12 Places To See If You Love Wildlife

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will love to know about the world famous wildlife sanctuaries. Seeing the wild animals in their natural but safe habitat is a totally different experience than seeing them in the zoo.


1. Yellowstone National Park

Visiting the Yellowstone National Park is a must for those that love wild animals and like to watch them in their natural surroundings. Amongst the lower 48 states, the park has the highest numbers of wildlife that can be watched and be amazed. There are certain parts of the park that have the concentration of a particular type of wildlife. For example, the elk herd that occupies a large part of the park can be often seen around the visitor center and the hotel in the park.

Grizzly or black bear are visible around the open valleys and Washburn Pass, respectively. The herd of bison has occupied the Hayden Valley area of the park and they can be often spotted right on the road. If you are up early to watch the sunrise, you can surely spot a wolf in the Lamar Valley.


2. Namibia

Namibia, as a wildlife sanctuary destination is one of its kind. To make the wildlife of the country a tourist asset, protection of the environment has been incorporated in its constitution. There was a time when there was an increase in the number of conflicts between the humans and animal. However, the scenario has now changed and communal conservancies have been set up to protect the wildlife population. The result of these communal conservancies is that there has been a significant increase in the population of animals like lions, black rhinos, cheetahs, zebras and others.

3. Antarctica

You might have been surprised to see Antarctica on the list as it is believed to be the windiest, coldest and the driest place on the Earth. You might think that any signs of life leave alone that of animals would be difficult. However, you are mistaken as there are several species of seals, penguins and whales found here. There is an endless supply of fish, krill and crustaceans. You can find more than seventeen varieties of penguins here. You can find polar bear and several migratory birds that come here.


4. Costa Rica

If you are looking for large numbers of animal species, then Costa Rica is the place to be. The country has several types of habitat and these include deciduous forest, cloud forest, tropical rainforest, mangrove forest and others. Costa Rica is home to several types of reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. It can literally be called a wildlife lover’s paradise.

5. Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National Park is one of those wildlife sanctuaries that are home to different and wide varieties of animal populations. Having a temperate ecosystem, the Teton National Park is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. You can see the largest elk herd migrating between Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge in summer and winter, respectively. You can find the yellow-bellied marmot, moose and other varieties of animals here.


6. Kenya

The “big five” that is, the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard reside mainly in Kenya. These large and endangered animals can be found in abundance in Kenya. Besides these, you can also find other animals like jackals, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, monkeys, wildebeest, Oryx, baboons, giraffes and many more. The Masai Mara Game Reserve is a popular wildlife park in Kenya.

7. South Dakota

Custer State Park in South Dakota is one of the largest parks that are home to different types of small and big animals. You can find prairie dogs, bison, donkeys and other animals like wild turkeys, horn sheep, elk, pronghorn and mountain goats here.

8. Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is not only famous for its dramatic landscape and varied ecosystems but it is also known for the strange collection of wildlife. You can find the largest and the smallest species of wildlife and animals in the world in Madagascar.

9. Thailand

The Elephant Nature Park was founded nearly two decades ago with the intention of providing the elephants a safe place to live. Often mistreated by the locals by being used in the logging and tourism industry, the elephants now have a safe place to live peacefully.

10. Australia

The Lone Pine Koala sanctuary in Australia is a sanctuary for the conservation of the koalas. You can hold them in your hands but only after paying a small fee. However, the time to hold the koalas is only 30 minutes during the entire day as the koalas are heavy sleepers and they need to sleep.

11. Ghana

Ghana is home to the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary which was founded to conserve the hippo population. Although dangerous, hippos need to be protected as well and this sanctuary provides them this safety.

12. China

The Chengdu Research Base in China provides a sanctuary for pandas. It is extremely difficult for female pandas to get pregnant because of their once-in-a-year ovulation and this problem has aggravated due the loss of their natural habitat. Nevertheless, the sanctuary provides them a natural habitat and they are conserved.

By Erin Collins

Specialist from Holidayfactors.com

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