A Walk In London’s Markets

There’s no doubt that London is one of the best cities to spend Christmas at. The Christmas light, decorations, snow, vibe, and above all, the markets.


Camden Market

This is the busiest and most commercial market in London. When tourists think markets, it is usually Camden that tops the list. But although it can get pretty crowded, it’s well worth the visit. The market offers a variety of shopping and activities. There’s a big selection of food stalls with widely different styles. There’s plenty of stalls and shops for hip clothes and authentic gifts from independent designers and the like. There are also many places to hang out like bars, restaurants, or even sitting by the lake and enjoying the scene of the passing crowd.


Brick Lane Market

For the hipster in you! Brick Lane is the place to be if you like art and diversity. The place is definitely one of the most diverse areas in London offering a multi-cultural experience from people coming from many parts of the world. The market is covered in Graffiti and the smell of exotic food. You can find stalls selling all kinds of handicrafts from home accessories to personal clothing.


Portobello Road Market

This will bring all the “Notting Hill” movie memories back to you.While you’re there, do check the bookstore, coffeeshop, and the house where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant fell in love almost 20 years ago (yes, we are getting old). Notting Hill is one of the prettiest areas in London, with all it’s cute colored buildings, cozy cafes, and of course the market. Portobello Road itself is a long, narrow street which stretches over two miles. The market has a food section but the clothes area is much more impressive.

Greenwich london

Greenwich Market

This one is a great pick for a rainy day. Since it is a closed space, you don’t have to worry about the crazy European weather.This is one of London’s biggest handicraft markets. Additionally, it has a cool selection of cafes and restaurants where you can spend some quality time with family and friends..

Borough market

Borough Market

Again, that is another closed space that can be witnessed in any weather and time of the year. On the contrary to Greenwich, Borough offers an amazing selection of food and dessert stalls. If you want to grab a quick bite or have a sweet tooth, this is the answer to your prayers.

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