7 Bucket list Destinations In Janub Sina’

7 wonders of Janub Sina’

Janub Sina’ governorate which occupies half of Sinai peninsula, became one of the main attractions and destinations that we Egyptians head to whenever we need a break from the hustle of the city, specially Cairo residents. Well ,once you put your feet on the ground of Janub sina’ you will know why it became so popular over the last few years, you don’t even need to get off the bus to know why , just as you look out of your car or bus window as you hit the road ,you will feel all the peace of soul and heart you have been longing to . The mountains and their intermingling colors,the water as it hugs the shore and the mountains smoothly at the beach ,the vast desert with the tiny green bushes all over, circled with the far grey peaks of mountains standing out in the most spectacular scene that will leave your heart warmed with beauty and mouth opened in amazement. So it is about time we take you on a road trip to see the seven wonders of Janub Sina’ and their most spectacular spots that should always be on your bucket list of 2018 , so better fasten your seat belt now and let’s hit the road .

Janub Sina_Wadi Ghazala


1. Nuweiba-Janub Sina’

Nuweiba and Ras Shitan , that destination everyone is blabbering about ,no wonder why , you wouldn’t say it is a piece of heaven only ,you will feel more like it’s the kingdom of peace and isolation in Janub Sina’ . If you want to meditate, get back to nature ,find your inner peace  and finally heal your aura then Nuweiba  is your perfect choice . The camps with the huts and bungalows over the shores of Nuweiba will help you enjoy that virgin nature ,the waves as they hit the small pebbles all around the beach , the pure water ,you won’t help but  jump into your swimsuit and enjoy that pure blue water whether by swimming,snorkeling ,stand boarding or kayaking .

Janub Sina'_Nuweiba camp beach -

Well that is not the only option ,hiking is one of the main activities you can enjoy over there and here are your best destinations :

Wadi Weshwashi

That natural pool formed by the hands of God .Hiding between the huge rocks,after a 30 minutes hike in the burning sun ,there you go ,you will find yourself standing in front of a pool made up of rain water and circled by walls of marble rocks embracing it in beauty and if you are into thrill you can climb high on these rocks and jump into the cold water splashing it every where with giggles of fun . Seriously, Not to miss !

Wadi Weshwashi -Janub Sina'

Coloured Canyon

If you are a hiking fan, you should not miss this canyon .You will have a unique experience of walking into very narrow spaces surrounded by walls of colourful rocks that have stunning colours of green,red,yellow &black .jumping up and down on rocks will give you some adrenaline rush too.And as the Bedouins always say :

“If You Don’t Look Up And Enjoy The Colours And focus Only On Going Down The Rocks ,
You Have Not Hiked The Coloured Canyon “

Coloured Canyon -nuweiba-Janub Sina'

Castle Zaman

Finally , you have come to the cherry on top of Janub Sina’ “Castle Zaman “. It’s a place where you can chill out and pamper yourself with a mouth watering meal in that architectural piece of art.No Words can describe it, you have to go and see for yourself .Janub Sina'_Castle Zaman

2. Dahab Janub Sina’

The Mermaid of Janub Sina’, or may be we can call it the symphony of God .The place that when ever you land on, you feel all your stresses cleared away for a reason nobody seems to know .Over there you can enjoy diving in the best diving spots in the world , wind surfing ,snorkeling and finally its crazy night life .

Janub Sina'_The Spectacular Dahab

Blue Hole

One of the best worldwide diving spots .You need to be a certified diver to dive there , but you can snorkel easily there and enjoy the fascinating under water world of corals and different fishes like the Napoleon fish , Parrot fish , Clown fish “Nemo ” and if you are lucky enough you can bump into a turtle . The cafes there are also pretty awesome,you can enjoy their hot drinks along with the amazing view of the blue hole made thousands of years ago by a fallen meteor .
Blue Hole -Janub Sina'

Abu Galum

By A 15 minutes Zodiac from the blue hole ,you will find yourself in Abu Galum where you can always enjoy diving and snorkeling specially At “Sheikh Awad ” camp . The magnificent yellow , red, purple , aqua corals along with the shinny colours of the fish playing around will take your breath away while swimming, don’t worry not literally ,but such a pleasant experience.

Blue Lagoon

The perfect spot for chilling and windsurfing practicing to which you can go by a ride from Abu Galum . The light terquoise water will soothe you more than you hope for .
Blue Lagoon _Janub Sina'

Also you can always enjoy a nice barbecue at The Lagoona ,but just be prepared to hop into trucks as there are no taxis over there in Dahab .

3.Taba Janub Sina’

Taba is one of the spots in Janub Sina’ that played a huge role in Egypt’s history as it is on our borders and it was restored by president Sadat after the peace agreement .Any way it’s one of a kind and here are its most spectacular spots not to miss

Fjord Bay

It’s a bay ,said to be formed by a fallen meteor, of divine beauty .You can snorkel and dive there ,but you have to get allowance from the police over there first .

Fjord Bay_Janub Sina'

Salah EL Din Citadel

It’s a historical castle you can visit ,enjoy the natural pool over there and wander around to live the history once again , So fun to visit actually .

4. Sharm EL sheikh

Sharm can be called the star of Janub SIna , it’s well known for its luxurious hotels and amazing night life ,so no wonder it has been so popular since forever . In Sharm you can enjoy diving ,shopping and the life of luxury to its maximum.

Ras Mohamed

You can go to it by a sea cruise from Sharm , then they put down their anchor in the middle of the sea where Ras Mohamed is located and voiala .One of  the best diving spots and snorkeling that you will ever lie an eye on . You can choose to go snorkeling or go for an intro dive for 30 minutes and no need to be certified to do so,  just up to how much adventurous you are .
Ras Muahmad -Janub Sina'

Tiran Island

It’s also an island you can go to by sea cruise from Sharm .One of the spectacular areas that you can snorkel in too .

Tiran Island-Janub Sina'


SOHO Square

Time for nightlife ,time fro SOHO square . SOHO Square is a hub for entertainment, dining, clubbing, shopping, sport activities enhanced with a dancing fountain, mega stage & kids fun activities, a great environment to enjoy with friends, family or couples.

Soho Square-Janub Sian'


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5. St.Catherine

As the Beduoins always say

“pick the companion before you pick the road “

well when you start wandering around in st. Catherine you will know why.Simply it’s the land of Jebalya tribe, the land of enormous mountains and guess what you can climb most of them if you are a good hiker  and when it comes to mountains you have to pick the right company to hold your back along the way .

Moses Mountain

This mountain is of a religious importance for Muslims , Jews and Christians as this is the mountain Moses was standing on when he spoke to god. People come to climb it from all over the world ,it’s of moderate hardness ,but definitely worth any effort done in the climb . The twinkling stars that you gaze at by night , the sunrise from the top and the amount of enjoyment and beauty you see when you camp in “Farsh Elia ” is worth everything.

Janub Sina'_Farsh Elia

Catherine mountain

The mountain with the tale of saint Catherine behind , you have to climb it to know its story.And as u walk up don’t forget that your are climbing the highest peak in Sinai, You Champ . By the time You reach its summit it will be the sunrise time and there you are one of the most amazing sunrises you will ever see in your life, it will soothe your soul.

St. Catherine -Janub Sina'


St. Catherine monastery

The holly church of Catherine ,it has a museum holding a lot of monuments related to saints and priests from decades , also the well that Jesus Christ drank from and st.Mariam’s tree.The church is below Moses mountain and it’s the only place in the world where a church and a mosque are that close to each other. Don’t Forget to pay it a visit after your climb!

Janub Sina'

6. Nabq-Janub Sina’

least ,but not last ,Nabq protectorate area, a piece of heaven untouched yet ,where you can enjoy observing the marine and wild life in it ,from magnificent sea creatures up to different species of wild birds not to mention the Mangrove trees spreading widely there. Also you will pass by a shipwreck over there where people can go diving or snorkeling and enjoy the long forgotten wrecks of different structure that were transfered by this ship. Finally, you can find a museum over there which contains mummified samples of the wild life present there, pay it a visit it’s nice.

Janub Sina'_Nabq

7. Ras Sudr

Your Final destination is here now wohoo, you are now a certified Janub Sina’ explorer. Ras Sudr is your final destination ,besides its beautiful quiet beaches, it’s very famous for a specific water sport which is “KITE SURFING “that enthusiastic sport you can learn over there by certified courses and let your spirit go free and wild .

Kite suring -Ras Sudr



It’s your time Now !Can you add to our wonders of Janub Sina’ ? 😉 Book Now and have your own story .

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Photo Credit : Castle Zaman -Castle Zaman Website

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