7 Things To Do This Ramadan Besides Going To A Ramadan Tent

So only one week left Ramadan, and even though you enjoyed it, you must be counting the days till Eid starts. Do you feel drained? bloated? exhausted? Completely understandable. It is one of the most hectic months of the year. The heat, upside down schedule, and let’s not bring up the traffic..

In an attempt to make the remaining week easier, and get out of the routine of being a zombie before Iftar and a sloth after. The below are some examples that can make Ramadan a little healthier, and a bit more fun..

1. Yoga at Nun center

This can be one of the best ideas that you can do. First, it’s a good idea during daytime, as it helps your body detox. Second, it’s also a good idea in the evening as it will help you feel more energized, and less heavy. There are many yoga centres all around Cairo that have certain schedules during Ramadan that suits the overall vibe. Nun is a personal favourite, however, you will be able to find one next to your house to avoid the long drive..

Ramadan yoga

Photo Credit: Nun Center Facebook Page

2. Visit a Spa

There are actually countless different options with different price range, starting from luxury hotel spas for a royal experience or budget ones which are just as indulging. Manuela Thai Spa in Mohandessin is one example that will leave you with a wonderful refreshing experience with all the variety of massage and treatments they have.

ramadan massage

Photo Credit: Manuela Spa FB Page

3. Adrenaline activities:

Sand-boarding, Paintball, Karaoke, Bubble Football, Games, you name it. Cairo possesses an extremely diversified selection of outdoor and indoor activities. Just one of the perks of living in a big chaotic jungle.. Check our previous Article to see some suggestions for places that offer those kinds of activities.

4. Discover your city

Or maybe just the closed air-conditioned parts of it, which -luckily- are a lot. You have a number of museums and palaces that are taken for granted most of the time. I bet you have been to Versaille during your time in Paris, but did you think of paying a visit to Saad Zaghloul House, Menesterly palace, or Abdeen? Trust me, they are worth the visit. You also have museums like the Coptic museum and the Egyptian one.. Forget about your vivid memories of the school trips you took when you were 9. If you go now, you will experience them in a completely different approach, and it will be worth it..

Abdeen Palace

Abdeen Palace, Photo Credit: Wadan

5. Enjoy Tannoura nights at Ghoury

Situated next to Al Azhar, the show takes place at Wekalet Al Ghoury, this ancient islamic market place that has been transformed into a cultural center. Brilliant is the least that can be said about the show. It’s a truly amazing and traditional tannoura show with soufi singing that will take you to a completely different state of mind (one that is inline with the Ramadan spirit pretty well). The ticket costs 5 Le for Egyptians and 30 for non-Egyptians. You will also be right next to khan el khalili, so you can enjoy the rest of the night walking around the cute (very crowded though) markets.

6. Shopping for all those authentic gems

Cairo is one of the cities that has a huge underrated potential in many things, one of those is design. The city is full of young talents, old experiences, and all the shades in between. So what can be more satisfying than shopping for all those hidden treasures. Check previous articles about awesome places were you can find beautiful handicrafts.

Photo Credit: Nour El Din Sherif, Flickr

Photo Credit: Nour El Din Sherif, Flickr

7. Go on a day trip

Fayoum would be an amazing destination for a one-day Cairo break. It has many things that you can do either before or after Iftar. If you are in the mood for some excavations, you can take a boat around Lake Karoun, or visit Wady Al Hitan (not recommended while you’re fasting though, it will be too hot). Lazib Inn Resort and Spa is a great choice, with a nice pool, and wonderful greenery around. You can have really good Feteer for Iftar and enjoy shopping for some beautiful pottery afterwords. It would be a nice break from the mad city’s hassle and it’s only an hour away.


From Lazib Resort Website

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