14 Annoying People to Travel With…#5 is the worst

Traveling means; taking some time off from work, if you’are a lucky enough you’d be dealing with an inflexible boss meaning some begging and convincing involved, saving for some time, spending lots of money, and above all expecting to have a once in a lifetime experience, or at least an escape from life’s routine, therefore choosing the destination is of equal importance as choosing your companion, in fact your companion might even be of more importance, and the last thing you want is an annoying companion who’d break the trip, end a relationship, or a friendship.

As important as your companion sounds to be, find out a list of annoying travelers that you want to avoid traveling with, or at least the “not-your-favorite” type of people to travel with.

1. The Lazy Bum

This one gives you the hardest time when you want to do something out of the box, or want to get the best out of your trip, as this person is always lazy, tired, or doesn’t feel like doing anything at all. And when you both decide on going somewhere they’d rather spend the whole outing sitting or just relaxing as if traveling with a 90 years old person.

2. The Latecomer

It could be acceptable when you are at your home country as most probably you will not be missing something of great importance, but when traveling it could be missing the changing of guards in London, a great performance by Armen Van Buuren, the winning goal in a Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game, and believe me you don’t want that.

3. The Over-Packer

No you do not need to pack your whole closet, there are several advantages to packing light; 1. is having enough space to buy new stuff, 2. if you are going on a trip that requires using train, or any means of transport -other than a taxi or a limo- it’s easier to drag a light bag than one that gives you back, shoulders and neck pain.

4. The Photographer

A photographer is someone who’s trying to capture the sense of a place through her/his lens from several perspectives, he could spend hours taking photos of the same shot but from different angles, which could be a huge time waster. I cannot call a photographer an annoying person to travel with -not because I am one- but come on only photographers capture photos and moments that have the wow factor.

5. The Dependent

That’s the most annoying companion to travel with as sometimes the whole group agrees to go somewhere where your companion doesn’t want to, or to party in a place where your companion is not fan of, meanwhile s/he doesn’t want to take a ride alone, or to split from the group, which makes you somehow feel sorry for her/him because s/he is not enjoying her/his time, also feeling like “if you’re not comfortable with the group’s decision try to enjoy what you have, or find something else to do.” S/he makes you feel as if traveling with a dependent kid, not a grown up.

6. The Inflexible

It’s “My way or the highway”, that’s the second worst kind of travelers, one that makes the trip a living hell, he would always insist on going to some places, and if you or the whole group suggest to go somewhere else he would resist, and highly disagree while insisting on doing what he wants to do, which makes her/him not easy to get along with as well. You have to pick one out of three solutions; one convincing him that he should be more flexible, two you could be more flexible, or just separate yourself from her/him or the group because this turns into an childish attitude problem.

7. The Super Active

That’s the complete opposite of the lazy bum, this one doesn’t get tired, doesn’t take a break, or waste time to rest, always on the move, hopping from one place to another, getting up early, spending the day sightseeing, shopping, walking, cycling, clubbing, and only stops when everywhere closes, or can barely move her/his feet or open her/his eyes. If you are not active, or can’t deal with a super active avoid their companionship at all cost.

8. The Party-Pooper

This one always find a way to come up with excuses to ruin the joy of any plan; i.e. we must go now as the sound is too loud, we have to leave as it’s getting dark, along with all sorts of crap.

9. The Over Spender

This one is really hard to get along with, he wants to check into 5 star hotels, eat at fancy restaurants, and why not ride taxis? This could be done in case it’s a luxury trip, or for someone who likes to spend all his savings on a once a year luxurious trip. If you are a budget traveler, or someone who doesn’t want to waste unnecessary expenses don’t travel with an over-spender.

10. The Shopaholic

Those travelers put shopping as a top priority, and when they find out that they have wasted the whole trip shopping it’s whether; they feel annoyed because they haven’t visited much of the city, or be the happiest as they bought as much stuff as they wanted, if you do not separate from a shopaholic you’ll end up annoyed big time.

11. The Slow Shopper

Okay when people agree to do some shopping, it has got to be quick, no need to waste a full day shopping, the golden hours for shopping are usually the first two hours after the shop opens. So take advantage of the golden hours, pick whatever you want to buy and spend the rest of the day sightseeing, clubbing, or doing whatever you have to do other than hanging around shops.

12. The Not Interested to merge into the culture

There are some travelers who are not brave enough, or interested to taste the food of a different country, they stick to eating foods that they know, and avoid trying whatever they are not familiar with, they go to places that they have been to before, or have been recommended to go to rather than discovering new places.  They could totally break the explorer side of you.

13. The Irresponsible

If s/he is a close friend then you know what you are dealing with and how to deal with it without getting annoyed, but if s/he is not then you’d have to deal with the childish kind of travelers, one who forgets stuff everywhere, loses her/his passport, or mobile phone, gets lost without having a map or the address of the hotel, you’d feel like traveling with a dependent child.

14. The Over-Complainer

That’s the hardest kind of traveler, one that doesn’t like anything, and complains about every little thing in a dramatic way; “the room is too small we cannot spend our trip in this hole, my flight seat has no legroom how on earth am I going to survive the coming 5 hours, ethnic food sucks I miss the food back at home, and so on…”. I call him the joy killer, you really don’t have to complain and make a tragedy out of it, you can actually be sarcastic, laugh about it, and make it the highlight of your trip.


So what type of travelers are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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