6 Of Our Top Picks For Easter Vacations

As Easter Vacations are soon approaching, well not very soon, but…

Remember that booking your vacation early is key to getting cheap prices!

We have combined a list of places that have great weather at this time of year, and are among our favorite destinations.

Marrakesh In Morocco

Flights to Marrakesh from EGP:  3900

If not for its attractions, then for its Agrabah labyrinth like market. The moment you step in it’d fascinate you; merchants selling all sorts of goods, street performers, monkeys and snakes charmers, food stalls serving during the day foods that are not served at night! Gambling, and other fun games are played at night.

jemaa al fna - blogJmaa Al-Fena Area

The Majorelle Gardens is a must visit with its cheerfully painted in blue, and yellow architecture, this is where a memorial of the French world famous designer Yves Saint Laurent lies, and where his ashes were scattered -as he was one of the Gardens’ owners-, the Ben Youssef School, and Mosque where Islamic art is revealed in lively colors, not to mention the pampering offered at Moroccan Hammams, the charm of Moroccan Riads -the Moroccan version of Boutique Hotels-, all the street food, refreshing green tea with mint, and energy of the Jemaa Al Fna markets.

IMG_6723Photo courtesy: Passainte Assem

If you want to escape the hustle, and bustle of the city, to enjoy a water activities hub; Essaouira coastal city is only a 2 to 3 hours drive from Marrakesh.

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Flights to Siem Reap from EGP: 6600

Cycle your way through ancient cities, temples, and pagodas, explore the temples of Angkor Wat at break of dawn, chill-out by mesmerizing beaches, zip-line like a monkey at the Gibbon Experience, and learn all about the Khmer Rouge empire.

Cambodia - blog

You cannot miss taking a dip at the River of 1000 Lingas, and a visit to Ta Prohm temple; a temple that has been swallowed “covered” by the jungle surrounding it, and the Bayon temple known by its faces engraved in stones. Both temples have been used as filming locations for Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, and Indiana Jones.

16754651824_acbf8fe7a3_zTa Prohm Temple by buianhha

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Lisse In The Netherlands

Flights to Amsterdam from EGP:  2700

While it’s joyful to visit The Netherland, specially Amsterdam at any time of year, in Spring time Keukenhof Tulip Gardens opens its doors to nature lovers, to marvel at tulips blooming of all sizes, colors, and shapes displayed in a very impressive way.

2990383178_96ce295fc2_zKeukenhof Gardens in Lisse by Karen P.

You can enjoy the scenery on foot, or by taking a boat-ride. Lisse is only one hour, and 20 minutes by train from the glamorous city of Amsterdam.

5605695289_41cf113ee9_zPhoto Courtesy: Keri Wellman

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Flights to Hanoi from EGP:  5500

Unravel the most thrilling caves in the world where you can camp and stay overnight, witness how life is at one of Vietnam’s floating villages, experience a home-stay at the far north of the country, along with some trekking at Sapa Valley’s rice fields, or close to it, explore the country’s ins and outs while motorbiking, savor the tastiest Asian fusions in all of Asia, in a country that would require at least a month to get the best out of.

Florist In Vietnam - blogFlorist at Hanoi’s market

Ride a Dragon Boat at the Perfume River to discover small villages, and buy all sorts of goods from its floating markets. Kayak or take a boat at Ha Long Bay where swimming is allowed, and caving as well.

14479294904_a03e5c4e4d_zHa Long Bay by Nathan O’Nions

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Cape Town In South Africa

Flights to Cape Town from EGP: 5100

While Kruger Park is one of Africa’s largest parks, home to a high density of wild animals including the big 5, and is a place to disconnect from urban life, but no visit to South Africa is complete without a trip to Cape Town, the city where everything is possible; from hiking, skydiving, to ostrich back riding, and crocodile cage diving.

cape town - blogA bird’s-eye view from the top of Table Mountain

It’s a city where nothing could go wrong, you’d marvel at amazing scenery, do all sorts of activities, and above all treat your taste buds with the best food served, at very reasonable prices.

colorful - blogMuizenberg at the Western Cape

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Flights to Manila from EGP: 4100

While everybody goes to Phuket and Bali to enjoy mesmerizing sandy beaches, and relaxing islands, the Philippines truly has it all, not to mention how cheaper, and less touristic it is!

Ha Long Bay - BlogLandscape of Coron, Busuanga island, Palawan

It has so much to offer, just google El-Nido, honestly there isn’t much left to say!

Philippines - blog

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Now what? What are your plans for Easter Vacations???

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