15 Of Ramadan Hangouts Where Food Is Not The Highlight

Following the great success of our previous post about 17 Of Cairo’s Hangouts Where Food Is Not The Highlight, we found out that the Egyptian people is after all keen to get off that couch, and do more than just sitting, eating, watching TV, smoking shisha, or hanging around cafes, and because the holy month of Ramadan is not all about Ramadan Tents, having Iftar or Souhour out, and smoking shisha that’s why we have combined a list of 15 of Ramadan Hangouts Where Food Is Not The Highlight. (Above Photo: kalexander2010)

What’s good about this list is that it gives you a huge variety of things that 1. will not exhaust your money -in fact most of the events are free of charge- and 2. and most importantly won’t get you any fat :).


Teatro ElMaadi

  • What: Teatro ElMaadi is a new arts space and social hub established in Cairo in 2014
  • Where: 10, Street 200, Degla, Maadi


Mawaweel Festival

  • What: Cairo Jazz Club Agency and Darb 1718 bring you Mawaweel festival, offering a diverse Ramadan program equipped with musical entertainment, theatrical performances, assorted bazaars, interactive arts, crafts and so much more. All in addition to a tasty food court lined up with special Ramadan munchers and beverages. Enjoy an alternative experience wrapped in a cosy, fun atmosphere to be enjoyed by people from different ages, nationalities and all walks of life.
  • Where: Darb 1718, Kasr El-Sham3 Street, Al-Fakhareen, Cairo
  • Tickets Price: EGP 40
  • For reservations: Call 0223610511 or email [email protected]


Downtown Kattameya

  • What: After having your Iftar, be it at Downtown Kattameya or else, make sure to drop by the mall because in each corner you will find a different show to watch and enjoy.
  • Where: Area A-City Center, 5th District, Road 90, New Cairo
  • Tickets Price: Free entry


Cairo Opera House Concerts

  • What: As music is the food of the soul, nothing beats a chic night at the one and only Cairo Opera House
  • Where: Borg El Gezira, Zamalek
  • Tickets Price: Depending on the show
  • For information: Call 27398132 – 27390144 – 27370602 – 27360361 or email [email protected]
  • Schedule



Hayy Festival

  • What: Another way to listen to great tunes but this time brought by talents from different corners of the middle east
  • Where: The AUC’s Greek Campus at 171 Al-Falaky Street, Bab El Louq
  • When: All concerts start at 9:30 PM
  • Tickets Price: EGP 40 (a discounted ticket for all 6 concerts will be announced soon on their Facebook page)
  • For information: Call 16826
  • Schedule


Mouled Galleria 40

  • What: As much as Galleria 40 has made a great deal out of Christmas, & Spring, I am sure that their Ramadan celebrations won’t be any less. Head there after 9 PM, you will be welcomed by Tannoura twirls, lights twinkle, soothing sounds of Oud and a traditional Mesaharaty who drums up your night! On July 9th there would be a Mahmoud El-Leithy performance, while on the 10th it will be by Saad El-Soghayar
  • Where: 26th July Street, 6th of October city
  • When: 9th to 11th of July starting at 9 PM
  • Tickets Price: Free entry


Al Rab3

  • What: Mawlaweya, Al-7adra Band, and a Zikr Circle with the audience
  • Where: Al-Gamaleya, Al-Mo’ez Street next Al-Aqmor Mosque
  • When: June 26th at 8:30 PM
  • Tickets Price: EGP 25


Greater Cairo Library

  • Where: 15 Mohamed Mazhar Street, Zamalek
  • When: All concerts start at 9 PM
  • Tickets Price: FREE
  • Schedule


Ramadan at Eat & Barrel

  • What: This time Eat & Barrel is not only offering an amazing Nile View, but a chance to also be enchanted by great tunes 
  • Where: The rooftop of a nile boat at 139 El Nil Street, Giza
  • Schedule


West Town Hub

  • Where: Located in SODIC West, KM 38 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed
  • Tickets Price: Entry is free of charge
  • Schedule


Getting Active Pre-Iftar

Ramadan Sunset Walking Tours

  • What: Pre-Iftar walking tours
  • Where: Zamalek, Mohandessin, Downtown, Fatimid Cairo & Heliopolis
  • When: Starting from June 23rd of June till 17th of July
  • Tickets Price: FREE
  • Schedule: Check their Facebook page
  • Photo: Eddie Crutchley


Walk N’ Yoga In Wadi Degla

  • What: Hiking in Wadi Degla before Iftar
  • Where: Wadi Degla Protectorate in Maadi
  • When: 2 times during Ramadan, the first one will be on June 27th at 3:30 PM till 6 PM
  • Tickets Price: EGP 3 (Entry fee to Wadi Degla Protectorate)
  • For registration: Go to there event page on Facebook


Cairo Runners

  • What: Cairo Runners keep their runs, and encourage you to get active in Ramadan
  • When: at 5:30 PM
  • Tickets Price:  FREE
  • Schedule


Events That You Cannot Miss

Aida El Ayouby at The Music Tent

El-Sheikh Zein Mahmoud at The Room Art Space

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