A Glimpse Of Madrid

I’m a Passionate traveler who adore exploring, adventure, & discovering different cultures. I love documenting stories, writing about my experience, and taking photos to capture the moment. Out of many places, Madrid remains to be my favourite experience. The capital of Lovely Spain, lying just at the centre of the country.

Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid)

Madrid has many fancy royal palaces, the largest and most famous of which is “Palacio Real de Madrid” or Royal Palace of Madrid. The Royal family does not reside in this palace anymore, however it remains a masterpiece of art. The fine materials and elegant colours used in its staircases, walls decorations, ceiling arches, and details in the numerous rooms of the palace were amazing. The luxurious classy furniture of the palace was stunning; be it the dining room with an exceptionally long dining table, chairs and complete table sets, or the Crown room with the Royal Crown and Throne of Spain’s previous kings. In addition, this Royal Palace holds one of the richest painting galleries one may ever come across, including hundreds of paintings for the greatest artists in the European history, like Juan de Flandes, Caravaggio and Velazquez. Elegance and Art Lovers will enjoy this experience!

Flamenco Show

Could one be in Spain and miss the famous enchanting “Flamenco Show”? Whether you are a Music lover, Dance lover, or Culture lover, this vibrant show will delight your soul. You can enjoy a musical night, watching that show in many theatres or cozy cafes with inner stages that are found everywhere in Madrid. Check the locations Flamenco Show performance at your lodge reception. The show usually lasts for one hour, full of vibrant dancing, live singing and exotic costumes of dancers… A real joyful show that will leave you amazed by the Spanish folklore! You can order dinner to enjoy while watching the show or just a drink so you pay full attention to the show! I go for the second option!

flamenco madrid spain

Free Walking Tours

The walking tours is one of the best ways to get to know the city you are visiting deeply on its inside. Do not settle for just the main attractions of the city! Go deeper and explore the city hidden gems and off the beaten paths. You can find the voucher of those walking tours (either free or paid) at the reception of your lodge. The free ones are tip-based; at the end of the tour, each person gives the guide the tips they believe the guide deserves. All walking tours usually take 2 hours, through which the guides take us to side roads, narrow streets, locations of locals’ markets, traditional restaurants and spots that means of transportation cannot usually reach and most of tourists are not even aware of their existence.

Museo de Cera (Wax Museum)

About 20 minutes walking from Madrid city center. It includes wax figures representing the main characters of the Spanish history, famous historical characters from all over the world, Hollywood famous actors, famous sports characters, on the top of whom is Cristiano Ronaldo; the Pride of Real Madrid club and one of the world’s top football players. The wax figures are sculptured very artistically that you feel them real people! There are also two games inside the museum, both included in the ticket price: a simulator and a horror house! The museum with its different parts is a very enjoyable experience.

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Palacio de Cibeles (Cibeles Palace)

One of the most iconic buildings of Madrid for its unique, lofty architectural design. The palace lies at Plaza De Cibeles (Cibeles Square), close to Madrid city center. It serves nowadays as the seat of city council. By daytime, the building stands with pride, catching the eyes of all those who pass by that area, however, if you want to be amazed, just pass by this palace by night, that’s when the lighting on its facades is fascinating! Even for me as a typical morning person, the palace was Charming by night! You will find many people standing on the other side of Cibeles Square to take postcard-like pictures of the palace with its charming facade lighting! Enjoy watching its design and light effects with the crowds 😀

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Mai Sharaf El Deen

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