4 Animal Encounters In South Africa You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Crocodile Cage Diving

One of South Africa’s “hot” activities that everybody travels all the way to try is; Shark Cage Diving, as unfriendly as it is to the ecosystem, Crocodile Cage Diving comes as a friendlier version, and much creepier, in fact this one requires LOTS of guts, as you’d be placed inside a crocs-cage proof then slowly lowered in clear waters inhabited by 5 man-eating Nile crocodiles each measuring 4m long. A Nile crocodile’s bite is 4 times the bite of a Great White Shark, and they usually hunt their preys in the water, so that’s exactly how they would feel about your presence “a potential snack”.  You will be provided with goggles to watch them in their natural habitat, attacking your cage, and maybe how camouflaged they are in the water, and your experience will be filmed, taped and given to you (Photo courtesy: jambosafariblog)

On a personal note; youkill me first, I’d never ever do that


Elephant Back Safari

This experience is nothing similar to Asia’s, during this encounter not only you will be riding a elephant, and seeing the world from an elephant’s perspective. As the smell of elephants overpowers that of humans, animals do not feel afraid of your presence, and so you will be surrounded by giraffes, rhino, deers, and…you never know! How awesome is that…(Photo courtesy: Johnny Peacock)


Ostrich Rides

We have all ridden camels -and donkeys admit it, lol- some have ridden horses, ponies, even elephants, but how many have ridden ostriches? Sounds like fun, ha? In Oudtshoorn in the Karoo, South Africa you could sit on an ostrich, ride it, or participate in an “Ostrich Derby” at your very own risk. Ostriches are a cute animal, however their cuteness is hidden behind very sharp claws, and the ability to run for over 70 KM an hour (Photo courtesy: jomilo75)



Rhino Tracking

While people pay tons of money only to get up, close, and personal to gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda, South Africa offers a Rhino Tracking experience. This endangered specie that weighs around 2 tons, and stands 1.8 m tall has great popularity to humans. During this encounter you will be guided by expert guides who will teach you all need to know about the basics of rhino’s behavior, as well as the tracks, and signs they leave behind, and the random pattern of cracks that could be distinctively identified showing up in their spoor. However beware of angry rhinos who could run up to 60 KM an hour of short distances (Photo courtesy: Thomas Hawk)



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