9 Reasons Why Egyptians Don’t Travel Abroad

Egyptians like to take advantage of every single public holiday, we bridge them with  weekends to make our vacation time longer, and most importantly we always make sure to get the best out of it. However when it comes to trip ideas they are more or less the same and mostly within Egypt; the North Coast or El-Sokhna if there is no intention to spend so much money on accommodation -who doesn’t have at least one friend who owns a place to stay in-  or to waste too much time driving, Sharm, Hurghada and Gouna come as a second option to those wanting to pamper themselves in the luxury of 5 stars hotels and enjoy nightlife at its best.

Here is why…

7778884168_510d77120f_zRelaxing on the beach in Egypt by Ger & Audrey

Travel is exclusive to the rich, is it?

We mistakenly think that traveling abroad requires a fortune, and that travel is exclusively made for the filthy rich.

11027920665_fe30206038_zFilthy Rich by David Blackwell

Good news: You can travel abroad 2 to 3 times a year and spending a great time only by giving up on; luxury hotels, riding taxis, eating & snacking during the whole trip at fancy restaurants, bistros and cafes, spending irresponsibly and above all shopping like a maniac.

Last Minute Plans

We never plan ahead, we mostly take last minute decisions “let’s pack and go to X place now” -random plans can be really cool, but it doesn’t work for International destinations & doesn’t work everytime. And what’s funny is that we mostly go to the same places, so we don’t even explore the hidden gems of our country.

408498215_f1fec234eb_zA very loaded car ready to hit the road by Tim Gould

Good news: The internet -that we use 24/7- is a huge online platform that offers all kind of information regarding everything you need to know about travel all at your fingertips, put some effort because what you need is a bit of research and planning, and voilà you’re touring the world.

Avoiding the “Visa Hassle”

We hate going through the visa process. Egyptians suffer a big deal when applying for Entry Visas to anywhere in the world -except for those 44 Visa-Free destinations, with tons of ridiculous documents required and an appointment at the embassy that is booked 2-3 months in advance, standing in long queues and waiting.

8648769915_47860cbd91_zGoing through the Visa hassle by RiveraNotario

Good news: Although the visa process is quite annoying and sometimes even exhausting, traveling abroad is definitely worthwhile.


Getting Vacation approvals

We tend to give this lame excuse to blame it on anyone but ourselves.

Good News: If you have a silly boss, the solution is plan your vacations several months in advance, I dare you if s/he’ll ever say no (if he said no, that means he is inconsiderate, look for another job…I mean it)


Photo courtesy: Luke Addison

Hate to plan

Though it’s the most entertaining part of any trip -I am sure that everyone will disagree-, we hate the planning & booking part, what we really wish for is calling an agent who takes the money then does all the rest; put us on the first flight, plan everything, and why not also pack for us?

11037126973_afc88ac147_zTrip Planning* by Laura

*These places are more or less cliches :), Barcelona’s touristic places.

Good news: Imagine yourself planning every single detail of your trip, booking the cheapest flights, saving unnecessary costs, finding out on your own if there is any famous festivals/events to attend, or -even better- exploring un-touristic places. Come on act like a traveller, not a tourist fooled by all kind of scams.

800076880_64332900d8_zCliched tourist photo next to Pisa Tower by Fugu Tabetal

Cannot live without our own car

We always want to have our own car to hop from one place to another, or an outing to another.

Good news: You can always get a map, walk, cycle/hire a scooter -with minimal risk of getting killed-, or use public transportations. Come on these are things that we don’t do in Egypt, don’t you want to try it abroad for a change?

3074128353_cf51d59c91_zDiscovering the city using a map by Ed Yourdon

Money Shortage

We are always out of resources, because we tend to spend our money irresponsibly on unnecessary stuff, then regret it later.

Good news: Monthly set aside a pre-defined amount of money and stick to that saving plan. A wise man -Warren Buffet- once said: Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

5634567317_b4d5b61ff8_zEmpty pockets, totally broke by Dan Moyle

Struggling to find people with common interest

We barely find people with common interest to travel with, those who like to travel are mostly shopaholics or cliched tourists.

8326653973_1675622f5d_zShopaholics by tiny_packages

Good news: Share with your friends the kind of trips that you are interested in, as they might have a friend or two with common interest -pick your travel companion carefully as traveling with the wrong one can be fatal, it can ruin the whole trip.

355852355_989292b4ee_zPicking the right people by Michael Heiss

Bonus tips

  • You can travel alone, if you enjoy your own company -traveling alone has its own benefits and its own kind of fun.
  • If Adventure Travel is your thing, you can easily join pre-arranged trips organized by Adventure Travel agencies without even having to go through “looking for people to join” hassle.
8544069414_92e838c039_zGroup activity by Zach Dischner

Sticking to our comfort zone

We resist change, prefer to remain in our comfort zone, we lean towards traveling to places that we know to avoid any surprises or bad turn of events.

Good news: What the world has to offer is beyond our imagination; experience, exposure, traditions, culture/culture shock, food, festivals, nature, local encounters, adventures, you name it. You have to step out of your comfort zone; It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to explore, or to embark on new journeys and try new things. Life is about taking risks, and if there is No Risk, there is No Fun. As Neale Donald Walsch beautifully put it: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

4914558952_84b25d20be_zStepping out of your comfort zone by Nicolas Baltenneck

No one can deny that Egypt is filled with hidden gems, that most of us ignore, still haven’t experienced, seen or even heard about, and exploring them is a must do, however traveling abroad is of equal importance. Experiences come in so many forms, and getting inside a culture is certainly one of them.

It’s time to enjoy what the world has to offer 🙂

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  1. Tell me about your offers

  2. iam fond of traveling, please mail me about a trip i can join, and your add , phone no and to contact u, i suppose to travel the end of this month for 10 days, and i am ready for another cheap ,amazing,adventure

  3. Very nice and true résumé .. Send me your summer offers pls .. Thks

  4. Thats true, but i am egyptian and i travel and wherever i c egyptian travellers. But still !!

    • still what?

  5. okai.. I think you forgot the most important reason, gurls can’t travel alone in egypt or out side it 😀 we are suffring here, even if we solve all these problem you said we just can’t.

    • they can always travel with a group of friends, relatives, whatever.
      I think that the problem is that we don’t have travel as part of our life, of our culture, but when we start introducing it little by little it will be very common to see girls traveling alone 🙂

  6. Hi while you are talking about 9 reasons which are causing non travel sorry to say you totally wrong as a country10 percentage of it’s population leaving abroad all over the world regardless the reason begins that but does mean that Egyptian ppl are opend to the entire world with deep roots but national nature of Egypt with two seas on two edges of the map and you can enjoy locally all over the year drive most of Egyptian to enjoy the country I have been travelled to many countries and try to give something near to truth who come here and stay in touch with local Egyptian like to come again regardless negatives things which you can find in most of countries

    • Not everyone who travels or lives abroad learns, some people travel around the world and always have the same mentality of “avoiding the unknown”.
      Well our country is beautiful, but one cannot learn while staying in one place, dealing with the same people from the same background and mentality. In order to learn and grow you need to experience other cultures and deal with different mentalities.
      Check out this post: http://www.travelstart.com.eg/blog/13-reasons-why-you-should-drop-everything-book-a-ticket-fly/

  7. This is exactly what happens , this is right in the spot.
    I usually have very hard time getting a travel companion coz I love to travel to explore, sleep un hostels to save the money for museums and sightseeing, walk in allies and get lost in subways…i even been to a volcano in ecuador called cotopaxi volcano in Quito….i easily get out of my comfort zone in travelling, but never found an egyptian friend who does it like me….they all want fancy hotels and travel agencies who would even “pack for them” they want luxury pure luxury when it comes yo travelling…eve though we r too young to get such comfort…
    Eventually I get to talk about the countries I been to more profoundly out of only one visit and they cannot after visiting a bunch of times.
    Thanx for this great topic n pls let me know if there’s any extraordinary try with interesting people

  8. Egyptian like to travel abroad according to my friends but they cannot go freely like others as the have to apply visa and declare some personal reason why further more financial and etcs.
    They are like others people in others countries too but the restriction are always there for them.

  9. I think all these reasons are reasonable ones .The most important reason for the majority of the Egyptians has something to do with money shortage .The other reasons can be dealt with and solved

  10. Unfortunately, Egyptians suffer a big deal in their living now, not only in traveling abroad.

    It’s sad to see how people who had the greatest history of all time ” Egyptians”, now are suffering to make a living in their country.

    • Don’t we Egyptians spend our money irresponsibly on lots of unnecessary stuff???
      Come on face it!
      Yes we are currently suffering a big deal, but don’t blame it on the circumstances 🙂

  11. Hey PPL am heading off to Vietnam Laos and Cambodia in December onwards… am going alone if anyone wanna join an explore jump in 🙂 Travelling is simply a passion!!

  12. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… Jojo moyes quote

  13. i am a guy in 26, always have a wish to travel abroad and see places that i only see in movies but the problem am not have money for trip like that , and even if i could get the money, the visa to travel will be a very big problem, coz the Europe countries don’t trust the Egyptian people, they know if a young man get tourism visa to any Europe country , he will not probably come back again to Egypt and this really happen so much , but i wish they do something to not make the visa impossible but they do things that restrict you if you broke the tourism visa that force the one who was intend to break the visa to think 100 times before he do that to back again. really always wish to travel to all the world and take a lot of pics and have fun.

    • Hi Remon,
      I just passed by your comment and I would like to tell you that I know people younger than you and they have achieved the Visa entry, you just need to submit exactly all the documents required and not to hide any information…. Cheer up, stop listening to negative people and go submit for the Visa and make your dream come true 🙂

  14. This is really a great article , , my dream is to travel to Barcelona ,, i usually enter this site to read your easy great article ! it help’s me to develop my English skills 😀 thank you
    * sorry for any mistakes 😛

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