17 Of Cairo’s Hangouts Where Food Is Not The Highlight

Food, food & more food…that’s all we do specially us “Cairenes”. We talk about food, read about food, google images of food, fantasize about savoring the latest invention the Egyptian scene has come up with, drive to the remotest areas for the sake of munching a scrumptious dessert or a fattening meal, no new openings but restaurants, cafes, and food kiosks, even when we hang out with friends we go EAT…Familiar, huh?

Food is a pleasure, we cannot agree more -I am a foodie myself-, however our lives cannot be around food, there is a lot more in life to do and enjoy with less damaging effects, and more lasting joy. So here is my list of 17 of Cairo’s hangouts where food is not the highlight (Photo courtesy: Jerry Kongart)

Note that all my suggestions are a one day hangout!


Mastering The Art Of Escape

Were you ever the geek among your friends who would spend hours to solve a puzzle or a riddle? Ever enjoyed getting lost inside a maze trying to figure your way out? Wanted to put your ability to work in a team into test? All three will give you all of that, testing your abilities to escape a room where you are locked with your friends in a sixty minutes time. (Photo courtesy: zeitfaenger.at)


  • Rooms: 3 rooms to choose from: Room 13 for a scary ride, Hitler Office, and Quarantine Lab
  • Number of players per room: Minimum 3 – Maximum 5
  • Price per room per team: EGP 350 during weekdays and EGP 450 during weekends
  • Operating hours: 2pm till 11pm
  • Where? In 6th of October
  • For reservation: 0106 165 1561

Break Out Egypt

  • Rooms: 3 rooms to choose from: Public Toilet, Cursed Tomb, and Prison Cell
  • Number of players per room: Minimum 2 – Maximum 5
  • Price per room per team: Team of 2: EGP 350, Team of 3: EGP 360, Team of 4: EGP 400, and Team of 5: EGP 450
  • Operating hours: Weekdays: 4pm till 1am – Weekends: 3pm till 1am
  • Where? B311, 90th Road, New Cairo
  • For reservation: 0121 052 9695


The Room Egypt

  • Rooms: 2 rooms to choose from: A Kid’s in the 90’s Room, or an Old 60’s Office
  • Number of players per room: Minimum 3 – Maximum 5
  • Price per room per team: Team of 3: EGP 400 – Team of 4: EGP 500 – Team of 5: EGP 600
  • Operating hours: 12pm till 11pm
  • Where? Opposite Mall Of Arabia Gate 20 in 6th of October
  • For reservation: 0102 685 6060



Bubble Football

Ever wondered how it feels like to roll inside a ball??? Here is your chance to experience the feeling. (Photo courtesy: team-building.es)

Bubble Football

  • Price: EGP 50 per person
  • Number of players: Minimum 8 persons – Maximum 14
  • Duration: 30 minutes per group
  • Payment: A deposit has to be paid
  • For reservation: 0121 005 5535

It has 3 locations;

Smart Club in Smart Village: Operating hours: 10 am till 10pm

Markaz Al Tanmeya Al Reyadeya in Masaken Sheraton: Operating hours: 5pm till 11pm

Tiba Rose Plaza Hotel in Tagamo’: Operating hours: 5pm till 11pm

Adrenalin Park

  • Age: Starting from 5-6 years old
  • Price: EGP 1000 per group of up to 20 persons
  • Number of players: No minimum number of players required, but the maximum is 20
  • Duration: 1 hour per group
  • For reservation: 3 days in advance on  0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008
  • Payment: A 50% deposit should be paid
  • Where? Land 1B, street 3, Gate 1, El Hezam El Akhdar (6 October Agriculture Co.)
    Off Juhayna Sq. and before Beverly Hills in 6th October



Unleash the talented -or maybe untalented- little singer inside of you at one of Cairo’s Karaoke bars. (Photo courtesy: google.com)


Le Pacha 1901 in Zamalek

  • When? Sundays
  • What time? 10pm
  • Conditions: Reservation required on 19982
  • Minimum charge: EGP 150 including taxes and services
  • Where? Saraya El Gezira Street, Zamalek


Arkan Mall 

  • When? Tuesdays
  • What time? 10pm
  • Conditions: Reservation required on 011 222 0 8883
  • Minimum charge: EGP 200 including taxes and services
  • Where? Arkan Mall 6 of October

Amici Bar


  • When? Sundays
  • What time? 9pm
  • Conditions: no reservation required, but give them a call before you go just to make sure on 0109 332 3333
  • Minimum charge: none, but you have to order something
  • Where? Mohammed Maraashly Street, Zamalek


  • When? Mondays
  • What time? 9pm
  • Conditions: no reservation required, but give them a call before you go just to make sure on 010 2049 2999
  • Minimum charge: none, but you have to order something
  • Where? 100 Hegaz Street, Heliopolis



Paintball & Laser Fight at Adrenalin Park

Want to play fight against your friends? To set plans and tactics to beat the opponent team?  To put your shooting skills into test? If you want the fight to get more serious, and slightly painful go for Paintball, but if you want a pain-free fight go for a Laser Fight. (Photo courtesy: Daniel Riquelme)


  • Operating hours: 11am till 8pm
  • Age range: 10 years +
  • Number of players: Minimum 6 so the game would be a real fight. and there is no maximum
  • Price: EGP 150 per person per 100 bullets
  • Playing area: players have the option to play on 3 different courts
  • For reservation: 0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008


Laser Fight

  • Operating hours: 11am till 8pm
  • Age range: 5 years +
  • Number of players: Minimum 6 so the game would be a real fight. and there is no maximum
  • Price: 1 hour for EGP 125 per person
  • Playing area: players have the option to play on 3 different courts
  • For reservation: 0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008



Probably the coolest way we Egyptians get use of our vast desert spaces, and sand dunes. Sandboarding doesn’t require any special skills or expertise, all you need is a love for adventure, maintaining some balance, and probably no fear of speed. (Photo courtesy: Surfing the Nations)

Remal Adventures

  • Where? Qataneya Dunes near 6th of October -they also operate out of Cairo at Fayoum’s Magic Lake & Koussour El-Arab, in addition to El Wahat El Bahareya and provide overnight stay
  • Price: EGP 250-300 per person
  • Number of players: A minimum of 6 players
  • Trips: There are pre-arranged trips that you could join, or you could ask them to organize you a private one
  • For reservation: 010 2828 0975 or 011 111 33 0367


GMAX Reverse Bungy

Brought to Egypt from its land birth in New Zealand, installed by its original manufacturer for the first time in the Middle East. The best way to describe GMAX Reverse Bungy is to compare it to a giant “human slingshot”, riders reach heights of more than 50 metres at a speed of 200km/h, while rotating 360 degrees…Definitely not for the faint-hearted! 😀 (Photo courtesy: google.com)

  • Where? Mall of Arabia in 6th of October (nearest gate: 19)
  • Operating hours: Everyday from 11am till 11pm, except Friday from 2pm till 12am
  • Price: 3 players riding at the same time = EGP 150 per person/ – 2 players riding at the same time = EGP 200 per person
  • For information: 0114 341 1587



How about dancing the night away? (Photo courtesy: stepupdanceacademy.in)

Bian Caffè

  • Where? 9 El-Gazayer Street in Mohandessin
  • Schedule: Salsa night every Thursday, and Latin night every Saturday
  • When? 9pm
  • Entrance fee: EGP 50
  • Conditions: No reservation required however you would better do just in case
  • For information: 0191919666


Bellini Cocktail Lounge

For couples only.

  • Where? InterContinental City Stars
  • Schedule: Salsa night every Tuesday
  • When? 9pm till 2am
  • Entrance fee: EGP 125 all inclusive
  • Conditions:  Better make a reservation
  • For information: 0224800009

El Mojito

  • Where? Conrad Hotel
  • Schedule: Tango night every Monday, and Salsa night every Saturday
  • When? 9:30pm till 1:30am
  • Entrance fee: EGP 50 (includes one drink)
  • Conditions: No reservation required however you’d better call just in case
  • For information: 0100 1117275



Places with a concept

If you are more of a couch potato, or someone who would rather do something new without putting so much effort, we got you covered. (Photo courtesy: Janet)

Il Pennello Ceramic Cafe

Once you step a foot at Il Pennello Cafe you will be taken directly to a ceramic atelier, where you are asked to choose from a wide variety your favorite piece. Next thing is getting everything you need to produce your masterpiece. Once you are done coloring, and decorating it, your piece is taken into an oven, and then handed to you to keep.

  • Where? Maadi, Mohandessin and Heliopolis
  • Price: Ceramic prices range from EGP 40 up to EGP 115 excluding taxes and service charges
  • Conditions: Reservation required only if a large group of people is going
  • Contacts: Maadi: +202 23583211, Mohandessin: +202 33038696, and Heliopolis: +202 22417603

Balcon Lounge

  • Where? 26 Sohag Street – Heliopolis
  • Schedule: Mondays: Movie screening & Saturdays: Musical events
  • When? 8pm
  • Entrance fee: EGP 20 for movie screening, and EGP 35 for musical events
  • For information: 0122 931 4690


Room Art Space

The Room occupies the basement of 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin street known as Tolombat street in Garden City, that’s a place with an interesting history dating back to World War 2. It’s a Belle Epoque building with a fixed weekly schedule, and no entrance fee:

  • Sundays: Film screening at 8pm
  • Mondays: Drum cicle at 6:30pm
  • Tuesdays: Yoga class from 6pm till 7:30pm
  • Wednesdays: Tango Night for professional Tango dancers or those who like to watch it from 9pm till 2am
  • Thursdays & Fridays: Music concerts starting at 8:30pm

For information: 0100 068 1539


Let’s get the best out of Cairo

Got any cool ideas in head that would add to our list? Share with us in the comments below…

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  12. Great list! I will definitely try some of these when I’m back. Also you are missing some.

    “Open Jam” night at The Tap in maadi, every Monday starting 9pm and until closing.

    – At Euroclub at Marghany, Heliopolis on Thursdays
    – At Elios pub at Safeer, Heliopolis on Tuesdays
    These are more fun than the ones posted, as there are less people, so you get to sing a lot more.

    Also, there’s the 4D simulator at Citystars where you get to blast your way through 1 of 3 scenarios with some friends (located next to the golden stars cinema in phase2, in front of Oriental Weavers)

    • Oh, and I forgot to add “Game Night” at the tap on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesdays) where they hold a foosball (babyfoot) tournament and the winning team gets a beer tower

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  15. This town never stops shocking me !
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