4 Days In Kuwait

Located in a tiny spot in the GCC, Kuwait can be one of the least touristic countries in the world. It is filled with foreigners coming for business or for work, but as tourists, it is nowhere near the lead. This is very unfortunate as Kuwait has a lot to offer. Though it can be very small, but Kuwait has a lot to it than just shopping or business trips. Below, we will provide you with an itinerary for how you’re trip can look like, should you like to visit.

Day 1:

The good news is that Kuwait is just 4 hours away from Cairo, meaning that there is no jet lag or you being dead tired from the long journey. Your first stop will be the Kuwait Towers, Kuwait’s famous landmark. Those towers can be seen pretty much from any point around the city. The main tower has both a viewing platform and a restaurant which can be an amazing experience if you have some extra money to spare. Another way to check out the towers can be from see. You will find a umber of boats that can take you out to check one of the best skylines in the Middle East. It is a bit pricy, but it is worth it.


Day 2:

Well, it is not Tulun or Al Hussein, but Kuwait’s Grand Mosque is quite pleasant to explore. Guided tours take place on an almost daily basis and are free of charge, just call in advance to confirm. An imposing and beautifully decorated building, it is a must for every visitor. Afterwards, go fill your stomach with delicious food from Mais Alghanim, one of the best restaurants in the city. If you are not into oriental cuisine, fear not. Kuwait is extremely cosmopolitan and you will find a lot of international places that we don’t have here in Cairo. Enjoy the amazing desserts at Cheese Cake Factory, or a nice meal at the Breakfast Club, the choices are endless..


Day 3:

Well, by now, you have earned it fair and square. You can pamper yourself and go shopping in Kuwait’s amazing malls. Kuwait is famous for posh malls and expensive shopping, and us Egyptians don’t like to miss on a good shopping opportunity. One of the largest malls in the Middle East is the Avenues Mall. You will find every favorite brand of yours there from Chanel and Dior all the way to our beloved Forever21. You can also enjoy any of the countless cafés and restaurants all over the mall.


Day 4:

By the fourth day, it’s better to take it easy. Try to pack all the goodies you have collected from the day before and enjoy more delicious food with amazing view of the sea and the city’s Skyline. You can also check out the House of Mirrors. The Italian artist Lidia and her late Kuwaiti husband turned their private residence into an art museum centered around mirrors. And no, not just a few mirrors: the entire house is covered with mirrors! A truly wonderful place.

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