Do You Actually Need A Reason To Travel?

To travel! Why not?

Who doesn’t dream about traveling, huh? Almost everyone does, but why only a few manage to actually travel?! Why to some people traveling is a step they can’t take till now? Are you looking for reasons to allow yourself to travel or inspiration maybe? What about the benefits you would get from traveling? What’s needed to put yourself on a plane to take you somewhere you have always wanted to visit? Do you worry about whether to travel with a group or solo? What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back till now? (Photo courtesy: Ian Lott)


Need a little stimulation?

So, what can motivate you to travel? Are you a fan of art? Then why don’t you go see that painting you love the most for real? Are you a music-holic? Wouldn’t it be super cool if you attend a live performance of your favorite band? Or maybe you are a football addict, right? Don’t you want to be sitting at Camp Nou among the crowd watching an FC Barcelona game instead of on your living room couch? Are you a foodie? Why not fly to taste your favorite cuisine? Are you a nature junkie? Don’t you want to be marveling at the beauty of a water fall or how the world sounds so peaceful when seen from the top of a mountain? What are your dreams when you think about traveling? (Photo: Hot air balloons in Capadoccia, Turkey by: Marwa El-Agroudy)

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Thinking rewards?

Travel is not only about what you can see or do; there is so much more into travel than that. It teaches you things and you get to know more about yourself and what you are capable of. You get to learn about the different cultures countries offer, and even with all of the differences you won’t be able to help but think how similar we really are; which can allow you to be more clement to the people around you regardless where they come from, or what they believe in. (Photo: Beautiful Capri as seen from the top of Monte Solaro by Marwa El-Agroudy)


And though travel can take you places where people speak languages you can’t comprehend, you will always be able to find your way through the universal language “music”. Music is just great, it connects people and is an amazing tool to get to know the country you are visiting, opening your heart and soul to new exotic melodies. Travel allows you to put things into perspective if you start observing what’s around you with a novice eye; it allows you to let go and start new. It’s a great way to start over and leave unfortunate experiences behind. You learn to be more focused and organized through travels so I guess all that trips planning will pay off eventually one way or another, right? (Photo courtesy: Smithsonian Institution)


And besides all the amazing things you will get to see or do, the greatest thing about travel will always be meeting new people. Talking to locals or travelers from all over the world is just mind opening; you get to experience different versions of the same story. A talk with a stranger in a train or even the long standing queue to a museum might be all what you need to figure something out. A stranger can offer you an objective opinion; yeah why not? He doesn’t know anything about you, why would he tell you what you want to hear? Why would he give you the same subjective opinion you keep on receiving from the people around you? That stranger might be the help you have been asking for. How about that as a benefit? (Photo courtesy: Austronesian Expeditions)



Once more why should you travel? Hmmm, let me think; you can travel to see or learn new things, to observe, to have a delicious meal, to fly high over live music, or to even have a break from whatever kind of life you are leading. Travel is the only happiness money can buy; go places and explore what this amazing world has to offer and most importantly allow you to get to know yourself. Let travel add up to your personality and you will be stunned by the results. (Photo: Cinque Terre in Italy)

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Is that enough motivation for you? Then what are you waiting for? Pack up, and tell us where do you want to go in the comments below.

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