7 Off Track Cuisines Not To miss In Cairo



We Have always been encouraging you to travel the world wherever you can and whenever you can, explore new stuff and unleashing your inner wild soul thirsty for new things, adventures and exploring. But if you can not get far from home, we are still here for you, getting you new things to try, explore and enjoy in your hometown ” Cairo “. And since we all have to admit that we Egyptians are food addicts and that we cherish food more than anything, we are bringing you in this blog, venues in Cairo that you need to try. They will not only make your day, but also you might addict them.

1.Chinese Food In Cairo

Well if you think you ate Chinese before, you should reconsider that. Chinese food is an art of blending different powerful tastes and spices all together to give one of the most pleasing plates that you will have in your life. No matter what plate you are having, whether sweet and sour, soy sauce, ginger beef or chicken plates, all types of noodles and not to mention the steamed dumplings. All those plates will never fail you and all the following restaurants we are going to tell you about will not fail you too. Maadi Cairo is the queen of Chinese food, filled with a lot of Chinese Restaurants like Genghis Khan which is a tiny place with amazing food. If you want to go into a lower budget then Joy Luck can be your choice. Not to mention a lot of other Chinese restaurants in Degla area.

Chinese cuisine-Cairo

2. Vietnamese Food In Cairo

Well the issue is mostly all Asian food is so overwhelming. Almost all of Asian cuisines are known for their signature of different spices that makes all of their plates from different countries so delicious and well it doesn’t pamper your taste buds, but makes them explode with pleasure and satisfaction. So if you love all this you must try out Vietnamese food. And when we say Asian we Say Maadi, Ho Chi Vietnamese Healthy food, is a restaurant in Road 9 in Maadi that serves Vietnamese food, not the most fancy restaurant , but definitely a good meal you will have there. So next time when you hot road 9 try something new;)

Vietnamese cuisine-Cairo

3.Korean Food In Cairo

We recently found out that we have a good amount of Korean food fans here in Egypt. So if you want to have a really startling plate and experience then off to ” Hana” restaurant in Zamalek you need to go. The beef Bulgogi, noodles soup and fried dumplings are well the top plates that should never ever miss in your life. And the cherry on top of this experience is that you can grill your own Bulgogi while sitting on your table over there, as they have built in grills to cook your food while sitting on your own table. amazing right!


4. Argentinian Food In Cairo

You want a really new experience then you must go to Tabla Luna, an Argentinian restaurant n Maadi, 41 Road 218, Degla. The atmosphere of the restaurant is really nice and most probably you will not be able to read the names on the wall menu, but the description is right below them and they also have a really nice team that will help you. You can try chilli nachos, duck au papaya, chicken enchiladis and Steak y Huancaina Ribeye. Do not forget to leave a space in your belly for some desert as the deserts over there are finger licking yummy.

Chicken Enchiladas-Cairo

5.Indian Cuisine In Cairo

And of course the all time queen of spices India, so our next stop will be Indian food. That type of food that has pleasing infusion of spices that pampers your taste buds with a mix of lovely creamy sauces, like butter chicken, tikka masala, cheese nan, chicken nan and plenty of other plates that will make your heart melt and your mouth smile with delight. Not to mention their coconut ice-cream, served in real coconut shells with some hot shredded carrots and raisons, mind blowing. Maharaja is one the most famous Indian restaurants in Cairo and also Maharani and Karvin Masala are so good too.

Idian food-Cairo

6.Moroccan Cuisine In Cairo

You do not have to travel to Morocco to have the outstanding Moroccan food, you can just go to new Cairo and give” Marrakech” restaurant a visit where you can find all the delights of the Moroccan cuisine over there. Tawajin, Couscous and even Harira soup is there. Definitely a must try!

Moroccan Food-Cairo

7. German Bakery in Cairo

You can’t go to Road 9 in Maadi without grabing something from Ralph’s German Bakery. The most stunning and delicious deserts you will ever have in your life, the  Bavarian cherry noodle, Apple strudel, apple Berliner, blueberry cheesecake and honey cake and plenty of other deserts that will take you to heaven.

Apple Strudel-Cairo

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