4 Holidays Where You’ll Spend Less Than 200USD

With the end of the year holidays coming up, travelling should be on top of your priority list. Even though it has been very challenging to travel lately, with all the currency exchange difficulties and the credit cards madness. In times like these, the best thing you can do is rediscover the beauty of your country; Aswan, Sahl Hashish, Marsa Alam, etc. The second best thing is to go on a cheaper holiday. Excluding ticket and visas, those 4 destinations will not cost you more than 200 dollars in total with accommodation and everyday expenses for a few days.

Bulgaria holidays

1. Bulgaria

It’s not the typical Paris or Rome, but Sofia can be just as beautiful. Eastern Eurpean countries have been growing in popularity lately, not just for their budget-friendly prices, but there beauty is not less than western European countries either. You will love Sofia (the capital), it’s vibrant and full of culture and museums. A true metropolitan city as one could be. Few kilometers out, you can enjoy the sun and the beaches (although that wouldn’t apply during winter).

You can rent a good hotel room for around 30 dollars per night. A meal would cost an average of 7 dollars. Beaches and parks are public so you wouldn’t waste a budget on that. In the end, a 4-day weekend should add up to the amount of USD 200.


2. Laos

Even in a region of budget-friendly destinations, Laos stands out. It’s hard not to be captivated by the slow pace of the country; head just north of elegant Luang Prabang to riverside Nong Khiaw, where for small change you can bag a waterside bungalow and watch the boats travel up and down the karst-surrounded river.

A hotel stay can be as low as 15-20 dollars, and getting around would cost a few extra. Seriously, this is one of the cheapest destinations you can think of.


3. Swaziland

Like most countries of the African continent, this little secret gem is a ini-paradise of green spaces. So if you miss some tranquility, the parks, reserves, sanctuaries, and forests will definitely do you good. Swaziland is not very huge, so other than the natural scenes and enjoying a bit of local food and culture, there is not much to do. However, for few days, it’s definitely worth the trip.


4. Iran

Now that’s a country that can stand for the Egyptian “we have all the history” challenge. You will enjoy the captivating Assyrian civilization and all the eras that came after. Tehran is full of museums and archeological sights that would take your breath away. Cities like Isfahan and Shiraz are not less of a beauty with al their outstanding architecture and colorful buildings.

Food and transportation are extremely affordable within the cities of Iran. However, accommodation can be a bit of a pain. My advice is to airbnb. The people of the country are very friendly, hospitable, and helpful, and they can even help you with your itinerary and provide you with local tips.

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