5 Cities Worth Visiting During Ramadan

It’s a bonus to live in a city that knows how to celebrate Ramadan in style. Cairo is one of the top Ramadan destinations in the world. The Family gatherings, Taraweeh prayers, lavish tents, tasty Shishas, delicious delights, and lit up streets. The city that never sleeps can be a joyous destination for many different tastes. However, we don’t want to take all the credit, other cities can be just as fun. So we are bringing you 5 of our best recommended destinations for this year..

Cairo Ramadan

Ramadan Celebration in Cairo, Photo Cr.: Menna

1. Marrakech, Morocco

Apart from Morocco being one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, it also keeps a lot of its vintage traditions alive, which makes it quite a spot for Ramadan Travel. The messaharaty, Arabian lounges, fulfilling Iftars with Tajins and Harira, Moroccan mint tea are just a glimpse of what you get when you spend your Ramadan nights in this beautiful city..

2. Istanbul, Turkey

The ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire has a vibrant mix of fun and prayers. Over the holy month, the city’s public spaces become filled with spiritual celebration, whirling dervishes, and famous sweets. Markets open with stalls and vendors selling traditional snacks and religious books and ornaments. Street performances of shadow puppets and traditional folk dances commence. Ramadan in Istanbul is quite a Turkish delight.

Ramadan Istanbul

Istanbul at Night, Photo Cr.: Mark Valdener

3. Muscat, Oman

As underrated as it can be, Oman is a beautiful country with more to offer than you think. You can enjoy the long days soaking and snorkelling in the warm sea, diving with whale sharks, or simply beat the heat in a temperature-controlled pools. Spending the evening at the city’s fancy hotels and dining venues is the way to go if you’re in for some pampering. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always escape to Salalah and see a completely different side of Oman with cooler temperatures too

4. Singapore, Singapore

Around 15 percent of Singapore’s citizens are Muslims, and Ramadan is well celebrated in the savvy city. The Malay Quarter Geylang Serai lights up with festivity in the air with Ramadan specialty food, many shops are open late into the night, and bazaars are held at several places across the island. Stalls are set up near Sultan Mosque and feature a wide range of foods and other non-food items. In addition, Singapore’s Arab street and Kampong Glam area has expanded in range to reflect the population’s diversity. Cafes offer Iranian, Lebanese, Egyptian dishes, and Shisha as well.

5. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is a city with loads of places to see and visit. We all know how breath-taking the Indonesian islands can be. But Jakarta can have its charm as well, especially during Ramadan and Eid when crowds are travelling to their hometowns and you get to enjoy the capital city’s empty streets instead.


Jakarta Markets at Night, Photo Cr.: Shaojin Tio

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