5 Best Kept Secret Destinations In Egypt

Nubian Islands Of Aswan

We all have done the Omnia Mamdouh 1 A colorful Nubian House by Omnia Mamdouh

Ride a Nile Felucca to the pretty Nubian islands of Heissa, and Gharb Soheil, stroll through the markets, and the beautifully painted Nubian houses, meet the locals, and experience some real Egyptian hospitality, go for bird-watching, or hiking.

5150176564_40663fb1ca_zThe beautiful Nile of Aswan by Pablo Charlon

And do not leave without visiting the Temple of Philae.

2217413000_aca9508f3a_zPhilae Temple by Dennis Jarvis
  • Accessible: by felucca or motor-boat
  • Where to stay? Lodges or Camping on one of the islands

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Shali Fortress In Siwa

A mud-brick fortress built in the 13th century where Siwans used to live, get yourself lost in the labyrinth-like ruins, on your way to the top make sure to stop by the still-operating mosque.

Siwa, the old townShali Fortress by Arian Zwegers

It’s a great place to witness a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or a panoramic view over this picturesque oasis. Do not forget to take a refreshing dip at Bir Wahed.

3292848216_693d277982_zCycling in Siwa by walidhassanein
  • Accessible: by bike or donkey-carts
  • Where to stay? Eco-lodges, or Camping

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The Colored Canyon Near Taba

One of Egypt’s most beautiful hikes, equally enjoyed by hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts. Trekking the Colored Canyon starts at Ain Furtaga Oasis where hikers shade themselves under leafy palm trees, it takes a couple of hours of strolling through the serpentine path that was made due to high iron content in the sandstone, wind and water erosion creating a breath-taking spectrum of colors, with a bit of climbing that doesn’t require any previous experience, only a passion for adventure.

sinai - blogThe Colored Canyon In Dahab
  • Accessible: On foot or 4×4
  • Where to stay? Camping

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Tunis Village In Fayoum

The coolest thing about Fayoum is its proximity to Cairo, in a little over an hour drive you will escape Cairo’s hustle and bustle, to find yourself in a tiny beautiful oasis; offering great scenery, and an array of activities to enjoy; from sand-boarding, kayaking and hiking to sightseeing, bird-watching, and meditation.

4558861454_2183bf1afb_zPeaceful Desert of Fayoum by Ramy Alaa

In 1962 an Egyptian poet came to Tunis Village with his Swiss wife, where they decided to build a pottery workshop to revive the pottery industry in Fayoum, by teaching pottery-making, and enhancing pottery-works, in addition to supporting eco-tourism.

1891075_669849953073194_879316005_nPhoto from Zad El-Mosafer’s official Facebook page
  • Accessible: by car or bus
  • Where to stay? Eco-Lodges

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Sharm El-Naga Bay near Safaga

Only 40 KM from Hurghaga, few kilometers from northern Safaga lies the intriguing Sharm El-Naga Bay; famous for its coral reefs that are very close to shore, making it easy and accessible for snorkelers and divers to reach that little piece of heaven on foot, be ready to spot octopuses, colorful fish & marine life, coral reefs, and. As for Safaga this down-looked-at destination is a hub for water-sports, and climatotherapy.

snorkling 2Sharm El-Naga by dartstravels.com
  • Accessible: on foot
  • Where to stay? Camping

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Can you tell us some other best kept secret destinations in Egypt? Share them with us in the comments below…

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  1. Djarra cave.. Situated in the western desert. Like jeita’s caves but only without water and in the middle of no where.

  2. Can be only accessed by 4×4 cars however currently off limit as no camping is allowed in the western desert or even offroading

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