15 Super Unusual Foods From Around The World

Although some of these dishes may sound super weird and a total turn-off at first glance, they are popular or even traditional at their place of origin just like Kersha & Mombar in Egypt are, who knows you may like to try some!


If you keep wondering how come Egyptians eat feseekh, then you don’t need to! The world has still more to offer.
Kiviak is a traditional dish in Greenland eaten particularly on birthdays and weddings during the Greenlandic wintertime. Consisting of small auk birds buried to ferment for seven months in a seal skin with low air content. You can then bite the bird’s head off and squeeze out the guts and enjoy?

250px-Parakeetauklets2Photo by Wikimedia

Casu Marzu

Who could have imagined?! A true competitor to the traditional Egyptian cheese with (Mish) is out there, not only that, but also offering a bigger mix of tinny tiny white worms.

Casu Marzu; a traditional Sardinian cheese made of sheep milk, filled with larvae (maggots) having gone through an advanced level of fermentation. Besides Sardinia, one may find it in the French island of Corsica.

2015-02-01_1029Photo by: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Bat Soup

Try not to panic, only fruit bats are used to make this soup. Some specific bat species are even considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, and it’s said they taste just like fine chicken while they can also be eaten grilled, barbecued or fried with many other recipes.

You probably wouldn’t want to try this soup, but in case you do, know it’s not available for shipping, thus it can be found in Guinea in West Africa and in several Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam, and some parts of Indonesia.

2137912538_699181351d_zBat soup by Tobze


Those who are capable of swallowing boiled egg at once might enjoy this South Korean meal consisting of a small “still alive” octopus tied altogether for you to swallow, for amateurs they can have it cut into small pieces and served immediately while still moving in your plate.

2015-02-01_1045Sannakji by LWY

Larb Mote Daeng

Now you will know what to do next time you face Ant Attack!

This is a Thai dish consisting of red ants and their eggs combined with spices and vegetables of your choice, making an “extreme” dining experience! Can be served both hot and cold!

red-ant-eggsPhoto from Daogeo


Not everyone in this world eats hot hummus seasoned with spices “homos el sham” on their night walks by the corniche side, they eat Balut. If you dare to try it, it’s advised to close your eyes to be able to focus solely on the taste which is said to be ‘way better’ than regular boiled eggs!

Balut is a half-fertilized duck or chicken embryos, boiled and served with a pinch of salt. You can find it sold in the streets of southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos where it is as popular as ‘semeet’ in Egypt.

640px-Inside_a_Balut_-_Embryo_and_YolkPhoto by Wikimedia Creative Commons

Rujak Cingur

A traditional dish from Surabaya in Indonesia. Made of different fruits and vegetables besides peanuts and shrimp sauce, in addition to slices of cooked cow lips making the meal more tempting and delicious as the locals say.

751px-Rujak_Cingur Photo by Wikipedia

Century Egg

Who doesn’t like Jelly? This distinctive jelly-like egg eaten as a snack or as an ingredient in other dishes is made of a chicken, duck or quail egg preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months making the yolk turn green and the white turn brown to finally be ready! Century eggs can be found in China and many Asian countries like Thailand and Laos.

Century_egg_sliced_openPhoto by Wikimedia

Eskimo Ice Cream (Akutaq)

Also, Who doesn’t like ice cream? Even if it’s made of animal fat, berries, meat and sugar as the people of Alaska like to have it, some would still find it irresistible especially with the amount of calories that it gives you in such a freezing place.

dscn14881-blogPhoto by alaskaredmond

Escargot (Snails)

A dish that is very high in protein and low in fat, made of land snails cooked inside or outside their shells, served mainly as an appetizer in France.

Escargot_p1150450Photo by Wikimedia


A popular dish in the Philippines consisting of the animal innards like intestines, liver and heart, yet what makes this dish so special is the animal’s bile liquid used as the flavoring agent.

igadoPhoto by Ang Sarap

Fried Spiders

Began during a period of starvation in history and was a regular survival food of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia , but nowadays they are considered to be quite a delicacy and an on-demand food type in the tourism industry. Mostly served deep fried and usually described as crispy and chewy with a taste similar to lobsters and sometimes chicken.

Skun_spiders_closeupPhoto by Wikimedia

Kopi Luwak

A very exceptional coffee that goes through a long journey before reaching your cup. Starting with Asian Palm Civets, some cat-sized animal that eat the seeds of coffee berries, then excrete some partially-digested beans within their poop. Afterwards, the beans get harvested, washed, and roasted within limits in order to keep the distinctive acquired flavors during the tiresome process. Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, produced mainly in Indonesia and some other Asian countries.

Luwak-Katze_in_KepahiangPhoto by Wikimedia


As ancient as the Aztecs with a taste of butter and nuts. A traditional Mexican dish made of ants larvae and pupae. You think it is similar to the Thai Larb Mote Daeng, no, be sure that is a whole different species of Mexican ants used for preparation.

800px-EscamolesOn the left is the Escamoles by Wikimedia


Now I know you’re wondering, what is it with insects?! I have no idea. It happened that bee larvae make a dish in Japan and China, usually fried or cooked with soy sauce, sugar or honey, giving a sweet taste and a little soft crunchy feel of the baby bees guts.

bug-hachinoko-1 Photo by Shizuokagourmet

So, do you think you have the guts to taste any…? Mention the weirdest foods you have ever tried in the comments below. 

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