5 Of The World’s Drool Worthy Food Markets

Food is life’s greatest pleasure, one can never get full –Trust me friend you can eat, and eat, and eat but nothing can fill that void ~ Brad Pitt to Joey in F.R.I.E.N.D.S– or enough. Whether traveling locally or internationally our biggest finding would be a delicious restaurant serving traditional food at affordable prices, and if not affordable one can never feel bad after spending too much on a mouth-watering meal…prove me wrong!

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Have you ever obsessed over a taste? Truth is, some foods get our taste buds tingling, invoking a sense of nostalgia taking us to the places where we once have been, and had great memories cataloged in our hearts, minds, and mouths.

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If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home. ~James A. Michener

So feast your senses with one of our recommended 5 drool-worthy food markets around the world.

Woodstock’s Saturday Market – Cape Town

  • When: Every Saturday from 9 AM till 2 PM
  • Must eats: Mushroom Kebabs, traditional thin Italian Pizza, and Belgian Waffles
10919047_759700140732203_7196003166405481304_nPhoto courtesy: The Old Biscuit Mill’s Facebook Page

Probably the best food market you will ever stumble upon, this is where you will fall in love with food at the very first bite, it is no surprise as talented people and local artisans bring in their own flavors from all corners of the world to sell, well to show off the heart-felt passion for cooking -they are carefully selected upon certain criteria. You’d be amazed at the food options; from traditional Italian pizzas and Argentinian grills & burgers to Thai dumplings, Belgian waffles, and much more. Deciding what to munch, or when to stop eating will give you the most challenging time of all. This Market is outdoors, also known as the Old Biscuit Mill as its location is inside an old biscuit mill.

When I was there I took a quick tour to pick something to eat, came out 15 minutes later overwhelmed, asking my friend: are you kidding me? do you expect me to choose from this insane variety? I don’t know what am I going to eat? or from where I should start?

1912350_698697183499166_4241217549824265102_nThe market’s atmosphere (Photo by The Old Biscuit Mill Facebook Page)

Mercado de San Miguel – Madrid

  • When: Sunday through Monday from 10 AM till 12 AM and Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM till 2 PM
  • Must eats: Negro Paella (black paella) and Fishy Pintxos atop mini toasts
17586652108_4a19e66a82_zView from outside by: Richard Whitaker

Located at the heart of Madrid’s old quarter, a place to enjoy good shopping, impressive architecture and atmosphere. What’s special about it is; though the market is inside a historical building, yet it’s glass-walled so you wouldn’t disconnect or miss the outdoors feel. The market is very traditional, and has long pretty convenient opening hours, you’d easily find all sorts of Spanish local delicacies to savor.

13798056345_1f8f5dc8a7_zInside the market by: MrT HK

Camden Town Food Stalls – London

  • When: Everyday all year long
  • Must eats: Probably the BEST Mexican Burrito ever -better eaten with an alcohol free ginger beer 😉

I couldn’t finish my Mexican Burrito, can you?

2014-12-01_1127That’s my burritto served with non-alcoholic ginger beer

Only a 10 minutes walk from London Zoo is not just a food market -basically food stalls-, but a whole different experience in one of London‘s hippiest parts; Camden Town. The minute you step in you’d see punks, shops quirk-ly decorated, and weird stuff offered for sale. But that’s not it, the further you walk the more you will discover more interesting stuff, the most thrilling of all are food stalls. You can go Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Turkish, you name it! Make sure to enjoy your meal while sitting by the water, even better on one of the scooters like seats.

2014-12-01_1128Food Court at Camden Town (photo by Passainte Assem)

Jemaa Al Fna Food Stalls – Marrakesh

  • When: Everyday 
  • Must eats: Snails only served at night, and Fish Sandwiches during the day.

jemaa al fna - blog

An Agrabah like market -the market featured in Disney’s Aladdin-, is a cacophony of merchants, street performers, food stalls, street games, and street gambling. Do not completely freak out if a snake or a monkey charmer threw a snake on your shoulders, or a monkey to be photographed with.

309865844_2ec741b9b3_zSnake Charmer at Jmaa Al-Fna by flat.luxury

It’s crazy, and overwhelming in every aspect, yet entertaining, don’t sweat it, and keep going. Visiting by day is an experience, but visiting by night is a totally different one, so make sure to visit in both times. Pickpockets are everywhere, be extra cautious specially when you are taking part of a crowd to watch a “happening”, and beware if you take out your camera anyone you photograph including animals expects to get paid -not exaggerating. Make sure to stop at one of the food stalls to savor some Moroccan goodies, that’s the ultimate street food experience.

5519651868_aec817271e_zSnails at Jemaa Al Fna by Evgeni Zotov

Always remember that even the shoddiest, and quirkiest places can also have the best food you’d ever treat your taste buds to.

7278153068_1bc64b1f38_zStreet food at Jemaa Al-Fna by PnP

Konstablerwache Farmer’s Market – Frankfurt

  • When: Occurring every Thursday from 10 AM till 8 PM and Saturday from 8 AM till 5 PM
  • Must eats: Frankfurter sausages -beef or ham-, Raspberry Yogurt Pie from Maja Food cart, freshly baked Pretzels -known in Deutsch as Bretzel- and freshly squeezed Apple Juice -Apfelsaft
14610638769_5ab1a63bc1_zBretzels displayed at the Farmer’s Market by Anna Clarice

A typical local artisans European open-air food market, specially loved by locals, you must see it during lunch time when people are in a hurry, yet queuing, waiting for their lunch meal to be served; it could be Flammkuchen -the German version of Pizza-, or an original Frankfurter, salad, or fish sandwiches. People are never seated, they are usually in a haste shoving food into their mouths from paper plates. Konstablerwache Farmer’s Market is also the best stop to snack while shopping at My ZeilFrankfurt‘s shopping hub.

6250560020_591e73cd9e_zFrankfurter sandwich by Silke

Have you been to any of those? Or can recommend better places? Tell us what’s your favorite cuisine, and share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below…

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