14 Reasons Why Traveling Abroad Must Be Among Your 2016 Resolutions

So why do people get so excited about New Year’s?

As the new year kicks off, everyone’s only concern is to wrap up the year, looking back at the good, the bad, and the ugly, seeking ways of marking the new year with a happy beginning to look forward to, a flourishing start, and writing down resolutions in which travel has to be part of.

We will tell you why;

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To Experience New Things

Visiting other countries doesn’t mean that Egypt is lacking experiences, activities, or entertaining things to do, but swimming in Greece’s Mediterranean Sea is not the same as Alexandria’s, diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is nothing to be compared to the Red Sea’s – each has a different nature, marine life, coral reefs, water temperature, and so on-, though the experiences might share the same concept however the experience with its goods, and bads always differ.

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To Learn From Other Cultures

Nothing beats learning the ins and outs of other cultures, some traditions would seem quite shocking, some would be interesting to know, while others would be too annoying to be true. For instance in Japan people spend Christmas eve eating at KFC, while in a remote village in India devotees -males, females, and even children- offer their heads to priests to smash coconuts on them believing that this ritual would bring them health, luck, and success, in Nepal they make a yearly food fest for monkies, and in the Indonesian Tidong community newly weds are banned from using the bathroom for 3 days, and 3 nights after getting married -INSANE.

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To Deal With Different People

A vital part of learning the culture comes from dealing with locals, who come from different backgrounds, and have a mindset that we are not totally familiar with. “When in Rome do as the Romans do”

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To Taste Other Foods

Another major factor that helps us better merge into the culture is the food; exploring those pungent blends of flavor, the way it’s prepared, or cooked, the spices that are used, the taste, the smell, and how it got influenced by other cuisines, and why. In Italy each region offers a unique culinary experience, the Vietnamese cuisine is a mix of Asian, and French cuisine, even our Egyptian cuisine itself is a fusion of Oriental, Turkish, and Mediterranean cuisine.

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To Observe

Observing what the locals do, how do they cope with their daily life, what’s special about them & their country, where do they hang out, and that’s the best way to get the ultimate local experience.

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To Compare

While we observe we compare to we learn the good things that would help us become better humans.

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To See What Other Travelers Have Been Talking About

It’s good to hear stories, read articles, and see photos of amazing places, but it’s not as exciting as experiencing them hands on!

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To Be More Aware

It’s not enough to watch movies, documentaries, or the news to know what’s going on in this world. You have to experience it yourself!

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To Break The Routine

And get away from whatever we are familiar with. As psychology professor Dr. Thomas Gilovich nicely put it: “one of the enemies of happiness is adaptation.” No matter what we do at some point we adapt, so breaking the habits is best achieved through travel 🙂

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To Disconnect

Is to put some distance between ourselves and everything we know. Aaaaaaah, this feeling of writing the out-of-office note before shutting down the computer, leaving the office, switching off the mobile, announcing to the world that you are “no more accessible” <3 <3 <3

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To Be Inspired

Travel is the best way to stimulate the flow of creative juices. Think of the last time you traveled, and how many ideas did you come up with during your trip?

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To Acknowledge God’s Greatness

In some countries like South Africa you could witness the 4 seasons at the same time, you could also see wildlife, waterfalls, greenery, mountains, lakes, rivers, and impressive rock formations separated by very short distances, on the same mountain like Kilimanjaro you’d witness jungles, moorlands, alpine desert, rocky trails, and glaciers in addition to spotting some monkeys all on one mountain, while Northern and Central Africa consist of a large chunk of desert, its south and east is filled with wildlife, and lush greenery! Seeing the world would open your eyes on the beauty it has, and would make you acknowledge God’s greatness in every step.

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Because Buying Experiences Is More Valuable Than Buying Material Things

If you do not believe in that, this article will totally persuade you.

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And the 14th reason is….

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