11 Travel Misconceptions Every Egyptian Must Get Rid Of

It’s Unaccepted By Our Society -specially for females

Unfortunately our society puts so much pressure on us females for no reason at all, when somebody hears about a female -whether single or married, even worse if single- who is planning to travel or traveled alone it’s like she has committed an unforgivable fault, she is doomed for eternity. Traveling doesn’t mean going completely wild, or escaping family’s rules and restrictions to do whatever we please, those who think of travel in that way, or expect others to travel for that purpose have serious issues.

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It’s Dangerous

NO it’s not, it’s NEVER dangerous if you are cautious, don’t commit stupid acts like going alone to remote areas at night, and not expect a bad turn of events! Avoid places where safety is a serious issue -don’t get your information regarding the safety of a city from the media, I repeat don’t listen to whatever the media is trying to convince you with, or believe whatever you hear, remember how frustrated we Egyptians were/are about what the international media keeps saying about Egypt being unsafe to visit after 2011 Revolution?-, always be careful, and you are good to go. (Photo courtesy: Doran)

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It’s Boring To Travel Solo

We commonly hear people say: “I want to travel, but I cannot find someone to travel with, and I am not ready to travel alone, it’s boring.” Traveling solo doesn’t mean that you will be alone, you would find plenty of people who are traveling alone as well, or traveling with friends and are open to meeting with likely minded travelers. Be open to knowing new people, and being friends with locals. This post will show you how to get the best out of solo travel. (Photo courtesy: sima dimitric)

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It’s Expensive

If you think about it, what’s really inexpensive in Egypt? Life is expensive, hanging out and spending quality time is pricey, shopping is insane! Since this is the case why not set aside some of your spendings, and save it for a well deserved vacation?

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And It’s Cheaper To Travel Domestically

It’s not always the case, if you book early, and travel off-season or in shoulder seasons* you would be surprised at the affordable rates that you could find. You could also travel using budget airlines, make your accommodation in alternatives to luxurious hotels, use car sharing services and public transports, go local, and eat street food. (Egypt Collage)

*Shoulder seasons: is the time right before and after high season

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My Visa Application Will Be Rejected

Why so pessimistic? If you submit the right documents, while showing no interest, or intention of fleeing the country, commit to the embassy’s rules and instructions on how, when, and where your papers should be submitted, show up at your visa appointment on time, and avoid the fahlawa attitude at all cost you will get a visa, and if you don’t you have every right to appeal. (Going through the visa hassle by RiveraNotario)

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It’s a hassle

Let assume it is -which is worth every effort- imagine that after saving for a certain period of time, going through the visa process, spending a week from hell at work to hand-over your work, taking care of all travel arrangements, you will finally be enjoying a well deserved vacation, and spending quality time in a place you have never been, and above all collecting memories that will stay with you forever. (Going through photos and memories by Prathima)

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For Guys: I Am Saving For My Marriage Or I Will Travel When I Retire

Again society puts pressure, but this time on guys; the day a guy starts having a job, his one and only concern would be to start saving for his marriage, his future, or whatever on earth it is, until then he is not allowed to enjoy his life or “waste” his money on traveling -easy on guys, they are humans too. Can you imagine the feeling of exhausting your best years worrying too much about saving instead of enjoying yourself? As for retirement, can you imagine yourself 20-30 years from now, you are not as active, or as healthy as you are now, and so you find out that you missed your best years not traveling, or cherishing your limited time on earth, saving everything for later…Depressing, isn’t it? Whatever your situation is, take action NOW! (Photo courtesy: Lindsay)

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For Ladies: I Will Wait Till I Get Married

What if your husband doesn’t like to travel, or isn’t as active as you are? What if you have other financial commitments that will set your plans aside? Don’t put your life on hold while waiting for prince charming to make it worthwhile, embrace your single life, and live it to the fullest. (Photo courtesy: Courtney Carmody)

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It’s not worth it “Masr A7la Balad Fel Donya”

Yeah Egypt is beautiful, it really has it all stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, The Nile, nature, history, monuments, activities, you name it! Believe me, visiting other countries is not KHEYANA -betrayal. (Khan El-Khalili by Dorli Photography)

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I Have To Discover Egypt First

Why not see Egypt, and other countries as well? You could always combine both, traveling inside Egypt will let you discover your homeland’s hidden gems, appreciate them, and add value to the tourism industry, however traveling abroad will show you another kind of beauty, things that you are absolutely not familiar with, other cultures, and traditions, will teach you how to be tolerant and open minded, and how to cope with these differences. (The White Desert by Marc-Olivier Bergeron)

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What do you think, have any other misconceptions in mind? Share them with us in the comments below…

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  1. Its about the presure as you said, the misconception which I do not have but my family & my friends have is that I should save money to my marriage & its not ok to travel this time & I should postpone it till retirment or even to mid of 40s

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