22 Ways To Kill Your Daily Life Routine

So the New Year started a few days ago, everybody’s packed up with ideas, resolutions, plans, hoping and wishing that 2015 will be “the year” where they will lose those extra 10 kgs, travel more often, meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, apply for a new job, acquire a new skill, and so on, however people tend to get super excited at the beginning of the year, then somehow losing interest over time, forgetting all about their resolutions, postponing them to the years to come.

Here is a list of 22 things to do to kick off the new year right, and get the best out of it, but first thing you need to do is forgetting all about the past, start fresh and move on with the New Year.

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Write down your resolutions, set goals and stick to them

There is no rule for new year’s resolutions, they could be as small as deciding to sleep less, or not buying a new phone, or as big as committing to quitting smoking, or proposing to your partner. In fact, one of the most effective ways to put a plan into action is writing it down, and hanging your notes in a visible place where you can see them day & night, a reminder that tells you what you really must do to make your life worthwhile. If that’s not effective enough share your plan and your progress with a friend, a relative or on social media, eventually someone will monitor your progress, and will be interested to encourage you to continue whatever the hell you’re doing.

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Take up a hobby or study art

Everybody is talented in a way or another, you might be good with math, I might be good at calligraphy, we might even not know what we are actually good at. Therefore it’s time to discover your hidden skills by taking up a hobby, studying art, or choosing something random to learn. Someday it will be the best way to kill your boredom, you never know it might turn into a career.

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Nourish an existent skill

You might have always been good at painting, photography, music, filming, writing, cooking, or whatever it is, but never given it time to develop. Perfect your skill by attending courses, reading books, and practicing. You might end up completely passionate about that skill, and finally land on your dream job.

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Make a bucket list*

Do yourself a favor and make a bucket list, an exciting one, one that suits your personal preferences, and when you have a significant other that suits both preferences. Setting goals, and making plans gets you more excited, looking forward to get them all done, and nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.

*A list of things -that you create- to do during your lifetime.

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Travel and see the world

Be it crossing the Amazon River, spending Valentine’s in Venice, New Year’s in Dubai, doing the highest Bungee Jump in South Africa, diving in the Indian Ocean with great white sharks, camping at Wadi Rum in Jordan, Skiing in Lebanon, learning Pizza Making in Napoli, attending an Opera Show in Vienna, climbing the world’s highest peaks, or witnessing the animal migration at Masai Mara in Kenya, the sky is the limit, be creative, because “the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page” ~ St. Augustine.

Murad Osmann - BlogPhoto Courtesy: Murad Osmann

Take up a challenge & be up to it

How about committing to completely changing your lifestyle, quitting smoking, climbing a mountain, joining a daring adventure, completing a long trek, training for a marathon, triathlon or a cycling race? This kind of challenges make you committed, excited and not scared to cope with whatever challenge life brings your way.

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Learn a new language

Who hasn’t watched the Amelie Poulain movie and wished he spoke French? How many times have we heard Antonio Banderas, or Penelope Cruz speaking Spanish & thought how I wish I could speak their mother tongue? Or Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray & Love learning Italian. It’s about time to stop wishing and hoping, and starting to learn the language you always wanted to speak.

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Put off the weight you always wanted to

Have you always been dreaming of trimming your waistline, dropping your size twice, being fit, or looking completely different, but failed at it due to lack of commitment, boredom, and haste! Maybe it’d be better if you seek the help of a specialist, commit to a healthy nutrition plan that doesn’t include boring food, nor starvation, join a group workout, or a gym with a personal trainer, or just committing to walking, running or cycling, what matters is decisiveness and perseverance “you can’t win physically if you are losing mentally” ~ Billy Cox.

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Go to places you’ve never been

Enough is enough, you’ve been visiting the same places, traveling to the same cities, and going to the same restaurants, kill the boredom by exploring places where you have never been.

7863236476_8ac9a7319e_zMarsa Nayzak in Marsa Alam by Gigi Ibrahim

Try cooking new recipes

It’s really fun to google a new recipe, go to the supermarket to buy all needed ingredients, then make something from scratch, which turns out to be delicious -or even not the best, but at least you tried- to enjoy it alone, or with family, and friends.

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Commit to making yourself happy & don’t wait for anyone to

Some feel it while eating a mouth-watering meal, followed by a scrumptious dessert, some others by watching a good movie, or a show on National Geographic, traveling, shopping, taking a walk, playing games or having freshly brewed coffee at the coffee house around the corner, whatever it is commit to making yourself happy, and enjoy sometime with yourself.

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Read a lot

Reading is something that you really can’t live without, not only it enriches you, and makes you knowledgable, but teaches you a lot about everything from the insignificant to the life changing, it widens your horizons, and makes a better person out of you.

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Keep a journal

To get the creative juices flowing and discover more about yourself, it will also help you monitor your progress.

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You do not have to be obese, underweight, or overweight to exercise, not only it makes you fitter, stronger, and more resistant to tiredness & illness, it lifts up your mood, enhances your general performance, and well being. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, as there are lots of activities that could be done for free such as walking, running, or just working out at home -thanks to youtube workouts.

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Socialize, meet new people, or connect with old ones

Friends and relatives are a real treasure, it’s true that “gana men gher nas matedas”, so get your phonebook and connect with someone you haven’t been in touch with for years, or meet new people, or friends of friends at gatherings, group workouts, and gyms.

SocializingPhoto Courtesy: Horst Gutmann

Try something new

Social media is key, keep yourself updated of any upcoming events that you might have interest in; a concert, a charitable event, a marathon, or give yourself a chance to experience something new.

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Take an action

You’re the leader of your own life, if you cannot have complete control over your life, who else would?

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Start a project & commit to it

It could be as small as finishing a 1000 pieces puzzle, or as significant as moving to another country. If you want something, you have to work hard to achieve it. Achieving something is such a pleasure.

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Invest in some “me” time

We all have families, and people who depend on us, however we all need some “me” time to be able to survive, invest in that time, go get massages, spa treatment, or whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

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Save for an aim

Nothing beats saving money for an aim -it doesn’t have to be charity- be it to fulfill a childhood dream, to go on your dream trip, or an exotic family trip, to buy your dream car, scooter, or bike, and even better to serve a cause.

Pink Piggy BankPhoto by Ken Teegardin

Start your own blog

A blog is a journal “set live” where you can write a diary, some thoughts, reviews, or show your interest at different topics. Many people have started their blogs as amateurs, with no intention of getting any benefit out of it, and now their blogs pay their bills.

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Enjoy life more

It’s true that life is draining, and responsibilities are too much to handle, however God has created us for a reason, and one of those reasons is to be beneficial and benefit as well, God wants us all to be happy and fulfilled, the more you are happy, the more you are productive and make others happy as well.

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So tell us, what are your resolutions for 2015? Write them in the comments box below.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Perfect ya Poussy you made my day

  2. Nice ideas really appreciated ,keep up the good work .

  3. Wish i can enjoy my life again
    wish i can get out my prison i’ve made

    • Don’t wish, make an action now 😉
      Sure you can, get rid of all the negative thoughts that are stopping you from becoming a happy version of yourself! 🙂

  4. Thx for ur suggestions.

  5. Cool , i done at least 15 one of them but really not easy specially when having a tough job but at least i’m trying.. (:

    • @Sherif, yeah sure however you should always invest in some “me” time, life is not about 24/7 of work, don’t forget your social life and to do things that would make you happy 😀

  6. More than perfect article
    Some of my resolutionsof 2015
    Tolearn how to drive a car & get driving licence & to travel to a country I have never travlled there before, wish it to be Paris in France or ST.Petersburg in Russia

    • Thank you very much M. Hamouda 😀
      you know what, one of my resolutions is to drive on the wrong side of the road, meaning a right hand side wheel 😀
      Paris is stunning, and Russia is soooo on my list, check out the trans-siberian railway, it’s a trip that goes for 2 weeks starts from Moscow and ends at Beijing 😀
      Let us know how did your resolutions go 😉

  7. Am in luv with this article 🙂
    And one of my resolutions is to travel alone to place i dun knw anyone there, and also learn how to manage my time 🙂

  8. hi , i have manged to travel to franc this year , kind of sort out everything , but my dad got ill and i
    could not go , i feel a little down it seems to me that my new version of me can not come out
    but your article is so perfect and inspiring ,

    • @Maha there are things that go completely out of our control, therefore you shouldn’t give up, maybe you wouldn’t have enjoyed this trip for some reason and God is preparing another amazing thing for you , don’t give up, try to do any of the mentioned ideas until you are able to travel again. Never give up on your dreams, and never fill your mind with negative vibes. I know exactly how it feels, but maybe it’s time to stand on your feet again 🙂
      This article might give you some hope as well: http://www.travelstart.com.eg/blog/went-kilimanjaro-lawyer-came-travel-writer/
      Good luck 😉

  9. Nice, but for me i hate having plans especially that my work is full of plans and forecast, sometimes it is way simple to live it day by day and doing baby steps everyday this is how it works with my personality…
    I may miss having healthy community with activities, as am not a fan of cafe places neither Shisha times 🙂

    • Join the club :), that’s something that I terribly miss too!

  10. The thing is my next year starts at March but it will be a year to remember… That’s my resolution
    Thanks for all the ideas u give me

  11. I only own 2000 l.e in the month do you think any good activites i can do with my cheap salary.

      • yeah,thank you but I have a DSLR camera I barley can use it do you know what online courses can make me professional.

  12. Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my
    facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thank you

    • Of course Mark, it will be our pleasure!

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