Unconventional Valentine’s Gifts

The cheesiest occasion of the year, right? But the good news is, you can actually turn that around. And by a gift idea, we don’t mean material things. Buying your S/O that new iphone can be pretty cool, but it’s not as personal as taking them on a romantic getaway for example. Invest in time, and not money (okay a little money, because everything has a cost, but not much).

1. Take him/her to Rome

Every country celebrates Valentine’s differently. It would be great if you can discover that together. For instance, what can be more romantic than a walk around Rome’s old crooked streets, checking out the Colosseum,  or making wishes at the Trevi. It’s a great idea, admit it!

Rome - slider

2. .. Or Amsterdam

If you don’t want to hold hands and walk around listening to street music, you can always go partying. Or better yet, checking the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank’s house. I get that both died in sad ways, but still, the city is super cool.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Go anywhere actually..

You don’t even have to leave the country. A weekend at Cataract or a Hot Air Ballon ride in Luxor would be more than amazing. Just go the extra mile..

Luxor, Egypt

4. Maybe a DIY gift?

Yes, those hand crafts we used to make when we were 8 were cute. Go to a ceramic cafe and color a mug if they are fans of tea or coffee. Or make them one of those so called love vouchers which is really cute. You can check different ways to do them one the internet (but don’t just print one of the internet, make it personal). Anything works really, even a cheesy photo album.

5. Buy them a book

Please go with a more romantic theme, and not one with murder or something. It would be even cooler if you highlight words in the book randomly to deliver a certain message you want to say.


6. A Play Day with puppies

Well, it’s the day of love, you might as well give a little love to other species too. There are many dog shelters (ESMA is one example) around Cairo where dogs are in real need for a friend. Also, it’s a win-win, what can be more therapeutic than playing with dogs all day.

7. A little pampering doesn’t hurt

This would range from a day at a spa, to breakfast (or even coffee) in bed. Any gesture that says that you care can go a long way.

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