A Brief Belfast Break

Northern Ireland is one of the most underrated places in Europe. At least for me, I didn’t imagine how beautiful it would be until I actually got there. Not only the beauty, but Belfast’s history is so interesting to get to know as well.

GOT was basically shot in NI

Okay, I am not sure if everyone would get as excited about Game of Thrones, but let’s admit it, it’s amazing. And it was shot in Northern Ireland. So when you’re there, you can go check Winterfel or Castle Black or other filming locations. It’s actually funny because the Irish tourism literally bloomed after the show. Now, there are special tours that would take you just to visit the shooting locations.

Dark Hedges, N Ireland

There’s a Titanic Museum in Belfast

FYI, the ship was built in Belfast which was an industrial capital back then. Hence, the museum. This will be one of the highlight of your visit. The museum is very interactive, which I really like in museums. It also tells the history (well, commercial history) of Belfast through the building process of the ship. You will see real life replicas of the rooms on the ship, the profiles of the people on it, how the ship was built. Also, in front of the museum (and with the same ticket), you can go check out the last remaining ship of the White Star; the Nomadic.

Belfast, N Ireland

The Giant Causeway

It was formed nearly 60 million years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption. Natural crashing, burning and cooling contributed in making thousands of extremely symmetric hexagon blocks. Around 40,000 massive black basalt columns sticking out of the sea. This dramatic sight has inspired legends of giants striding over the sea to Scotland, which explains the name. It’s no wonder this place is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Giant Causeway, N Ireland

Road Trips

Because the country is not that big, and every scene in it can be a postcard photo. You should really rent a car and just get lost on the road.

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, N Ireland

Actually, the whole country looks like Paradise

From majestic mountains and bracing coastline to ancient monasteries and toe-tapping live music joints, Northern Ireland has an amazing overall vibe. You will find natural scenes, overwhelming history, great culture. The Irish are probably the friendliest people on earth, and they are always laughing (not exaggerating). There is not one reason that will make you not fall in love with this country.

Foley's Bridge, N Ireland

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