22 Things We Love About Travel

Trip Planning

This is without doubt the best part of any trip, that’s when you start picking your destination, do all necessary research & readings, ask for your friends’ feedback, check out travel blogs, find out the best hotels and flight rates, then you’re good to go.

2519245145_6f1a19e9d6_zPhoto courtesy: Robert Allan

Escaping Life Routine

Every now & then, we need to escape life routine, the hustle and bustle of our daily life, giving ourselves some “me” time, getting ourselves pampered, and believe me it works like magic, because once you take a break you come back energized, happy and more tolerant to what life has to bring.

16106024400_4fc6267a0f_z Photo courtesy: Sacha Chua

The Food

Not only you enjoy foods that your taste buds are not familiar with, but you eat rush-free, you take your time to enjoy every single bite, and if you are brave enough you’d try things you never thought you’d dare to.

10374500_10155191472330596_476147387526887667_nMy latest trial Kangaroo steak sandwich, poor kangaroo but yummi meat

Understanding A New Culture

Every culture has its own aspects, traditions, and beliefs, it can be shocking, pretty weird sometimes, quite understandable, or similar other times, however one thing that I am sure of; you will learn something out of your exposure.

Kenia 2007Photo by Marc Samson

Enriching Your Knowledge

Not all the knowledge you gain comes through school or college teaching, reading, and watching documentaries.The best way to learn, and enriching ones knowledge comes out of exposure, and the more you travel, the more you get exposed, hence to learn, as you get to witness different events, to talk to people from different backgrounds,to learn things that you were never familiar with, and understand new concepts.

398345107_c5d3e2cb39_zPhoto courtesy: Nancy White

Growing & Becoming Responsible

When traveling you’ll be put into situations where you have to think, cope, and find solutions on your own, there is no mum, dad, family and friends to assist you, and this is how you become more responsible, hence grow.

9 CrimesPhoto by Raul Lieberwirth

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It requires a leap of faith, an inner voice that tells you “move off that couch, get out of your comfort zone to enjoy all the things that you are missing out.”

One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. ~ Paulo Coelho

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Finding & Meeting With New Friends

Nothing beats getting around  with locals, and what better can you have other than friends from every corner of the world? People to practice foreign languages with, merge into their culture, help you avoid tourist traps,and above all show you the country’s/city’s hidden gems.

355852355_989292b4ee_zPhoto courtesy: Michael Heiss

The Scenery

Get a sense of nature at its best; be it a mountain, a beach, amazing architecture, you name it! After a certain time you don’t really notice the beauty that lies in your homeland as you somehow get used to it, therefore we travel to enjoy the scenery, and appreciate the beauty the world surrounding us has to offer.

2014-12-26_1716Lisbon Falls in Mpumalanga, South Africa by me

Adventures & Misadventures

As fun as adventures might sound, misadventures are even more fun, these are the kind of stories that you will laugh about over and over again-however they are very unpleasant the moment they happen-; bumping into a tree while zip-lining, missing a flight, almost missing a train, starving and not finding any open restaurant or grocery shop, spotting the biggest spider in the washroom, etc.

15584527460_803c156287_zPhoto courtesy: Swire

The Weather

We are lucky to be living in a country where the sun shines every single day, mild temperatures in winter,  with very hot summer days, never we witness snow, and it only rains a couple of times a year, therefore it’s interesting to travel to experience snow, super cold winter nights, cloudy, non-sunny days,and freezing sea and ocean waters. In some cities you get to witness the 4 seasons in one day. 

6697440405_3278526016_zPhoto courtesy: Barbara


Experience island hopping in Thailand, riding tuktuks in India, pampering yourself with a Moroccan bath in Morocco, or a Turkish bath in Turkey, reaching the highest peak in Africa, cheering for your favorite football team in one of Europe’s stadiums, shopping in London’s crazy sales, snails tasting in France, diving in Tasmania, elephant back riding in Sri Lanka, the list is endless, and the experiences are countless, so make sure to go through one at least.

6142827436_88abcd8026_zPhoto courtesy: Exotissimo Travel

The Loads Of Fun Involved

If you pick the right travel companion, or decide to travel on your own,there will be a hell of fun involved, a time that you will never forget, that you’d want to share with everyone you know, while encouraging them to go through an experience that is similar to yours.

14536429429_114168d69e_zPhoto courtesy: Uwe Richty

Memories & Photography

Release your inner photographer, the one who wants to capture every single moment, these are the memories that will remain forever, the photos that will put a smile upon your face every time you stumble upon them.

4787412161_6e208f425c_zPhoto courtesy: Courtney Carmody

Exploring History

History doesn’t have to be boring, or displayed at endlessly queued museums, it could be found in old buildings, at narrow streets, in ancient towns and villages. No matter how boring you think history is, if you make a good research, you’ll somehow find a historical monument of great interest to you.

photo 1Colmar in France  by me

Dancing & Laughing Your Heart Out

It’s not that you are not allowed to do so in your hometown, but when you’re traveling the fun is doubled, even tripled, you don’t have to worry about anything, you just go and enjoy.

14216066736_e2bc72b9c1_zPhoto courtesy: Matthias Ripp

Getting Over A Failed Relationship

When speaking of a broken heart, nothing mends it but leaving everything behind, booking a ticket, and fly. You’ll get to disconnect from everyone, avoid any chances of dwelling, or long chats about your failing relationship.

2573762303_365ac020f8_zPhoto courtesy: Ed Yourdon


Happiness is the word: SALES 🙂

8326653973_1675622f5d_zShopaholics by tiny_packages

Discovering Hidden Gems

How exciting it is to discover a place that you had no intention of visiting, one that you haven’t found out about in guidebooks, or online resources, and most of all “tourist-free”.

5395745944_5f7c90540a_zPhoto courtesy: Chris Ford

Getting Lost

It’s specifically pleasant when travelling to Europe -avoid it during the night as it could be dangerous specially if you are alone-, you go from one place to another, unknowing where you are heading to, until you discover a new place that was worth getting lost for.

Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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The Sound Of Waves

The most relaxing, meditating, inspiring sound that we travel overseas to enjoy.

Bali - BlogBeach in Bali- Indonesia

Unleashing The Explorer Side Of You

That’s the right time to unleash the little explorer lying inside of you, maybe you don’t have the time or the guts to do it back home, but while on vacation you have all the time and guts to. freedom - blog

Now is your turn to tell us, what’s the thing that you love about travel? Write us in the comments below. 

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  4. The arousal for meeting the unknown.the passion starts at the very point of taking off . The atmosphere of adventure lift up the adrenaline . The arousing & exciting of the brand new feelings evoking everysecond taking you to the fairy tale you were daydreaming of…

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