The 15 Best Nightlife Spots & Clubs in Cairo

The Garden

Mix and matching between an outdoors patio and an indoors open fronted bar, this place is really cool to enjoy nice music, to party hard, or to even hold a conversation. Is located in Korba, Heliopolis.

1921886_1451404175094403_1526795905_n View from inside from The Garden’s official Facebook page



Jazz it up every Monday with Ahmed Harfoush, or listen to the finest tunes during the rest of the week, you can choose between interacting with the singer or D.J. at the bottom floor, or dancing while staring at a stunning Nile view -only if you sit at the top floor. Located in Zamalek.

10475802_626117807507282_5203192046673921435_nAhmed Harfoush & Boshra at the Riverside from Riverside’s official Facebook page

Amici Bar

is the best cocktail bar in town with expert international mixologists to spice things up. Amici has two locations; Zamalek & Heliopolis, and offers a Karaoke experience to those who love singing every Sunday in Zamalek, and every Monday in Heliopolis.

1970596_675039495871426_1429848702_nAmici Bar in Zamalek from Amici Bar’s official website

Johnny’s Pub

Who doesn’t like to unleash the little diva out of him/her? Johnny’s gives you the opportunity to sing your heart out every sunday at Le Pacha boat in Zamalek, and every tuesday in Arkan Mall in 6th of October.

2014-11-06_1134Johnny’s Pub in Zamalek from Le Pacha’s official website

Cairo Jazz Club

When you think of Cairo Jazz Club the first thing that comes to mind, is indulging yourself with the finest local tunes on the Egyptian scene, while enjoying your favorite cocktails. Located in Mohandessin.

10801541_939539329407570_8024107832875045411_nPhoto from Cairo Jazz Club’s official Facebook page

Pub 28

Although from the outside it looks a bit fishy due to their barely lit sign, along the years no one was able to steal Pub 28’s fame, this place has been in Zamalek since forever and is favorited equally by young, middle-aged and old adults, you can go over there to have a conversation while getting some drinks, and maybe a meal. It’s an old bar so don’t expect an out of this world cocktail, hippy music or any performances, just stick to the basics.

2014-11-06_1353Pub 28’s sign from Cairo2nite


An underground bar & cultural space replacing Arabesque in Down town, where live performances, music, film screenings and nightlife at its best take place. Follow their monthly schedule on Facebook & make sure to be there on Sundays, specially from 6 till 9 pm “Happy Hour”.

10405593_750324361705055_8543479444222528341_nPhoto from Vent’s official Facebook page


Located in Mohandessin inside Swiss Inn Hotel, a newly opened Night spot that although new on the scene but has been grabbing the attention to those who aren’t really into nightlife. Almaz brings in chill out and oriental classical music, along with a wide selection of drinks and food at affordable prices and very good quality. The food quality is actually Almaz’s strongest point, and an experience that’s not commonly found in night spots.

2014-11-06_1457Photo from Almaz’s official website


I don’t know why whenever a place opens in Zamalek, their next branch is automatically Heliopolis, and L’Aubergine is no exception, however their Zamalek branch has proven to be the best. Over the years L’Aubergine has proven that nobody can get it out of the night scene attracting people from all age ranges.

2014-11-06_1552Photo by TotallyEgypt


The Lemon Tree

Situated on the top deck of Imperial boat, this is another example of un-disappointing night spots in Zamalek -yes, I am always in favor of Zamalek :)- this place offers stunning Nile views with a colorful setting & decoration. The Lemon Tree serves Mediterannean cuisine in addition to well blended cocktails. Thanks to its Nile view this place can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.

 1621772_321431401370043_2254365022148068582_nPhoto from The Lemon Tree’s official Facebook page



Needless to say that it’s in Zamalek ;). It’s one of the best Italian Bistros in Cairo,and an iconic one, yet their biggest draw back is their insanely poor lighting. Get dressed in your chic-est outfit and head there around 9 pm, because this is when it starts to get packed up.

imagesPhoto from La Bodega Egypt

Stage One

Located inside Conrad Hotel, though their decoration is a bit dull & their music is not very special, but it remains one of the places that you’d enjoy going to, specially that it doesn’t get super crowded, nor cause you an overdose of smoke inhalation like its peers all around Egypt -not only Cairo.

2014-11-06_1624 Photo from Stage One’s official website



A classy hangout in Heliopolis with a friendly welcoming atmosphere offering a yummi experience for foodies & sushi addicts along with seasonal cocktails.

2014-11-06_1508Photo from Sachi’s official Facebook page

The Cellar

Located inside President Hotel in Zamalek with a unique atmosphere, literally a cellar. This is place is not for everyone, not for party animals I mean. It’s great to grab a few drinks with some mezzas, and chit chats with your friends.

2014-11-06_1644 Photo from TotallyEgypt



TIU (The New Tamarai)

After all the hassle that was around Tamarai, their owners decided to team up again with Ganzoury to create TIU (a.k.a. The New Tamarai) to take over the nightlife scene. Their Grand opening is over the course of this weekend -November 6th & 7th- featuring Ramy Djunkie, Maya & Ghandokli.

Our Readers Comments

  1. maybe u need to check Graffiti…inside the four seasons hotel

      • well he means that its worth mentioning 🙂
        its a nice place with really nice decoration too… crowd is fairly nice and they do some tricks with live performers mingling with DJ music as Tabla and Saxophone or violin.

    • hhhhh, gd ammar yasser
      wenta ba2a ro6t Graffiti walla el 7agat de 7aram 😀 hhhhhhhhhh

      • I went to the Four Seasons in Graffiti He is the best nightclub in Cairo in Egypt, but also that you are lovers with pleasure I advise you to go to a bar and Graffiti Lounge This is the booking number 01066677762

  2. The Garden is a very bad place to go…people managing it are so arrogant… There are many other places you can enjoy your time in with all respect…The Garden is not recommended at all!!

    • Totally agree! Do not recommend The Garden at all.

      • I agree the garden is the worst in Egypt ever in all aspects

  3. Yaay ! Glad to see L’Aubergine still exists. There was a place called Tabasco, it was pretty great, either there or at l’aubergine I once saw Omar Sharif (1997/1998 so ages ago really )

  4. Check out Bull’s Eye in 32 Jeddah street Mohandseen: cosy, great food and excellent friendly atmosphere with live entertainment ROCKING the house … specially when I am there!

    • Seems like you’re a night guru 😉
      Ok, we’ll try it next time!

  5. Nothing is like Monterial & sandiago!! Where u got hand stamped with over 10 club stamps every day with free drink and the sky is lighting from the dance music !!and u just dont know whom ur dancing with……!!!!!!!

  6. Are you really mentioning Almaz and you are not mentioning graffiti ?! where is O-bar?! are you really mentioning TIU as the last club on your list when it is EGYPT’S NUMBER ONE ?! thats really hilarious !

  7. +1 The garden is not recommended their mangers is so aggresive
    Try Cavallini located in sun city mall.

  8. Vent is the shit guys it’s one of the best places to hang out, music there is unique the style is not played anywhere in cairo, the crowd is quite nice, the after hours hosted by dj Ahmed samy I heared it’s a boom although I never attended the after hours there on Fridays but all the feedback said it’s a boom and something unique at last the conclusion it’s the best music in Cairo it’s taking the music industry in Egypt to the next level

  9. Vent

  10. pls add:
    1-5 bells in zamalek
    2-Asia bar in Blue Nile
    those 2 places are older and more famous from any other places of the 15 mentioned above….

  11. For sure you need to remove “The Garden”, and add “Graffiti, O-Bar, Asia Bar and Moon Deck”.


    • Aubergine is on the list 🙂
      Maybe I should make a new list from our fans recommendations and favorite picks

  13. Graffit is the best as they respect everyone and treat everyone equal, it is all about there managemnt (Fourseason)

    My life is night life so I went to all clubs in Cairo, El Gouna, Sharm, abiza, NY… But what I saw in Tiu is the worst management ever and the door select is shit. I called them and booked with them, I received a confirmation from them about with a note saying member are granted, when I reach door they inform that tonight only for members!!! If it is for member only then why they are taking reservation???
    I’m a high value customer and spender and how they treat really shit and also I don’t thing my look is that shit or bad to not let me enter this shit place….
    Tiu what member you are talking about, is it the 25$, I will give 100 times of that but don’t show me that you are having elite client as when I saw what they are entering…really the worst. Soon you will shut down if you stay with this kind of dog r selection.

    • Kao, I am sorry you had a bad experience, I wish there is something that I could do about it!
      Glad you stopped by, and posted a comment anyway 😉

  14. Well , as most of the guys mentioned graffitti i just like to add that its really an well decorated with proff. Managment team … But here comes the nightmare: their music!
    I really.cant stand the idea of enjoying
    Uplifting all.of the sudden it.turns.into mahraganat oka w ortega ! Lol
    Anyways .. Was just passing by to holla at u guys 🙂

  15. I’m in cairo and need to know witch night club is the best on tusday

  16. hi passaint , regarding your night life experience would you recommend a place to spend my wife’s birthday , a decent place with lounge concept not night club where we can stay comfortable and if we feel like dancing we can also.

  17. Please tell me there’s a place to dance where they don’t expect me to pay 250 le just to get in the door! I hate that about Cairo, this overwheening need to screen out the shabis and lower classes by charging huge fees then slapping high drink prices on afterwards. I’ve been here a long time and have yet to find a club for DANCING not for hooking up or looking good or getting pierced by some chick’s stilettos.

    Thanks for the list Passaint.

      • i just need a place to hang out with my friends ( a club ) to dance and have a drink but i want this place not to be expensive

  18. Hi!
    Plz, anyone recommend me clubs to dance n in Cairo?

  19. Seems like Passainte is the night guru here 🙂 !!

      • Good day
        Plz I want to ask about golf club not to far from Sofitel alGizirah
        For this coming Friday 23


  20. Hey, I’m here from Sunday until Friday on vacation. I’m 25 and would like to go to a nightclub or shisha place where it has a young crowd and plays hip hop/ reggae/rnb or urban hits. Where should I go Monday to Friday?

    I would not want to pay high fees or buy bottles. Thanks

    • In cairo

  21. Need a filter for places singles can enter without discrimination LOL 😀

    • @Salah.. did you find any? LOL.. Being a foreigner in Egypt just for 3 months its difficult to become a couple.. LOL

  22. please , anyone recommend me clubs to dance in Cairo? (elite people)

    • Gareth
      Though I’m not from Egypt, but have stayed here for a couple of months.. I liked O-Bar in Fairmont and Graffiti in 4-seasons too.. I did not understand the elite people remark because if you really want to party hard and have friends along then you should go to Bamboo in Giza..

  23. Please i want a place were couples can have a slow dance and dinner.can you help me with that?

  24. L’Aubergine in Zamalek is not a place for foreigners.. Though a tiny place the bouncer at the gate has an attitude of an elephant.. Yes they have an amazing Egyptian Crowd – smartly dressed people but I do not think thats enough for the old shitty music they play and the attitude they show to foreigners .. Basically, the way any restraunt/ pub/ disc treat their customer is more important for me.. Just because of their cheap drinks and location they have a name else the place is not worth visiting.. I would prefer going to O-Bar in Fairmont or Graffiti in 4-Seasons.. even The Bamboo (though very shady) is much better than Aubergine

  25. Ana 3ayz 23ml outing le far7e f makn gamed w hykon hwale 20 person bs 3ayz dj ykon gamed w makn f 23″any English w sha3bii plz rode 3lya yom 24/11

  26. Are there any age restrictions for graffiti in Four Seasons?

  27. Could u plz tell me the night clubs or pubs serving shisha ??

  28. hey guys, i need a night club in cairo that is not expensive and good music?

  29. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information with us.

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