15 Ideal Family Friendly Hangouts

The Pharaonic Village

A living museum for the whole family to enjoy, offering both fun and education in an entertaining way, teaching visitors about Ancient Egypt through live performances. You can enjoy history being acted out, travel back in time and see various exhibits and activities done just like ancient times. The village in Cairo also hosts an amusement park, a restaurant, shops and an art center, altogether making an attractive treat for a family outing.

Address: 3 El Bahr El A’zam St., Jacob’s Island, Cairo.

Cost: Varies depending on the program. Children under 5 years are admitted free of charge.

2014-12-15_1232Photo from The Pharaonic Villages official website

Magic Galaxy

A fantastic attraction for the whole family, and a great way to beat the daily routine. Ideal for children aged between two and 12, offering some fun opportunities for all ages as well. Magic Galaxy features 10 major rides, and more than 100 games, in addition to a Baby Zone so that the whole family could enjoy games, and fun activities besides shopping at one of Egypt’s top shopping centers “City Stars” mall.

Address: 4th & 5th floor of City Stars Mall: Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo.

Cost: You pay as you go with the “Magic Galaxy Card”, a rechargeable prepaid card allowing you to operate different rides and games.


Star_Swinger02Photo from Magic Galaxy’s official website

Lion Village (Qaryet El-Asad)

A great place for the family to dine out, and have fun, offering a circus show; lions, tigers, horses, and an acrobatic performance, a small zoo featuring many bird species, colorful fish, reptiles, and other animals including llamas, pythons, monkeys, and camels.

The village features a traditional food court where you can savor a variety of Egyptian traditional food like Feteer Meshaltet, Grilled Lamb Meat, or Goat Meat in addition to some unique Ostrich, and Gazelle Dishes served upon request.

Address: 59 Km, when coming from Alexandria to Cairo, on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Cost: Zoo: Free. Circus: Free for lone individuals, LE 10 per person in a group, & Food: Depending on what you order.

lion_village_lion_fireringPhoto from Lion Village’s official website

Al Azhar Park

A peaceful oasis with a vast green space emerging in the midst of Cairo’s chaotic crowdedness, and noise, offering spectacular views over the city given that it is located on a hill.
With trees, fountains, running water and a lake in additions to restaurants, a kids playground, and many music concerts taking place regularly at El-Genaina Theatre; the park makes a great escape for families to relax, or have a picnic, for kids to play, and run around freely, and for young lovers to enjoy their own little world.

Address: Salah Salem Street, Al Darassa, Old Cairo, Cairo.

Cost: LE 5.

4562789217_2bff7168d5_zAl-Azhar Park by apricotdaze

Africa Safari Park

The first open Park in Egypt offering a jungle alike environment, and experience, with a variety of wildlife including lions, tigers, kangaroos, llamas, monkeys, chimpanzees, hippos, bears and others, in addition to various colorful fish, reptiles and birds, an extensive lake, plentiful green spaces, small islands and a waterfall, thus making an adventurous place for the family to spend a day out differently.

The park features an African-styled restaurant called Zambezi serving various grilled dishes with African music playing in the background.

When going to the park, don’t forget to bring your fishing gear along with you, as the lake offers an excellent fishing opportunity for fishing enthusiasts.

Address: 69 Km, when coming from Alexandria from Cairo, on Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

Cost: LE 400 per car.

1065922_96578503Photo from Africa Safari’s official website


Genena Mall

A nice place for a fun family evening inside the city. Featuring a skating hall both adults and children can enjoy in addition to several restaurants, and cafes serving different sorts of food, pastries, ice cream and drinks, while kids would definitely love Karmantas with its entertaining games, and amusement options good for every kid.

Address: 9 El-Batrawy st. off Abaas El-Akaad st. – Nasr City – Cairo.

7311486282_aa0c55fc37_zPhoto of the Ice Rink at the mall by Lorenz Khazaleh


El-Reef El-Araby Horses Village

A distinctive village themed with a traditional rural style mud houses, vast green spaces, palm trees, and traditional mud ovens, bringing the old rural atmosphere to you, while you are still not too far from the city. Offering a remarkable experience with Tannoura performances, dancing horses, and traditional music, in addition to witnessing Feteer Meshaltit, and traditional bread (3eish Falla7y) making, by getting baked inside traditional mud ovens, bringing a delightful smell of old times. The village’s restaurant serves an extensive menu of traditional rural food like salted old cheese (mesh), duck, mahshy, molokhiya, and much more.

The young ones will surely enjoy swimming in the pool, or playing at the kids area, while horse riding can offer a real thrill to everyone.

Address: EL Maryotiyah, Giza.

Cost: LE 75 per person, Sunday through Thursday. LE 100 on Friday and Saturday.

1255191_584270958285627_1186227261_nPhoto from El-Reef El-Araby Horses Village’s official website

Dream Park

Famous for its adrenalin pumping adventure rides, and its mega size, being one of the largest, and most unique amusement parks in the Middle East, with countless rides, shops, fun activities, simulators and restaurants making it an ideal place for a great time out, for the whole family.

Address: Oasis Road, Cairo.

Cost: LE 100 per ticket, offering unlimited access to all rides with the exception of 7 paid rides. Children under 3 years are admitted free of charge.

2794077930_e2c6e11894_zPhoto at Dream Park by Sebastian V


The Egyptian Museum

A must-visit for all Egyptians from all ages, home to the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world where you can learn about the history of ancient Egypt and our great ancestors.
Kids will be particularly happy to see the Royal Mummies Room, as well as the riches of King Tutankhamen.

Address: Tahrir Square, Cairo.

Cost: LE 4 (LE 2, students). Royal Mummies Room: LE 10. (LE 5, students).

5900509657_2c2596ca74_zPhoto by your local connection

Ma’adi Island 

Comprising a group of small islands in the middle of the Nile connected with small wooden bridges, featuring a kids zone, and a nice Nile view with a green surrounding making it ideal for some family quality time where kids and adults can dine, play, run around, cycle or fish. You can easily reach the island using a bridge connected to the Corniche.

Address:  Corniche El Nile, Ma’adi, Cairo. In front of the Supreme Constitutional Court & Ma’adi Armed Forces Medical Complex.

Cost: LE 10 per person.

2014-12-17_0843Nile View by Andrew A. Shenouda


The Great Pyramids & the Sphinx

Despite being the most famous site in Egypt, a lot of Egyptians living within a mile away never visited to get a closer look.

The only still standing Wonder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a must-see, capable of amazing visitors of all ages, speciallu on the back of a camel or a horse around these enigmatic monuments; an unforgettable thrilling experience for children, and a fun activity for the whole family. To make your experience complete don’t forget to pay a visit at the Sun Boat, home to a collection of Pharaonic artifacts proving the grandeur of an impressive civilization that once existed.

Address: Pyramids Road, Giza.

Cost: 2 LE (Students: 1 LE).

7164541911_d3b6604c30_zPhoto by cairoinfo4u

2014-12-15_1353Sun Boat by National Geographic


An educational city, and entertainment center built just for children, completed with buildings, streets, vehicles and a functioning economy where everything is designed to be just the right size for the young ones.

Offering an opportunity for children to fulfill their dream jobs through role playing, as they may perform various jobs, they either get paid for their work, or pay to shop, or to be entertained just like in the real world thus making a powerful learning way, allowing kids to learn how society functions through their personal experience while having loads of fun.

Being located in Cairo Festival City, the whole family can have fun altogether at Cairo Festival City Mall providing a modern shopping experience, with a variety of entertainment options, and dining facilities.

Address: Ring Road, Cairo Festival City, New Cairo.

Cost: Infants below 2 years old: Free. Infants 2-3 years old: LE 100. Kids 4-14 years old: LE 130. Adults: LE 85 (+ Free LE20 Food & Beverages Voucher).

Video by KidZania Cairo

The National Circus

Another way to enjoy a family day out, but this time at night, featuring various thrilling shows performed by lots of animals including lions, horses, and tigers, in addition to acrobatic performances, and clown shows to bring some laughter, available daily from 7 pm till 9:30 pm, except on Wednesday.

Address: El Nil St., Agouza, Cairo.

Cost: LE 20 – 30 – 50 – 75.

2853620986_ef7b86038e_zPyro Show by A. Shazly


Little Egypt (Al-Qaryah Al-Kawniyah)

A very unique site most people never heard of, comprising a huge educational open museum imitating Egypt as a country. Offering a closer look on famous historical monuments, and treasures including the pyramids, ancient temples, the Citadel, the Nile and many more; with everything to be seen in one place, but on a much smaller scale. The village also includes a scientific section with a planetarium capable of making both kids and adults amazed and entertained, in addition to an amusement section offering boat rides through Stone Age themed caves and tunnels.

Address: Fayoum-Oases road, 6th of October City, Cairo.

Cost: LE 50. Children under 6 years are admitted free of charge.

9201320161054Photo by Akhbarelyom


Giza Zoo

Having gone through many unfortunate events lately, the park lost its glory as a major destination for family outings, yet it still can be a great place for children, especially first timers, as it hosts a wide range of animals, reptiles and birds that kids always love to see.

Address: Al-Nahda Square, Giza.

Cost: LE 5.

800px-Greater_Flamingo_at_Giza_Zoo_by_Hatem_Moushir_11Flamingos at Giza Zoo by commons.wikimedia.org

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