivalent).


What are the benefits of the program?

A loyalty program is a rewards program has many perks that can be desirable for any frequent traveler. You can use your miles to upgrade the class your flying on, to get discounts on extra weight, or even to buy flight tickets. Not only that, but a loyalty card would guarantee you a priority in checking in and in boarding, and some cards offer access to VIP lounges. Not bad, huh?

How can I get an account?

Signing up for the card differs from one airline to another. But generally, they are all very simple and you can do it online. Just log on to your desired airline website, create an account, enter your details, and register. You will receive a frequent flyer number on the spot which you can start using immediately. The card itself is usually shipped to your home free of charge. Bare in mind that each group of airlines usually have one program and you can use it to collect or redeem points on any of the airlines. For example, Star Alliance cards can be used on Egyptair, Lufthansa, Turkish Airways, and others. You can also create more than one loyalty cards on each airline program if you want to optimize your usage.

How can I add miles through Travelstart?

Until recently, You had to add your Frequent number at the checkin counter in the airport to redeem your miles. But it actually happened, and now Travelstart has frequent flyer option on its website. All you have to do is book your ticket, choose the optional requests tab, add your number (as below), and Alas, you have it!

Loyalty Programs

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