7 Cooking Classes To Take This Summer

Did you know that some therapists use cooking as a treatment to depression, anxiety and other psychological problems? Aside from the fact that food is one of the greatest pleasure on earth, but cooking as an activity can be very useful to as a family activity, to relieve stress,  or even to impress a date. So check those cooking classes and start planning your next trip…

1. Paella cooking classes in Spain

“Mallorca Cuisine” says that the kitchen is the most important place in a Spanish house, and they try to share this experience with us as much as they can. Sea Food, Tapas, and the the most distinguished plate in Spanish cuisine; the Paella. The full course comes at the price of 85 Euros, which is not much for this amazing Andalusian speciality.

Spanish Paella cooking classes

2. Preparing Tajines in Morocco

This can have some elements in common with the Egyptian cuisine, but they are still extremely different. Moroccan food has much more to offer than the traditional Cuscus. “La Maison Arabe” located in Marrakech is a good choice, there are many others as well, with an inclusive price of 600 EGP for the full course.

moroccan Tajins

3. Bamboo Cooking classes in Indonesia

Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world, just chilling on the beach there is a bliss. However, the city has more to offer. “Rimba Jimbaran” cooking school teaches its participants to prepare delicious Indonesian food like pesan be pasih (snapper wrapped in a banana leaf) and nasi goreng (Balinese fried rice), as well as a number of Bamboo recipes. In addition, it offers other fun stuff like visits to Bali’s fish market, collection of herbs and fruits from the school’s greenhouse, and other exciting activities. The classes are around 520 EGP.


4. Cooking with Flowers in France

Because food can actually have the power to revive all five senses. La Cuisine Des Fleurs combines colors, smells, and tastes by bringing flowers to all dishes in the most indulgent way possible. Chef Yves Terrillon runs the school which has its own little flower garden in the southern part of the country. The cost of the class is around 50 Euros which is reasonable, given that this is France!

5. Pizza making in New York

“Eataly” is this great food store, restaurant, among other things. It has all the Italian ingredients that you can possibly think of. The place is located in the heart of Manhattan, which says a lot about it. If it survived the big apple, then it is definitely worth it. It is really great to spend your afternoon wandering between the isles or munching on some Italian chocolate. They also offer a lot of diversified classes from Gnocchi Hands-on to Pizza making. Classes are around 1,000 EGP though, so not exactly budget friendly.

Pizza cooking

6. Mayan plates in Mexico

Cocina Yucateca is one of Mexico’s great regional cuisines. “Los Dos” located in colonial Mérida offers the techniques for squash soup, achiote-marinated snapper, and pit-roasted venison. You can also go on trips to markets for Mayan spice shopping and to visit local producers. The full workshop costs 1,250 EGP

7. Mushroom picking in England

Mushroom foraging is a thing in the UK, especially in Autumn where forests are naturally filled with those wonderful creations. “Taste the Wild” in North Yorkshire offers full-day workshops. You can learn to identify different kinds of mushrooms and cook wild fungi with different techniques. The workshop is around 700 EGP, and you have to book way ahead of time.


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