4 Cool Ways To Support Egypt

We have had it with the amount of initiatives advocating for supporting the country meanwhile we don’t get to see real change. But that is because real change always starts from within. With very simple changes in your lifestyle, you can be benefiting Egypt and even the world without even making an extra effort.

Buy Local

We know that this doesn’t sound nearly as fancy or charming as international brands and exported quality, but local products can be really worth it. Egypt is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to craftsmanship, people from all around the world line up to buy all sorts of crafts from pottery to fabrics to our amazing silver. And choosing a “Nivin Altmann” or “Samy Amin” bag is not any less than that Michael Kors bag you were saving for. This doesn’t apply only on fashion, but choosing local cafes instead of international chains, going with local products in the supermarket instead of imported ones, and similar kinds of activities can contribute to a great deal of improvement.


Photo from Nevin Altmann Facebook Page

Think Green

Cairo is one of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world. For our sake and the sake of humanity, we should start acting now. Contributing to a healthier greener environment is not any extra work, you just have to teach yourself parallel ways to do thing. For example, start considering to recycle, a lot of Egyptian organizations will pick up your paper, plastic, and even batteries for recycling.  Try cycling or using public transportation instead of you car if it is possible. The idea is to put the global welfare on your daily agenda. This will naturally make your life and ours better.



We might have just made up this word. But that doesn’t mean that “Personal Social Responsibility” is any less important than “Corporate Social Responsibility”. The latter is the concept used to ensure the private sector (companies, corporates, etc) has a positive impact on communities, employees, and consumers. In other words, it is the role of businesses in doing a positive impact for the country. We as individuals have an equally important role. Each and every one in the community should have an active role in supporting it, regardless of the nature of that role. There are millions of ways where you can volunteer to have a better impact. Choose an organization working with Education, alleviating poverty, improving the health system, or even developing handicrafts. The important think is that you do something more than just your job.


Explore Egypt

This is a bit of a cliche, but it is completely true. Domestic Travel does help improve entire sectors. Especially in a country like Egypt when it is one of the most important sectors we have. This should be easy for a lot of reasons. We have amazing touristic spots in Egypt, Aswan, Luxor, Marsa Alam, Fayoum, you name it. And each destination has its own attraction and charm. It is also a lot more cheaper to travel to these places than go through the hassle of selling a kidney to afford going abroad. And remember, you don’t need a visa!


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